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The Surprising New Childbirth Trend


Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful periods in a woman’s life and it is like a magical journey of creating a new life and bringing that new life into this world. Pregnancy has its ups and downs, of course, but generally, it offers more advantages than disadvantages. When the delivery is the subject of discussion, lately, the surprising new …

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Tips For Exercising While Pregnant


Doing some physical activity during the pregnancy will help you to keep yourself in a good shape, to be prepared for and easy delivery and will also optimize your emotional balance. If you are pregnant, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to stay in bed all day long, unless your having a special condition like toxic pregnancy, or your doctor recommends …

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How Size Really Matters


Genitals are as individualized as every other part of our body. Look how varied are the forms of noses and you will realize that same thing is valid for vaginas and penises, too. But how size really matters is the subjects debated for hundreds of years and size of the genital does not affect men only, but women, too. Being …

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