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Could Gluten-Free Diet Help You Lose Weight?

You might have heard about many people who give up eating different types of foods that might contain gluten in order to improve their health status and to lose weight. In the following rows of this article, I will try to give to you some information about what is gluten, why some people stay away from it and if it …

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How Can Vegetarians Eat Enough Protein Each Day?


One of the most common but falsest myths about vegetarian diets is that after giving up meat, it becomes almost impossible to satisfy the body’s needs for proteins. USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) recommends that women have to consume about 46 g of proteins per day, while men should consume 56 g of proteins. Some people, such as athletes …

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Is the gluten-free diet a weight loss remedy?


The gluten-free diet emerged and spread all over the planet after, one by one, movie stars and top singers went for such a diet which, supposedly helped them lose extra weight, diminish fatigue, solved bloating, hair loss, and many other problems. No wonder the gluten-free diet spread so fast, since it has been promoted by top stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, …

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