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Gonorrhea Goes Rogue as STDs Increase in US

Gonorrhea is an infectious-contagious disease, commonly known as sculpting or blenorrhage, transmitted by unprotected sex, both vaginally and orally, or anal, being classified as a sexually transmitted disease. Neisseria gonorrheae, responsible for the appearance of gonorrhea, was discovered in 1879 by biologist Albert Neisser as a human specific microbe. Gonorrhea is a human pathogen that has developed mechanisms of resistance …

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Gonorrhea Sometimes Cannot be Defeated

When it comes about venereal diseases there are many questions without answers. This happens because usually people do not like to talk about it. They are ashamed or they despise the persons who have them. Sadly, this is a reality. No matter how the world has evolved, people still have the wrong idea that we should label other people who …

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