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Is Green Tea the Key towards Detoxifying and Losing Weight?

Tea has been cultivated for many centuries in China and India, making it the most consumed drink after water. Hundreds of millions of people consume tea and recent studies show that green tea has the most benefits for our health. What is the green tea? Green tea is a very popular beverage in many countries and is obtained from not …

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Remove Stress Through a Special Diet

This generation is affected by stress every day. We all know that stress can affect your health inside out and also your abilities to accomplish your daily tasks. It is far from being an easy thing to handle. You might have heard all the doctors say that you must remove stress from your life. How can you do that? Even …

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Girl Develops Acute Hepatitis After Drinking Unusual Green Tea


The Green tea Diet When it comes to do everything in their power to lose weight and fight against extra pounds, women are willing to go to great lengths in order to achieve the desired results. Even to put themselves in the arms of starvation or eating impossible diets or drinking… green tea. The green tea started to become more …

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Get stable with daily immunity support tips!


Maybe many people do not understand, but tranquility or stability is extremely important for the good work of your health and of your immunity support too. Now, you do not have to mistake it with routine. Getting stable is an important foundation that your lifestyle must have. A stable relationship, a stable job, stable friends and a stable relationship with …

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The Green Tea – more than a source of antioxidants


What is Green Tea? The Green Tea is a type of tea obtained from unfermented Camellia Sinesis leaves; this amazing beverage was considered a miraculous plant and it was used from the oldest times to treat all kind of affections! It is more than known the fact that the tea in general has lots of benefits on our health and …

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