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Tips For Exercising While Pregnant


Doing some physical activity during the pregnancy will help you to keep yourself in a good shape, to be prepared for and easy delivery and will also optimize your emotional balance. If you are pregnant, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to stay in bed all day long, unless your having a special condition like toxic pregnancy, or your doctor recommends …

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How Size Really Matters


Genitals are as individualized as every other part of our body. Look how varied are the forms of noses and you will realize that same thing is valid for vaginas and penises, too. But how size really matters is the subjects debated for hundreds of years and size of the genital does not affect men only, but women, too. Being …

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Are You Pregnant? 10 Early Signs of Pregnancy


Being pregnant and giving life to a baby is absolutely wonderful. Maybe you are trying to get pregnant or thinking that you already are. Are you pregnant? 10 early signs of pregnancy can give you the needed answer. Unfortunately, there are no clear signs that show you whether you’re pregnant, or not. The only signs, or symptoms if you like, …

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Pregnant Women May Lack Info on Household Toxins


All the future mothers dream about the moment they’ll hold their babies in their arms. Every pregnant woman wants to have a healthy baby, therefore every pregnant woman adopts a new lifestyle with a healthier diet, mild physical activity, periodical visits to the gynecologist for the regular pregnancy controls, and so forth, but the babies in the wombs are put …

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Say good-bye to diapers


When you are a mom, you must face many new challenges you that never had to face in the past. Every day comes with something new for you and this can be fun or not so fun. Once you became a mom your life changes completely. One of these challenges will be to train your baby to use a potty …

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Older Moms May Live Longer


The decision to become a mother after a certain age is often involving certain risks but besides medical risks, social prejudices are also affecting older moms. Therefore, late motherhood is often a subjective judgment by the society. But, there are some advantages, too, when conceiving later, because older moms may live longer. Of course, ultimately, the decision belongs exclusively to …

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How a baby starts to communicate?


When a new baby arrives into your family, you feel blessed. He is the most wonderful thing that ever happened to you. However, you must be aware of the responsibilities that come along with the baby’ arrival. Nothing will be the same. He will be the center of your universe. The main problem that you may have with a new …

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Why It’s OK to Let Babies ‘Cry It Out’?


When the baby is crying is one of the biggest challenges and one of the most difficult situations faced by parents. There’s a whole dispute over the baby’s crying. Is it good to let the little one cry or not? Some say it’s not OK, some say it’s more than OK. Let’s find out why it’s OK to let babies …

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How your baby develops each month


When you prepare yourself to become a mother, you may have moments during your pregnancy when you can panic, because you have no idea what to do with your baby. You don’t know if you will be a good mom for your own baby. You cannot stop reading all the articles about how your baby will behave after he will …

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Having a Baby: Birth Plans & Stages of Labor


Having a baby is maybe the most beautiful part of every woman’s life and every woman in this world should wish for delivering a beautiful healthy baby. Knowing exactly how your childbirth day will be, may be very helpful for you and your baby. Birth plans are one method to get yourself prepared and to schedule, alongside with the gynecologist, …

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