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If you are interested in providing yourself only what is best, you should start by taking care of your health!

Adina B
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Health, cannot be bought with money, but you sure can invest in it a lot! And you should, because eventually you are investing in yourself and there is no better feeling like yourself confidence or that improved mood or that well-being state! The market offers lots of possibilities which involve to take care of yourself and of your health. So, you can choose from a lot. You can have a regular diet, improved with nutritive supplements, daily sports and relaxation. Everybody knows that today, time is what we need the most. A stressful job will take away our entire energy. And you do not want to imagine the noxious effects that it has on your body.

Disconnect from the stress

Imagine that you are a workaholic; all you know to do is to work! You get home from work, tired, stressed out, with no mood for anything, with no appetite; and from so much stress you are not able to rest either! Your body is the first thing affected and it will be seen. Noxious effects left by stress will be seen on the way you look like, on the way you act like and on your vision about life! Will no longer be able to enjoy anything! Now, imagine that you are a 24/7 mom, who has no time for herself. All you do is housekeeping, cooking, taking care of your children and when you think that now it’s time to rest your agenda shows you that there is a lot more to be done by the end of the day.

So, you have no time to rest and to relax what so ever! All these things need to stop! And only you can put an end to everything. You must get disconnected from all the stress that is causing you so much harm! A vacation sounds like a great plan. But how about a holiday which involves your health and which is focused on your health. This is not a new concept; it is true that it was modernized, but the idea of a healthy holiday is something which was heard before. Even our grandparents used to opt for that, when they wanted to treat a rheumatic affection, or an affection which had to do with their heart or maybe they just wanted to relax! The concept of a healthy holiday was modernized and developed, simply because today, when somebody goes in a holiday has lots of chances to come a brand new person.

Plan your vacation

A holiday is not only about having fun, staying in the sun or climbing mountains and at night time hitting the clubs! A vacation plan should be made of a schedule which should involve lots of hours of relaxation and of rest. And in a healthy holiday program you will get a lot of those! This kind of schedule is not only for those people who are stressed out because of their jobs or because of their personal life! This type of program is designed and addressed to everybody who is interested in their well-being!

The first step that needs to be done in regards to your vacation is to choose the destination. Where do you want to go? What nice place would you like to see? Where do you think you will be able to find that disconnection from your dailies that you so much need? Turkey? Italy? Or perhaps Thailand? Exotic places are the most amazing and to get to know other cultures is more than amazing; this is such a privilege! The resorts which offer personal services are plenty; so, you can choose from a lot! Thailand is the most amazing place one can see in a lifetime!

The places are extraordinary; only by thinking at that perfect view: the blue sky in a sunny day, that heat that warms your body up, that clear water, those nice spa-places, that amazing food, the care that you receive from the personal who is in charge of your vacation plan. And the list can go on and on, the conclusion is one only: only by hearing the word HOLIDAY or VACATION your body starts to relax and to feel better. But it takes more than that. You must be aware of the importance that one must give to his or her health in order to feel better and to feel good on the long term!

Heal your body

So, what exactly happens to your body during a healthy holiday? This is simple! You get disconnected entirely from your dailies; you get to relax and to feel good and you are having fun with all the procedures and with everything you do during the time spent away from home! The procedures that you can opt for are many. It all depends on your interest! If you want to lose weight, you must opt for a diet program, for a detoxification plan and for daily trainings which make your body move and which burn calories and which eliminate toxins held inside your body!

If you just want to relax and to have a great time you can opt for those procedures encountered in salons or spas. If you need help to get back yourself confidence and your self-esteem, you can meditate and you can also opt for classes which are meant to help you out in regards to positive thinking! If you take a closer look, a vacation plan or a healthy holiday, actually, involves all the above, even if you opt only for what you are interested in.

Each step is important and each step must help you to regain your well-being! So, diet is important and one of the major influences we have in our lives in regards to our health. They say you are what you eat; actually your health is reflected in what you eat. And here, I am not referring weight issues only. Here I am talking about all: weight and what happens inside our body due to diet! If you search up the web or if you look into medicinal books, you will find nutrition or your current diet as a threat to your health. Most of all if your diet is not in a balance (you not having 3 meals per day and 2 snacks, you are not eating cooked food you rather opt for junk food or fast food or any other unhealthy meals)!

In a healthy holiday the main focus will be your health, so your diet will change (or will improve). And you will also have a detoxification plan in order to eliminate toxins and noxious effects left by stress and diet or anything else than diet! You will start a diet based on healthy foods and drinks in order to assure your body its normal level of vitamins, minerals, probiotics and oligo-elements (which currently are hard to be taken from foods and drinks since all foods and drinks are processed). You will start your day with a healthy breakfast: egg-whites, a bowl of cereals in order to assure your body the normal level of fibers, orange juice, toasted bread with chicken ham or turkey ham and cheese etc.!

Detox your body

The detoxification plan is based on squeezed or blended fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, which you will receive every hour in the first days (and the first days of your diet will be based on fresh veggies and fresh fruits and then you will add easily healthy foods) and then between meals as a snack or as a dessert! By the time you will get home your weight will change, meaning that you will lose some weight and also the way you feel will reflect the changes you made lately with your diet plan! It is true that our body has its own way of elimination in regards to toxins (by sweating, by urine and, also by what it secrets everyday), but you must help your body out too in order to work better and in order to stay healthy on the long term! Squeezed or blended fresh fruits and fresh vegetables are the most delicious things you can offer your body.

They will clean up your entire body and it will fill it with nutrients, minerals and vitamins that your body so much it needs every day! Then you will continue with daily trainings and with time spent at the spa, meditating and learning to see the full part of the glass! Self motivation is extremely important, so during your holiday you will learn how can you get it back and if you never had it, how can you build it? Sports and meditation go and in hand too. You will move your body every day and you will have fitness, jogging, aerobic etc. part of your new routine. To have a holiday is amazing! You get to have fun, you get to chill a little bit, but most people who go on a holiday, they tend to make excesses! So, a holiday where you clean up your entire body is more than welcome!

Get the benefits

What happens inside will be seen on the outside! You will lose weight, you will transform fat into muscle mass (at least you will start such process and then you can continue it at home by going to your fitness trainings every day), your skin will look better, it will be moisturized and hydrated the right way, it will glow, but despite all these cosmetic things added to your looks, the most important thing added will be a high rate of health. So, a healthy holiday is about feeling better, looking better, being confident about yourself and about your lifestyle! To take care of your health is a huge step towards a high rate of health!

Bottom line

Only those people who are aware of the importance of their well-being, are able to do something about the noxious factors that have a bad influence on their health! It’s not hard! All you have to do, is to decide and to start your healthy program right now! Think about how great you will feel after such holiday! This is the beginning of a new lifestyle about you will be more than pleased to do it!

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