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Tap Water or Bottled Water?

Aura S
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Everyone know how important is to hydrate ourselves during the day. Every doctor will suggest us to drink at least two liters of water per day. This is more than accurate and you should follow their advice. Water is the main weapon against dehydration. The problem that many people have these days is what this water contains. This is a very legit question if you consider all the studies that were made related to this topic and the results of these tests.

Because people became more and more aware of the water deficiencies, I will try to develop a bit more this topic and reveal to you what tap water may contain, how to choose it properly and why these studies seem to be so alarming. If you are interested then you should continue your reading. You may find it quite interesting.

How this issue came up?

In the previous years, as I said earlier, people did not care too much about the quality of their water. In fact people trusted so much the still water brands, that no one even thought about questioning the sources and the contains of the water bottled under different important brands’ names. The price had allot to do with this. People have the tendency to believe that expensive things are equal to high quality, including when it comes about the water that we drink. Things do not seem to be like that at all.

The first alarm signs appeared when people made the difference between bottled water and tap water. Many people noticed a strange taste and color. Even if the tap water providers assured them that the tap water was perfectly drinkable, people did not liked the powerful scent and taste of chlorine felt each time they tried to drink it.

This is how they started appreciating more the bottled water, which they considered safer, especially if it was produced by powerful brands of this industry. The late studies, however, showed that not only the chlorine level from water can cause serious damages to people’ health. There are also many other substances found in both tap water and bottled water as well, things that you may not feel when you consume it, such as lead or arsenic.

Considering that both these elements can be found with ease in nature, where this water comes from, many people did not become alarmed too much. You can be sure that it is something you should worry in case their level is too increased. After various samples of water were analyzed, the conclusion was that even the most expensive type of bottled water had a high level of such substances in it along with nitrites and nitrates, which are very dangerous for our health. What was alarming was the fact that these substances levels were not mentioned on the bottles labels or they were mentioned but their level was not for real.

What can we do about it?

Thanks to the fact that these studies and analysis were made public, people along with specialists tried to find solutions so humans can know what they drink. You have the possibility to find out now what your water contain if you use an app that allows it to read the ZIP code from your bottled water and tell you exactly the quantities of these noxious substances. How can you know, which the normal quantities should be? This is not too difficult either.

After these studies were made public, also the allowed quantities of nitrates and nitrites were made public as well. What is a surprise indeed, is the fact that these levels differ from state to state. Why? I cannot answer to this question. In fact no one knows.

The specialists also suggested to the population to use various water filters so they can purify their water, no matter if you talk about tap water or bottled water. What I personally believe about these water filters? Some of them work while others don’t or at least they do not work too well. Considering that these water filters are not too cheap either, you may already figure it out that there are many external interests in this industry as well and they are not related to our health.

Some people worried about the quantity of calcium from water. This is not something that will harm us, but a high level of calcium can lead to limescale. This means that our kitchen devices, such as water boilers or dishwasher, may suffer a bit more than usual. For this impediment, there are many solutions on the market so you should not worry too much.

What other things should worry us?

When it comes about tap water, you should also consider the water installation and the pipes through which it passes. It can be a problem if they were not replaced, cleaned or checked regularly. The water quality can change drastically and you certainly do not want that to happen. If you notice that your tap water has a doubtful color you should not drink it and you should take samples of it and take them to a lab so you can be sure is at least safe to cook with it.

With the bottled water, another issue shows up. The quality of the materials used for the bottles are very important. The plastic bottles of water may contain many noxious substances such as polyethylene, terephthalate or polycarbonate. None of these substances should be used when these bottles are fabricated. Unfortunately, they are used and they change the quality of the water and they affect our health quite much. This is the reason why, you should go for glass bottles.


In conclusion, nothing seems to be safe anymore. However, you should know about all these things so you can prevent the appearance of different diseases as they came from nowhere. You should not develop a hypochondria, but you should keep yourself and all your dear ones safe as much as it stands in your power to do so.

You should know that all the data collected from these studies are gathered in a database that can be accessed by the population so they can keep themselves informed.

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