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Team Tree House Reviews

Debora V
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Team Tree House Reviews – coding can be easier than ever

Comes a moment in one’s life when it is necessary to embrace a new career, and in order to make this possible, we need to learn a new skill. The ability to master a new skill by attending courses in the comfort of your own homes is more than welcome, and Team Tree House is here to helps us. It provides technological online courses for students all over the world and is the perfect help for those who want to learn to code.

Due to the multiple advantages of online studying, following these courses is a necessity today, especially as we all have little time to spare. Online courses offer the opportunity to save time and learn the exact skills we want, in order to become the best and achieve the desired performance. In addition, we can learn skills that are topical, such as scheduling. This is a future job with important professional and financial benefits. That’s why there are many young people, eager to become programmers and start their new career.

About Team Treehouse

Team Treehouse was founded in November 2011 by Ryan Carson with the mission to help people all over the world enjoy the best technology education. Students of all ages from more than 190 countries can accomplish their dreams, while they enjoy a nice and engaging environment that makes learning fun. With more than 163,000 of active students in 190 countries all over the world, Team Treehouse offers hundreds of courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced users. People who become member of Team Treehouse community, can learn to create apps for iPhone and Android devices, to build websites or how to start a business.

Expert teachers created more than 1,000 videos that will help you learn to code in languages such as CSS, HTML, PHP, Swift, Ruby, Java, Objective-C and more. Members of Team Treehouse can use an app and all the courses are available in a library that gives them all the information they need to master the desired skill.

Students can see their progress in a useful Dashboard, but they also can help each other through Treehouse community. Because it is easy and effective to learn coding and more, business holders use the courses of Team Treehouse to provide their employees with good training, while saving both time and money.

How to start learning with Team Treehouse?

All you need in order to start using the courses provided by Team Treehouse is a web browser and an Internet connection. After subscribing, you can log into the Treehouse app and access the information you need. If you want to test Treehouse content, it is possible to subscribe for 7-day trial period, in which you’ll have access to all the content, as a paying customer.

According to the claims the owner of the website makes, you can cancel the trial period at any time, without being charged. If you are satisfied with the results, you can continue with paid subscription at the end of the 7-day trial. They offer Basic and Pro plans, but also are offering special rates for companies, businesses or schools.  All the courses are organized in the library sections by topics. You can choose the level of the courses you want to study, which are divided into stages, so that it makes learning easier.

Students also have at their disposal tracks, made up of courses that are useful both to ease the learning process and to keep them focused. Once you access Treehouse app, you can filter the courses found in the Library, by topic, type of content or released date.  When we are anxious to learn something new, we want to assimilate all the information we want in no time.

Team Treehouse organizes everything very well, and through the 1,000+ videos it offers, as well as their Workspace, it provides us with all the conditions we need to learn quickly everything we want to know. Workspace is an online text editor extremely useful for everyone who wants to practice coding. Nevertheless, the Dashboard allows students to analyze their progress.

Those who opt for a Pro level membership have access to the Conference Series, which allows them to watch the latest conferences and one of the top recordings regarding up-to-date tech topics. Do you want to learn Java, CSS, Design, Business, Android, Databases, Game Development, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress or Ruby? Team Treehouse claims that it offers you all you need to start learning. With a great mission to change the world, Team Treehouse seems to change the life of all the students attending their online courses.

It is very simple to sign up for a Team Treehouse account, you have to enter your email full name, email address, set a password and add your credit card information. Once you entered all these information, press Enter and your account is created. The next step is to select your skill level and what are you interested in building, such as an app or a website. Depending on your answers, Team Treehouse recommends a program appropriate for your needs.

You can also ignore their recommendations and choose a different course with a different level of difficulty. No matter the Track you follow, the first thing you watch is an introductory video that explains everything you need to know. The information is so well presented that it makes learning easier and is effective. At the end of each lesson, you will understand many new things and you will get closer to your goal. Also, the badges and points you receive will make learning more motivating and enjoyable.

How much time you have to spend a day to learn coding depends from person to person. Some people only need 30 minutes to learn to be good programmers, while others need a lot more time. The fact is that it is a lot easier because of the excellent way in which they organized information. Videos are a big plus, and while watching them you can put into practice everything you learnt by coding in your web browser. No need for a special software, just your Internet connection, patience and time. Is as simple as that! Your coding journey begins in a productive and fun manner it is hard not to enjoy.

Why choose Team Treehouse?

There are many reasons that can determine someone to choose Team Treehouse as their trustful source of online coding courses. Students can view each video individually or in the recommended order as part of an entire Track. This possibility is useful when you start studying a new skill from scratch, but also when you are only interested in certain parts of a course. If you decide to follow an entire Track, you’ll have the possibility to verify your knowledge through quizzes and interactive Code Challenges.

After completing the tests, you earn points and skill badges that the entire Team Treehouse community can see, even your employer. Therefore, this is not only a good way to improve your knowledge and learn new skills, but also it is a chance to make yourself conspicuous, in order to increase your professional opportunities. Another advantage of using Team Treehouse is the community that will always be there for you when you need help.

Only one thing matters after you get to the end of the course – the information you have assimilated, without which coding will be a great enigma for you. That’s why Team Treehouse makes everything practical and useful. So, a course is made of lectures, projects and quizzes that help you learn easy and effective. Each lesson of the course has a video lecture and you have the chance to experiment coding as much as you like. An important asset of Team Treehouse is “Code Playground” that allows you to change the project code and see the results immediately.

A Basic Treehouse membership cost $50 a month, while for a Pro membership students have to pay $50. This amount is considerably lower than the cost of attending courses at a college, especially as such courses last for 3 to 4 years. Following online courses is advantageous because it allows you to learn wherever you have an internet connection without being conditioned to respect a specific program or to be in a certain location, but also because it is much cheaper.

Because they add new content regularly, you’ll have access to everything that is new and interesting in your field of interest. Since Team Treehouse claims that has the mission to help their students accomplish their dreams and become serious technology connoisseurs, you can expect them to help you find a well-paid job. Among those who have tried their courses are young people with remarkable and successful stories.

These people have managed to fulfill their dreams. Probably what makes Team Treehouse a successful online teaching platform is the ability to combine lessons with video lectures and coding feature in such a productive manner that is easy for all the students to completely understand what are they studying. All the information you need is in just one place and you need less than an hour per day, depending on your experience and goal, to achieve your dreams.

Fun is the secret ingredient of Team Treehouse

Behind all the successful stories there is something special or unusual. If there were to be something less usual at Team Treehouse, it would be the ability to combine learning and fun. If it happened to get bored after a few hours of taking other online classes, with Team Treehouse everything is different.They eliminate any monotony through the videos and courses they create.

Because they believe so much in gamification, learning becomes funnier than ever. Each stage of their project combines videos with code challenges and interactive quizzes, perfect for stimulating and engaging students, no matter their age. Whether you opt for a Basic or a Business plan, you receive high-quality courses, code challenges, interactive quizzes, access from a mobile device, access to Workspaces, videos transcripts and gamification, which allows you to enjoy points and badges that reward each of your achievements.

Business Plan also include custom learning tracks, unlimited access to library’s content, (even Pro level content), offline viewing and downloads, as well as progress tracking and usage reporting. Because it is advantageous for business, they can use it to improve the knowledge, experience and performance of their employees.

Main Pros and Cons

The main Pros of using Team Treehouse’s courses include the quality of their videos and content, interactive quizzes, coding challenges and the possibility to view your work and progress. A large number of videos are created by professionals in a succinct manner to help you learn easily. You have access to a rich library, with new content added regularly. The possibility of using the app makes things even more simpler, because it allows to see all your work and progress, but also it rewards you with badges and points that can be seen by the entire community, even by your employer.

They offer a 7-day trial, perfect for trying out their courses and see for yourself if it works for you. Because their courses are perfect for learning to code with no prior experience, are recommended for everyone interested.  Nevertheless, the courses of Team Treehouse worth their cost, of $25 or $50 a month, depending on your plan. If you are not a beginner in coding, it can be a little disappointing to see how many courses are inappropriate for an experienced user, but more suited for a beginner.

Also, they don’t offer coupons, unlike other learning platforms, which means that you won’t be able to reduce the price of the courses. Team Treehouse is a good choice for those interested in learning coding, whether they want to improve themselves or they are starting from scratch. Spending $300 a year for online web developing courses is not too expensive, especially since they are the foundation for your formation as a programmer.

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