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Vivint Smart Home – Smart Solutions for Your Family’s Safety or Scam?

Do you like the idea of protecting your home and your loved ones with a smart home system like Vivint? These systems really seem like a good choice, able to protect your dearest possessions against intruders, fire hazards, utility network malfunctions, and more. As you already know, the devil hides in the details, so the question you should be asking …

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Google Pixel 2 Review – Keep It Compact or Go XL?

If you’re planning on upgrading to a new smartphone and you’re hooked on Android as an operating system, you cannot possibly ignore Pixel 2 or its big brother, Pixel 2 XL as an option. Released in October 2017, Google’s new creations have often been named the best Android smartphones. Some prefer the Pixel 2 XL for its bezel-less and larger …

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Best Weight-Loss Gadgets – Top 5 Eccentric Weight-Loss Gadgets

If you ask how to lose weight as quickly and healthily as possible, we offer you a number of variants involving technology. The smartphone has become a reliable partner in everyday life. It’s the best companion on the long road, pointing to the right direction, and the best cook’s help in the kitchen. The smartphone can also be our personal …

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Okkami – Revolutionary Travel App or Just Another Disappointment?

Are you planning a vacation, short getaway or business trip, and you would like to know whether apps like Okkami are worth your time and attention? You have come to the right place. Indeed, sometimes, the discrepancies between what apps promise and what they actually deliver are considerable, but we will reveal them all and enable you to make an …

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BookEasy – How Easy Is Booking with It?

Have you tried BookEasy yet? Before you do, we thought you may want to find out more about it, and we decided to help. In the following lines, we will put its claim of being “the world’s leading tourism destination management software” to the test, and share our findings with you. About BookEasy and the Company behind It The software’s …

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Spark Pay Reviews

Spark Pay – Review, Ratings, Complaints Description: Spark Pay is a mobile payment system that allows you to accept secure credit card payments online. The world has changed and so have our ordinary habits like the way we shop and pay. Technology has evolved so much that we no longer have to go shopping outdoors the things we need. We …

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Lily Flying Camera Reviews


The Lily Flying Camera is a drone-like gadget which can film, take photos and more, all this while flying in the air, with the help of a hands-free device for tracking. About Lily Flying Camera Lily Flying Camera was manufactured by Antoine Balaresque and Henry Bradlow, who both founded Lily Robotics, Inc, in Berkeley California, but headquartered in San Francisco, …

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HD Mirror Cam Reviews


The HD Mirror Cam is a camera that can be attached to the rear view mirror of the car, having wide angle lens that you can adjust, a full HD filming feature, and many more. Turn your rear-view mirror into a dash camera instantly This is the message you first see when accessing the website from where you can buy …

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