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TeenSafe Reviews

Diane Luke
Senior Editor, TipsHire

Track your teenager’s phone with TeenSafe in order to keep him out of any danger.

About TeenSafe

TeenSafe is a software that lets the parents monitoring their teenagers’ messages, phone calls history, activity on social media, and pin pointing their phone.

Until now, TeenSafe has more than 500,000 customers, which are in majority parents who want to know everything about their teenagers in order to keep them safe.

A child’s transition to adulthood is a troublesome period by itself, and even though the nowadays gadgets and technology is doors opening for many positive things, it also is a door opening to danger.

How is TeenSafe working?

TeenSafe is promised to work ony any device motorized by Apples’ iOS or Google’s Android, so it should work flawlessly also on iPhone, iPod Touches, iPads, and all the devices powered by Android.

Actually, the producing company says that TeenSafe is the first tracker for iPhone.

In order to avoid the Apple’s strictness regarding privacy and third-party apps access, when trying to track an iOS-powered device, TeenSafe functions using only your PC.

On the other hand,  on an Android-powered device however, an app is installed in the background. This background running app is undetectable since it does not appear anywhere in the phone’s menu or in the app manager.

In accordance to its site, TeenSafe platform can be utilized on many devices, and since the moment your TeenSafe account is created an properly set up, your account’s dashboard can only be accessed by you, and it includes:

  • Sent, received, and deleted SMS messages
  • Incoming and outgoing call logs
  • Deleted WhatsApp and Kik messages
  • Monitoring Facebook and Instagram activity.
  • Web search and browsing history.
  • Current phone’s location and phone’s locations history.

What are the customers’ opinions on TeenSafe?

First, let’s see more about the TeenSafe creators. TeenSafe, Inc, designer of TeenSafe app, is a company founded in 2011, outside Long Beach, CA, USA. The company has a B ranking with the Better Business Bureau, having only one closed complain case related to the customer’s difficulty in canceling the trial period in order to avoid the automatic billing.

Even though they are up and running for 6 years now, not too many feedback on TeenSafe can be found online, but among the reviews coming from customers that I’ve read on different forums, the app requires a little more technical know-how from the parents who want to run it in order to track their teenagers. At least, more know-how in comparison to the other regular tracking apps that are not advertised as teenagers tracking apps.

TeenSafe is ranked with 3-stars scores, on average, on reviews sites, while some iOS ranked it with less than 2-stars due to the fact that in order to make it running it requires a whole set of settings, and additional to give the promised results Wi-Fi network on the tracked phone must be always on.

TeenSafe prices and refunds

You can access a free-trial for 1 week, but to continue using the app you’ll have to pay a $14.95, monthly fee. Pay attention that, in order to get eligible for the 1 week trial period you’ll have to add your credit card information, so, if not canceling the trial period before it expires you’ll be automatically billed with the monthly fee.

In case you have some concerns or you want to cancel your trial or subscription, you can do all that by contacting TeenSafe’s customers support department.

The negative part of it is that there are no refunds, no matter what.

The bottom line

Generally, it looks like TeenSafe received a positive online reputation, with the exceptions I’ve talked about above. On the other hand, there is a need for a technical know-how from the parents point-of-view, so if not installed and set up properly, TeenSafe will not do what it is supposed to do. Additionally, if the teenager owning the tracked phone changes the passwords or closes the Wi-Fi (in the iOS cases) you’ll get stuck out, without having access anymore to whatever your teenager might do on the phone.

However, it seems that the monthly subscription fee of $14.45 is a really tiny price you have to pay in order to see if your teenager is in any danger.

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