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Tenzo Tea Review

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There’s alot of buzz around the matcha drink at the moment, this green drink is debunking coffee in a rather quick motion. Tenzo Tea offers high quality matcha tea made exclusively from green tea leaves and nothing else.

Tenzo Tea prioritizes quality over quantity, they source their one ingredient from where you can find the best green tea in the world, Japan. They aim to offer the best quality matcha tea available today, at an affordable cost without compromising flavor, color, sourcing or any part of the process of making the perfect matcha powder.

Matcha tea has a wide variety of health benefits that all come accompanied by a boost of caffeine and therefore, energy. Because Tenzo Tea’s matcha tea is made with pure green tea leaves, it offers every benefit you’ve heard of, from antioxidant properties to boosting metabolism and offering plenty of vitamins and minerals.

If you’re curious to know more about the matcha drink and its health benefits, as well as learn more about Tenzo Tea and why you should or shouldn’t choose them, just keep on reading!

What is Tenzo Tea?

Tenzo Tea is a company that offers high quality matcha tea made exclusively from green tea leaves, ensuring its purity. Tenzo Tea’s matcha drink comes in the form o fa finely ground powder and is super easy to make.

The word ‘Tenzo’ in Japanese means ‘Heavenly Monk’ and is usually given as a title to the chef at a monastery. Buddhist monasteries have six different office holders who are responsible for guiding the community. The one who is responsible for the community’s meals and offerings is entitled the Tenzo. It is said that being the Tenzo of a monastery is one of the most demanding positions to hold.

Tenzo Tea sources their green tea leaves from Japan, Kagoshima to be more precise, and cares for the ceremonial and cultural aspect of tea in general, especially the matcha tea. The company sells ceremonial grade matcha powder of the best quality and differentiates itself from its competitors not only because of thequality but because of its ideology as well.

About the company

Tenzo Tea was founded in 2016 in Long Beach, California by Steve O’Dell and Robbie Page.The small start up is now sold in over 200 coffee shops around the United States, as well as through their official website where they offer single purchases and subscription options to their customers.

Tenzo Tea’s creators Robbie and Steve came up with the idea for their company because they were both tired of not having enough energy throughout their days. After talking to the people around them they realized that a lot of people feel the same way, crashing during the day, experiencing lack of energy to carry out daily activities. That’s when they decided to embark on a journey to create high quality matcha powder.

Tenzo Tea’s differentiation from other brands is the fact that they truly do put a lot of effort and care into the process of making their matcha powder. The green tea plants are grown in Japan, sourced correctly, hand picked at the right stage to provide their customers with the best, freshest and most delicious matcha powder.

What is Matcha?

Essentially, matcha is simply powdered green tea. That’s it. It takes one ingredient only and it should be this way, pure and simple. Tenzo Tea sources their green tea leaves from plants that are young and rich in nutrients, grown in the shade.These leaves are hand picked, then steamed and dried out to be stone ground until it becomes a fine powder.

So, matcha is a green powder that should be whisked in water, forming a green drink. The difference between matcha and green tea is that with green tea, you’ll make an infusion of the leaves in hot water and then discard the leaves. With matcha you’re drinking the actual leaves that have been turned into powder, that’s why matcha is such a powerhouse filled with health benefits. You’re ingesting every single one of the properties that the green tea plant called Camellia Sinensis has to offer.

How is Tenzo Tea’s matcha made?

As you probably know by now, Tenzo Tea’s process of making their matcha powder involves a lot of care that results in a high quality product. First of all, Tenzo Tea‘s plants are cultivated for the sole purpose of making matcha, and not green tea. They are grown in shade for about 20 days to control their coloration.

Because the plants remain on the shade it stimulates the production of chlorophyll in the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis, resulting in the bright emerald color of Tenzo Tea‘s matcha powder. There’s another reason why the plants are partially grown in the shade and that is because the lack of sunlight increases levels of L-Theanine, caffeine and antioxidants as well, making the plant’s properties even stronger.

Then, leaves will be hand picked while they’re still very young, this is to ensure the premium quality of their matcha powder. The reason why the leaves are picked when the plants are young is because that’s when the plants are filled with nutrients that lead to its health benefits. The reason why matcha powders are often expensive is because the time frame for growing and harvesting these leaves is incredibly limited, making the process harder and more delicate.

After leaves are picked, approximately one hour after, they have to be steamed in order to preserve its rich color and prevent oxidation from occurring. After steaming, the leaves need to be dried out so that they can be stone ground later on.

The last part of the matcha powder making process is the grinding of the leaves. This i sa rather slow process, it takes approximately one hour to grind just 30g of matcha. Tenzo Tea’s leaves are carefully ground since an overheated stone can compromise and damage the leaves, altering its flavor.

Why does Tenzo Tea source its matcha from Japan?

It is impossible to think of high quality green tea and not think of Japan, right? That is because the country’s most common drink is green tea, and it has been this way for thousands of years. According to Tenzo Tea, the first green tea seeds were brought to Japan by a monk called Myoan Eisai in 1191 A.D. This monk brought the seeds from China and began to spread the experience as a ritual of meditation.

Japan is known for it’s culture of tea and tea ceremonies. That is what brought Steveand Robbie, creators of Tenzo Tea, to Japan as they were seeking the best matcha in the world. That’s where they found the purest and brightest matcha powder they had ever encountered.

The quality of the Camellia Sinensis plant in Japan is given due to its environment and weather. Japan’s warm weather and right amount of rain and sunshine, make it the perfect spot for the plantation and harvesting of the plant.

Their choice to source their perfectly harvested green tea leaves from Japan was not without a thought, as Japanese people have spent thousands of years perfecting the growth and harvest of the Camellia Sinensis. Not only that, but Japan turned the drinking of green tea or matcha tea into an art form.

What are the health benefits of drinking Tenzo Tea’s matcha?

If you thought green tea was healthy, just wait till you try matcha tea. It is no wonder that matcha has recently gained so much popularity, it is the healthiest drink in the world and has numerous health benefits.

Much like green tea, matcha is a powerful antioxidant but it also anti-inflammatory which improves skin and organism function. It helps to speed up metabolism, burn fat,combat and prevent cancer and on top of everything, gives you a boost of energy without the headaches and jitters that you get from drinking coffee.

When you drink matcha, you’re ingesting the whole leaves of the green tea plant. These results in getting far more benefits than the already known benefits of green tea.

How to brew Tenzo Tea’s matcha?

On their official website, Tenzo Tea gives tips on how to brew a perfect cup of matcha tea, the utensils you need in order to achieve exactly that, and a variety of recipes to show you how you can incorporate more matcha into your daily life. Recipes vary from Gluten Free Matcha Pancakes and Matcha Oatmeal to Matcha Eggnog and Matcha Chocolate Coconut Cups, check it out to feel inspired to enjoy matcha on a different level!

Accordingto Tenzo Tea, there are three steps to making the perfect matcha tea:

  1. Prepare: First you’ll need to heat about 2 oz of water and bring it to180º F, once that is done you’ll pour the water into a round-bottomed bowl or large cup. Then you’ll scoop one teaspoon of Tenzo Tea’s matcha powder and add it to the bowl of water.
  2. Whisk: In the second step, you’ll blend the matcha powder to the water by whisking your Bamboo Tea Whisk until a you see a froth beginning to form, that’s when it’s ready.
  3. Taste: Tase your matcha tea and add up to 6 oz of water depending on how strong you like to take your matcha drink.

Pricing and where to buy

Tenzo Tea offers a matcha powder subscription that is dependent on how much you consume of the product in a month or it can be sold separately as a one time purchase.

They offer three main options:

  • Deluxe Matcha Box:This box contains 1 package of matcha powder, 1 bamboo whisk, 1 porcelain whisk stand, 1 bamboo scooper and 1 signature Tenzo matcha shaker bottle.

You can order the box with a package of 30g of matcha powder for $65, or you can order the box with a package of 100g of matcha powder for $90.

  • Tenzo Matcha Box:This box contains 1 package of matcha powder, 1 bamboo whisk, 1 porcelain whisk stand and 1 bamboo scooper.

You can order the box with a package of 30g of matcha powder for $45, or you can order the box with a package of 100g of matcha powder for $70.

  • Tenzo Tea Organic Matcha: 1 package of 30g retails for $21.99, and 1 package of 100g retails for$46.99. This price is for a one-time only purchase.

When purchasing as a subscription, customers receive a 20% discount, thus, 30g retails for $17.59, and 100g retails for $37.59.

Subscriptions can be delivered every 15 days, every 30 days or every 45 days depending on how much matcha powder the customer is used to consuming per month. Each pack of Tenzo Tea Organic Matcha powder, when ordered as a subscription will cost$17.59.

You can purchase your Tenzo Tea boxes or single packages at their official website.


We highly recommend Tenzo Tea’s Organic Matcha Powder not only because of the incredible health benefits of the matcha drink but because Tenzo Tea is a trust worthy company that offers a product of the highest quality that has been right fully sourced and contains only pure green tea leaves, no fillers.

Including matcha into your diet is a great addition as it has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a great alternative to coffee, it is far more nutritious and kinder to our organisms. Matcha contains a lot of caffeine and thus, gives a great energy fix that will not let you miss your morning cups of coffee.

For those who don’t like the taste of matcha tea, it is worth checking out Tenzo Tea’s official website and the recipes they provide for easy ways to implement more matcha into your diet. If you’re thinking of getting on board with the matcha buzz, we recommend trying out Tenzo Tea. Here, you’ll certainly get pure matcha powder from a trustworthy company that cares about their consumers. 

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