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The 10 Best Diets of 2017

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The 10 Best Diets of 2017

2017 Best Diets

A new year just started and we are looking forward to what it will bring, how we can create a better life to ourselves and we hope for the best. The previous year disappointed a lot of people, because we’ve lost countless people from our lives, globally, there were lots of events that shattered us and we had some major political outcomes. Those who still haven’t lost hope for the current year, have proposed to themselves who the new year will pass and they’ve done it while they were counting down in the night between the years.

A few have thought of more money and how to increase their business and some others might have thought of relaxing and spending precious time with their beloved ones. And then, there is this other part of you that thought of how good their bodies will look in the summer on a private beach. While some are fond of exercising their bodies in a gym, the others just need to cut off the amounts of fats and sugar from their diets and choose one that suits them.

A diet is good for you if you can keep it for more than 10 weeks. There is no such thing as a perfect diet for everyone since everyone is so different. In this articles, we managed to wrap up 10 diets that may help you lose some pounds in 2017.

The vegetarian diet

Since people have taken the vegetarian diet to a next level, where they keep it for their entire life, in order to protect the animals, you won’t have to do the same, unless you want to. The vegetarian diet is a simple one, and there is a single item that you must remove from your shopping list, meat. Meat contains lots of calories, but also proteins. Meat in combination with carbohydrates (like fries, rice, bread, pasta, etc.) is a caloric bomb and will get you fat. You can replace the meat with meat substitutes, like soy, or you can eat more vegetables. Most of the vegetables have so little calories, you can eat how much you want of them. Vegetables will also give you more energy and will fill your body with vitamins and plus, you can feel more full after a big salad than after a burger.

The “Ornish” diet

It was developed by the famous Dr. Dean Ornish, who thought our health should be first in our priorities. This diet takes care of our heart by introducing the omega-3 fatty acids into it. The basics of this diet is reducing the processed food to almost none, eat lots of vegetables and nuts and introduce foods that contain those fatty acids. Salmon contains lots of omega-3 and with some grilled asparagus and a little glass of white wine (although alcohol is forbidden from any diet if you want to lose weight), it makes the perfect combination for a light dinner.

This diet lowers the bad cholesterol and changes your organism completely. The balance between the omega-3 and omega-6 acids is basically non-existent nowadays. The ratio between these fatty acids should be 1:1, but unfortunately, noways it is so hard to keep it like that since there are lots of processed foods that contain carbohydrates. Remember, fish keeps you healthy.

The volumetrics diet

This diet is all about the quantity of food that enters your stomach. Nowadays, when you are trying to be full, you can’t get the deal done without eating at least 1000 calories, which means half of the daily intake of a grown man. Still applies to women, that require less than 1500 per day to maintain their silhouette. The volumetrics dies means you have to fill your stomach with food, but also, while not putting pounds on.

The secret is to eat foods that have great amount of water for its compound. These are a few examples: soups (light ones) or vegetables and fruits that contain over 70% (cucumber, watermelon, etc). Keep the fruits intake low, because even they contain lots of water, they could also contain lots of sugar. Remove all food from your diet that contain flour (these are mostly carbohydrates that contain a small amount of water).

The TLC diet

While the other diets were a little more drastic, this one can be done with little effort. The name itself means therapeutic lifestyle changes, but it doesn’t mean the change you are about to make it is important or hard to achieve. The whole point of this diet is to remove all the fats from your diet. For instance, instead of eating the chicken with the skin on, you remove it. It’s not so much of a big deal and it can be done anytime.

You must research what foods have the most amount of fat in them and eliminate them from your daily regime. Dairy products contain lots of fats, but eating dairy products with no fat means you will put your health in danger, so better choose to not eat them at all. Include more vegetables and fruits into your diet, because they are the key to losing weight.

The mayo clinic diet

This one is a tough one and it is only made for those who can keep it until the end. The results are almost surprising and hard to believe: you will love up to 10 pounds into the first two weeks and then 2 pounds per week until you decide to stop. They say you will lose that much because the body has not yet acknowledged the change. This diet has a food pyramid of its own and other new things as well. It will make you recalibrate your diet into a powerful and healthy one.

The cons you may have already guessed, it can be expensive to get all these herbs and nuts into your diet, it can take lots of effort from you to get it done, but thinking about the pros, it will make you change your mind in a second. It will help you lose weight, in a healthy way, in a fast pace. It will change every cell from your organism, rebuilding it to respond naturally and work at its best for your well-being. It is said that after 3 months of eating all raw food, the entire organism changes to a more healthy, better state. It also involved 30 minutes of exercise per day, so choose it now.

The flexitarian diet

You remember the first diet we presented in this article? The flexitarian diet is highly alike with the vegetarian diet that contains no meat, but this one lets you eat meat from time to time. To be more specific, it lets you introduce the proteins that you find in meat in other aspects. It was invented by the renowned nutritionist Dawn Jackson Blatner and its purpose was to help those who wanna become vegetarian, but are not completely ready to give up meat. Some of the foods that it contains are tofu, nuts, eggs and other foods that will substitute meat proteins.

Some choose this type of diet because they wanna do something against cruelty on animals, but they are not ready to give up the taste of meat. There are cravings that stop them and then comes the guilt when they’ve realised they’ve eaten a piece of meat. To encourage you to eat meat, we strongly advise you to try soy. It tastes almost exactly as regular grilled meat and trust we when we say that it is savory. Don’t think of it as its replacement, but as of real meat. Eventually, you will be ready to eat soy every day, without frowning.

The mind diet

If the others were meant for you to change your lifestyle in order to lose pounds, this one is for your mental sanity. It won’t help a lunatic get his mind back, but will prevent neurological diseases like Alzheimer, Parkinson, etc. It includes all the foods that will keep your neurons healthy for a longer period of time. Among these ingredients are: olive oil, olives, nuts of all kind and chocolate. Only for the chocolate it is worth it. What diet lets you eat chocolate? Although, we need to say that it has to be black chocolate, without any sugar in it.

If you know to have any person in your family to have suffered from any neurological diseases, there is a chance you will inherit it sooner or later. Trying to change one or two months just for this diet may help you long term and it may raise your brain cells so high, you may not develop any diseases while you live.

The mediterranean diet

A new year just started and we are looking forward to what it will bring, how we can create a better life to ourselves and we hope for the best. The previous year disappointed

We are sure you heard of it many times, but you didn’t give it enough credit. The mediterranean diet is the most tasty and the easiest to follow and maybe that’s why you didn’’t think it would work. This diet don’t only work as purifier for your body, but it will help you lose the pounds that you desire in a slow pace. The weight loss will be slow, indeed, but it will be healthy and you won’t gain weight after you stop it. Its purpose it to balance your organism in order for it to burn the fats alone. It changes your metabolism.

Like the other diets, it contains lots of fruits and vegetables and besides those, extra fish and whole grains. In the USA, it has been claimed to be the best diet someone could ever take. The mediterranean diet is not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle, one that you could keep for a very long period of time, without affecting your overall health, but improving it.

The dash diet

It already has a reputation, one that you may already have heard. In the past seven years it has been said that this diet has helped numerous people deal with the heart related problems. Its name means dietary approaches to stop hypertension. Heart related problems are easily found nowadays, because of the high level of cholesterol. Fats are being found in every food that is on the market and besides fats, they also contain sugar and salt. The dash diet is about restraining the amount of salt that you need per day. Salt causes a lot of trouble for your heart. The minimum amount of salt you are allowed on this diet in about 2,300 milligrams per day and if you think about it, there so many processed foods that per 100 grams contain more than that. Raw food is the best option in this case, because it contains almost zero salt.

The dash diet is for everyone, not just for those who have heart related problems. Salt can retain water into the organism if it is consumed in high quantities. And that is why drinking too much water can’t help it, but supporting it to stay in the organism. To release the extra amount of salt you need to exercise daily in order to sweat and for the sweat glands to do their job and release all the water and toxins out of the organism among with the salt. The dash diet is also good for the diabetics, because along with the low intake of salt, the dash diet brings them a diet that doesn’t contain sugars, exactly what they need.

Bottom line

Although these might be the best diets that won’t mess with your health, the best diet for your will be made by a nutritionist. Make an appointment to a good nutritionist and tell him what you like to eat, how are you like and what you like to do. Based on your answers, he will make up a diet plan that suits your day to day life and that won’t bother you too much. Also, tell him how much you want to invest in it, so it would suit your budget, unless you want to spend your whole income on products that you can’t afford.

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The 10 Best Diets of 2017
A diet is good for you if you can keep it for more than 10 weeks. There is no such thing as a perfect diet for everyone since everyone is so different. In this articles, we managed to wrap up 10 diets that may help you lose some pounds in 2017.
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