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The Antique Pyamids

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the ancient pyramids

Over the centuries, researchers have failed to find a concrete answer on the construction of the pyramids. One of the most widespread theories around the world is that aliens have built these pyramids, not humans. This theory is believed by many people because the stone blocks used to build a pyramid weighed between 2.5 tons and 40 tons each. It is very hard to believe that people were able to lift such weights with bare hands. The existence of extraterrestrial beings somewhere in the galaxy is believed and researched by many people.

Dr. Alaaeldin Shaheen, one of the greatest archaeologists of our time, does not deny this idea of the aliens, he claims that within the pyramids there are things that may not be from our world. Along with Zahi Hawass, both support the same thing, more exactly that the pyramids could not have been built by humans, not even in the 20 years of  hard work, because the technology at that time did not allow them to do it. Keops’ pyramid has 2,300,000 stone blocks and the pyramid is about 146 meters tall.

One of the things that claim that aliens were involved in building pyramids is their alignment. Why would this be one of the arguments? The pyramids are built exactly in the same position as Orion’s Belt. Orion’s belt is made of 3-star, perfectly aligned, just like the 3 pyramids of Giza.

Most of the times, the existence of aliens from antiquity is ignored, but there is evidence, since antiquity, to support the fact that they were on Earth. A papyrus written thousands of years before Christ, titled Annals of Thutmose III, clearly states that in antiquity aliens came to Earth, this papyrus describes aliens as very bright and great beings.

In another papyrus it is said that the Keops secretly met with an alien species, he asked them to build his pyramid that bears his name until today, this pyramid being a grave for him. Along with Keops, an alien was buried in the pyramid, he was so attached to life on Earth that he did not want to leave anymore.

If in ancient times many aliens came to Earth, why do not they come today too? What if, in fact, they came but The Government keeps this secret from the mankind? There is much evidence today that aliens may exist, through a simple search on the Internet, there is evidence that they were surprised on the cameras of the various witnesses.


In conclusion, none of these theories can be confirmed, both are possible. But lifting those blocks of stone, weighing 40 tons, by people, is hard to believe. The lack of technology in antiquity contradicts the fact that the Egyptians built these pyramids without any help.

This question has not been answered so far, most likely in the future, it will eliminate the hypothesis of the existence of aliens and the fact that they built the pyramids simply because there is no concrete evidence that they exist.

Searches will continue for a long time from now because there are many hypotheses about the building of the pyramids, but no witness in antiquity lives to tell us exactly how it was.

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The Antique Pyamids
The pyramid of Keops, also known as The Pyramid of Khufu, is one of the 7 wonders of the world and one of the oldest constructions around the world. However, there are many other pyramids around the world, not only that, they have different dimensions and their structure is extremely unusual.
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