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The Best Pregnancy Apps

Diane Luke
Senior Editor, TipsHire

Technology knows no bounds, lately. If you own a smartphone phone or a tablet, then get ready to download for free or to purchase some of the the best pregnancy apps that will give you all the necessary details related to your pregnancy or your newborn.

Here are the best pregnancy apps and the most popular applications for Android

BabyBump Pregnancy App

It is one of the lightest Android pregnancy apps. It has a nice design and a friendly interface which will help you get information about the exact date your baby must be born, advice and information about fetal development, and updated information about weight, your energy, and your mood.

The application is free in its basic form, but for a Pro version, you’ll have to pay for.

Pregnancy Tracker

The app will offer you precious information, day by day or week by week, you’re free to set it up. In addition, you have the opportunity to take selfies and create a photo album to share, or only for you, to remember about the beautiful period that pregnancy is.

The design is attractive and how to use it is not very complicated. Moreover, you have the opportunity to get in touch with mothers from every corner of the world who are going through the same experience as you.

Pregnancy & Medication Safety

Is it safe to take a particular drug during pregnancy? Are you allergic to any pill? Willing to take an antibiotic or an antidepressant?

Although is not replacing your doctor’s professional advice, this app quickly indicates the risks implied by the consumption of a certain pill while you’re pregnant.

Pregnancy Diet Calculator

Created by a UK company, this app counts for you what and how many nutrients you must be eating depending while you’re pregnant, depending on which month you’re in.

This app also shows you what nutrients your body is lacking, and how can you diversify your menu.

Nutrition Facts Pro

If you want more nutritional related information, Nutrition Facts Pro gives you all the information you want regarding what to eat during pregnancy, what nutrients are best to be ingested, how many calories a specific food has, and so forth.

Also, this app contains over 7,000 recipes.

Toilet Finder

Very suitable for future moms, this application indicates the places where you can stop to go to the toilet.

Information is available anywhere in the world and is based on users’ feedback, which can always help to improve the current database.

Happy Pregnancy

Happy Pregnancy offers a weekly diary in which you can note your moods and a sheet where you can note the extra pounds you gained.

The application also counts how many days are left until the day you should give birth and how many and how frequent contractions are when your labor begins.

Pregly Pregnancy Ticker

Created in the form of ‘Yes and No’ answers, this app specifies what you’re allowed to eat and what is good for a pregnant woman.

In addition, it contains a list of names, from A to Z, from which you can pick one up for your baby.

Contraction Calculators

Contraction calculators are some of the best pregnancy apps. All you have to do is push a button when the contraction begins and another when it ceases.

 One of the best pregnancy apps that calculate contractions frequency and intensity is Daddy511.

Besides calculating contractions, Daddy511 estimates how advanced is the pregnancy and stores information about the hospital and about your doctor.

Name Dropper

If you can’t settle down to any name for your baby, you might need some help, so Name Dropper might be the ideal application for you.

You must set your baby’s sex, how popular you want his name to be, and the application will do all the work for you.

Post-pregnancy apps

While the apps from above are the best pregnancy apps, there are some apps offering information, advice, and tips & tricks for mom that successfully passed the childbirth day. On of the most known is: BabyCenter.

BabyCenter has prepared the best post-pregnancy app which offers daily tips, notes, and updates related to the development of your baby. All you have to do is enter the date on which your baby was born and each day you will receive specific information.

Some articles include photos, while others include videos, and you can even find recipes on what to cook for your baby.


Not yet pregnant, but you really want to have a baby? For the aspiring mothers’ group, this is the ideal application. Among the most complex apps on the market, OvuView identifies signs of fertility based on your body’s temperature and indicates the favorable breeding days.

From nutritional information, safety tips while you’re pregnant, to data on the development of the baby, the best pregnancy apps are covering a wide area. Choose the one that suits you best, and take care of your baby with the help of the nowadays technology and gadgets.

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The Best Pregnancy Apps
Technology knows no bounds, lately. If you own a smartphone phone or a tablet, then get ready to download for free or to purchase some of the the best pregnancy apps that will give you all the necessary details related to your pregnancy or your newborn.
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