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The Green Tea – more than a source of antioxidants

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The Green Tea – more than a source of antioxidants

What is Green Tea?

The Green Tea is a type of tea obtained from unfermented Camellia Sinesis leaves; this amazing beverage was considered a miraculous plant and it was used from the oldest times to treat all kind of affections! It is more than known the fact that the tea in general has lots of benefits on our health and in regards to the Green Tea the list of benefits is endless!

This kind of tea has a wide action spectrum in regards to diseases treatment and not only! The Green Tea is an amazing antioxidants source; it is more than known that the Green Tea’s action happens due to the theine composition which combats the free radicals made by pollution, by smoking or by the ultraviolet rays! And you are not protected only against free radicals; also your nervous system is protected against diseases and against stress; this tea is an amazing antioxidant, an amazing diuretic, an amazing brain stimulator (it stimulates brain’s functionality and treats brain’s affections), a fat burning stimulator and a protection factor against cancer! Even so, the most important functionality of this tea is based on the natural high source of antioxidants that it represents and on the low caffeine that it has in its composition! Like said before the benefits of this tea are endless!

First of all it controls blood pressure and it even reduces it; it takes care of your digestion and of your blood’s circulation and it even prevents Alzheimer’s and depression and increases your mental functionality! But the most known functionality of this tea type is that it can help you lose massive weight! Ask any nutritionist, they will all say the same thing: the Green Tea is an amazing help in regards weight loss processes: it assures the daily needed energy dosage and detoxifies the body entirely! Nutrition specialists say that the Green Tea’s components made extra heat for the body and like this, calories are burn!

And calories are not the only thing burn by this tea- also tumors formation is burn and this thing happens without affecting other body’s tissues! Now returning to the fact that this type of tea is a great help in regards weight loss, studies have shown that those people who add Green Tea to their diet have less changes to get their weight back in the future; so, is a long term weight loss helper too. A balanced diet, a cup of Green Tea in the morning and other during the day can replace your daily coffee and effects will be seen in no time. This tea has no caffeine and still has the power to provide you energy and to refresh your body! Speaking of refreshing, during a heated summer day the Green Tea is more than recommended! It can even reduce strokes, which are very common, no matter the season!

In regards to summer days this beverage is the most appreciated, simply because will fill your body of antioxidants and it will be such an energy source, that you will feel amazing! Another action of this tea is that it takes care of your digestive system and it can even prevent intoxications based on all kind of foods and it keeps the sugar found in your blood on normal rates! And since is such an amazing helper, this tea is rich in vitamin E and stopes the ageing process! Like all natural cures, also the Green Tea works inside and outside your body! On the inside it kills tumors, prevents them from happening, stimulates the brain and treats depression, it takes care of your heart and prevents cardiovascular diseases from happening, it can even strengthen the immune system, it makes your metabolism function on normal rates and kills your appetite (this is why is so recommended in all weight loss processes and in all kind of diets; the Green Tea’s components burn calories faster, so this tea is a major help in all diets).

Green Tea benefits

Now do not think about the fact that by killing your appetite you will starve; not at all- the Green Tea will give you the sensation of satiety, so you will not feel like you are hungry! The accumulation of less calories will reduce your energy, but the Green Tea will refill your body’s deposits with each cup you drink! And more energy means more finalized actions and more time to do anything you want to do! Summer days are the ones who make you feel exhausted more than ever! You sweat a lot and by sweating you lose lots of vitamins and minerals which help your body to pass through the heated day! Again, your major help is the Green Tea. Once the summer is installed your body needs extra hydration in order to recover your energy deposits and also in order to fight extra heated days!

A cup of Green Tea in the morning will build a mechanism against increased temperatures. During a hot summer day when we are thirsty no matter where we are, our first impulse is to opt for a soda or from some beverages found on the market or in stores! This is extremely wrong! Wrong for our health and wrong for ourselves too! And it’s wrong because the drinks based on sodas are meant to calm down our thirstiness only on that very moment- 30 minutes later you will feel like drinking something again. But with a cup of Green Tea this will not happen! With a cup of Green Tea and some ice cubes, you will cool down during summer time, you will feel re-energized and you will provide your body antioxidants that so much it needs and which are lost by sweating due to extra heat!

This tea has the property to cool down your body and to hydrate it in the same time. Maybe the best refreshing tea during summer time is the mint tea, but mix some mint leaves with a cup of Green Tea and it will result a great summer drink which will refresh your body fast and easy and which will help it to recover after a heated day more easily! Drinking a cup of tea during summer time or better yet, replacing your summer beverages with teas is a huge plus. Your body gets the right dosage of vitamins and minerals, the right hydration and the right source of antioxidants will always be the teas you drink! Consumed cold during summer time is a must!

Your body is cooled down easily and it is hydrated in the same time! A glass of cold tea during summer time represents the first step you do towards a healthy lifestyle. In fact, when you start to replace old beverages that you used to have with teas- that’s your zero point from where your healthy lifestyle starts. And in regards to Green Tea- this is more than a step towards a healthy lifestyle. This is a complete cure on the inside and on the outside too! On the inside provides lots of benefits and on the outside it takes care of your skin and makes you look great! And if you want to prepare all kind of stuff in order to have a great summer drink, you can mix the Green Tea with lemongrass, with mint, with honey, some ice cubes and you will have a great drink!

You can even prepare cocktails with this great tea or mix alcohol with iced green tea! You can replace water and mix rum, sugar syrup, mint leaves, and Green Tea and it will result another type of Mojito for example! A better version of Mojito! A healthy cup of Mojito! Isn’t that amazing? You will have fun if you attend a party on the beach and in the same time you will re-energize your body entirely! How about mixing it with some lavender and honey? Some lemon slices and it will result a great lemonade, based on Green Tea and lavender! The classic lemonade recipe can always be improved with drinks or foods which can complement the classic recipe! All you need are some great ideas and advices and a great Green Tea and lemonade mixed drink will come out!

No matter how much you love summer, nobody likes the exhausting heat! In such days, all you think about is how to cool down easily. Staying by the pool, swimming or having cocktails is one of the easiest ways to cool a little bit! But what about your health? It is widely known that exhausting heat makes you sweat a lot, makes you lose lots of water from your body and you need a back-up plan to avoid that! For a proper shape during summer, doctors and nutritionists recommend to avoid sodas, alcohol and sweet drinks.

The alcohol and the sugar that most drinks have, dehydrate your body faster than it normally does, by sweating, so, your skin gets more sensitive and like this is more exposed to ultraviolet radiations! So, you want to cool down, but you must think about your health too. The most easy way to cool down is by drinking natural juices, ice teas, plane water; they are rich in vitamins and they assure your body its daily needed dosage of energy. The Sun is such a great thing; sunny days give us so much positive energy and they improve our mood; it relaxes us entirely and they fix Calcium and Vitamin D in our bones! So, it’s healthy to be exposed to the Sun, but not at any hour or in any circumstances! In regards to easily cooling down during summer time, you must know that the easiest way to do that is to squeeze or to blend fresh fruits and fresh vegetables; no sugar added, just drink them in their natural form.

And every once in in a while have a glass or a cup of Green Tea and you will feel the difference. It’s true that nowadays you no longer know if you are having natural foods in order to have natural drinks, because everything is being processed and even the fruits or the vegetables which grow in our grandparent’s garden might encounter chemicals. The market offers today lots of solutions which can help your vegetables or your fruits production to grow easier and faster. But have you thought that those chemicals you add to your vegetables and to your fruits, are ingested by you and that they can harm your health?

That’s why is so important to know what you buy in stores or what you have at home. Getting back to easily cooling down and also easily taking care of your health, the Green Tea is your best option! Anything that your body needs can be extracted from this great tea! And result will appear in no time, and they will last on the long term too, and you will feel amazing, and you will look great. Isn’t that what most people want no matter if is summertime or not?

Well, now you have it! Just create your own recipe with Green Tea, some lemons, honey and some ice cubes and you will have a 2 in 1 summer drink: the Green Tea and the lemonade. Name it how you want, its results will be the same and its results will last! Isn’t that great that you can lose weight only by drinking such an amazing tea like the Green Tea? You can lose massive weight! Look how great this tea is:

  • It takes care of your body;
  • It provides it vitamins;
  • It provides it minerals;
  • It provides it antioxidants (in fact there is no other natural antioxidants source as big as the Green Tea);
  • It fights diseases of all kind (cardiovascular ones, brain ones, metabolic ones, digestive one, immune ones etc.);
  • It fights tumors and tumors formation;
  • It improves your mood by fighting tiredness;
  • It provides energy and recovers your energy deposits easily etc…

And the list is endless, but the conclusion is only one: The Green Tea is such an amazing drink that it can be served in all kind of ways! And no matter the season, but in regards to summer is your best choice!

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The Green Tea – more than a source of antioxidants
The Green Tea is a type of tea obtained from unfermented Camellia Sinesis leaves; this amazing beverage was considered a miraculous plant and it was used from the oldest times to treat all kind of affections! It is more than known the fact that the tea in general has lots of benefits on our health and in regards to the Green Tea the list of benefits is endless!
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