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The Latest Studies Regarding Married People

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latest studies about married people

Marriage and health

There were other studies done in the past that showed that married people could live longer than others and that long marriage is good for health. You might wonder now, why it was necessary to make another study on this topic. This is not the same thing.

This study focused only on their mental state and their ability to walk and the stability with which they are doing it. The main things studied were the agility, their posture while they are walking, how fast they do it and also the balance that they have while they are walking.
As you can imagine for this studies were elected people from both sides and all of them were older than 50 years old.

To make sure of the results of the study these two groups were split in two as well. They wanted to see what type of people show better endurance. Therefore, the married people were split into the ones who spend a lifetime together and the ones who divorced and remarried. The second category of people, namely the single ones were split into divorced people and the ones who were never married. They say that the mentality of a person who never married is completely different from the mentality of a person who once decided to unite his destiny to another but things went bad.

I will like to mention that in this study were gathered only people who decided to legalize their relationships. The ones who just live together but without a marriage involved were not considered, because the number of such couples was quite small. Older people have other mentalities when it comes about commitment.

No matter if they were at their first marriage or if they were remarried, both categories beat the unmarried people no matter if they were never married or of they were divorced or widowers. This result was similar for both genders.
After the studies were applied on English women and men, the US scientists didn’t want to lose the opportunity to test their own people. They received the same results. However it could be seen a small difference between the men who were at their first marriage than the ones who remarried. This time the remarried men won the battle.

Some of the scientists based the results on the fact that when you had a failure in your life and after that you regained your confidence to try again, then it means that your state of mind is stronger than the one other people have.

This is was not the case when it comes about women. It seems that the American women are not as influenced as the English women are by their marital status after all.

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The Latest Studies Regarding Married People
The scientist and sociologists worldwide are trying to discover new theories related to humans behaviors according with their marital status.
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