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The Latest Studies Regarding Married People

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latest studies about married people

Another thing that could influence the health status on old married couples is their wealth. When you are older and you spent all your life saving money for your retirement, when you reach this certain age you feel like finally celebrating. When you are wealthy, you can afford a better life, better medical care, better food and all these things offer you a higher level of confidence that reflect in the way you are aging.

When you are married or remarried you share that wealth with the person you love and respect and both of you enjoy the benefits it can give.

When you get a divorce, things change because you must split the wealth gathered with so much effort. When you start losing part of it, you will also start losing your confidence step by step. A separation can bring many bad effects on your mental state.


When you have someone who knows you better than anyone, who fought along with you during this life, who saw all your good points and bad points as well, in front of whom you are not ashamed to be yourself, someone that you can hold and be held by him or her, who can offer you safety and love, life is better and longer. All the confidence you need is right beside you and this is the reason why you walk with the speed of a teenager even if you have over 60.

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The Latest Studies Regarding Married People
The scientist and sociologists worldwide are trying to discover new theories related to humans behaviors according with their marital status.
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