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The Philadelphia Experiment (aka The Rainbow Experiment)

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the philadelphia experiment

Was it real?

From 1943 to 1955, this nightmare story remained silent, but thanks to the letters sent by a witness to this experiment, Carlos Allende, to Morris K. Jessup, a renowned mathematics and physics professor, astronomer and author of the famous book “The Case for the UFO,” he made this experiment known. In this experiment, it is assumed that the USS Eldrige ship was teleported to New York, then teleported to another dimension and ultimately teleported in time. This causes the death of the crew. The U.S. Navy clearly states that there has never been such an experiment because these assumptions definitely contradict what really happened with the USS Eldrige, and this experiment would be impossible because the laws of physics would not allow this.

Allende mentioned in the letters sent to Jessup all the side effects that crew members suffered from teleportation and some examples of bizarre happenings at that time, as well as numerous articles to support his story. He mentioned two examples of survivors who, to some extent, might be true. These are two detailed cases, one in which a former crew member was observed as it appeared and disappeared from people’s eyes during a fight in a bar.  The second example offered by Allende was that of another crew member who, while dining with his family, stood up from the table suddenly, dressed up and walked through the wall, disappearing without a trace.

Jessup wanted to find out more details from this mysterious Carlos, so he sent a letter using the address on the letters previously received. He did not receive the answer in a short time, but only in a few months, this time, the mysterious witness calling himself Carl Allen. In this mysterious letter, Allen refuses to give more details to Jessup, but accepts to be subjected to a hypnosis session. Jessup, after reading these things, interrupts the conversations with Allen because he thinks she’s been made a hoax.

Three years later, Jessup was summoned to the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to explain the information he had provided in his book.

He considers this to be just a sequel to the hoax, but The ONR asked for explanations for the three types of writing on a copy of his book, a book received by the ONR from exactly the same address as the letters received by Jessup . These three letters were signed as Mr. A, Mr. B and Jemi. Jessup recognizes the writing of Mr. A as Carl Allen’s. He was surprised by the information Mr. A and the other two knew.

Apparently, the address from which Carl Allen’s letters were sent is the address of an abandoned farm, and the Officials were trying to make Jessup believe Allen was a psychopath, so that he did not believe what he was saying about The Philadelphia experiment. He has not been able to find further information about this experiment because he was found dead in his garage on April 20, 1959, asphyxiated.

His death, he did nothing but to raise suspicions about this experiment, which he was investigating. The Pentagon has denied the existence of such an experiment every time. At that time, it was said that the experiment was  about how to make some marine mines invisible, not a USS navy.


The witnesses’ testimony from the U.S. Navy destroyer escort USS Eldrige and ship’s logbook contradict what the Pentagon said. Besides the fact that there is evidence that US Eldrige was on a mission in the Bahamas at that time, the logbook attests that US Eldrige did not arrive in the port of Philadelphia in 1943.

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The Philadelphia Experiment (aka The Rainbow Experiment)
Is teleportation possible? Since we were young, we liked cartoons and SF films where people were teleporting themselves from one place to another in a very short time.
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