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The Sleep Importance for Health

Aura S
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You may have seen people who claim that they do not want to sleep so they can enjoy every moment of their lives. This is not like that at all. In the following rows of this article, you will be able to discover the sleep importance. You will be amazed how much good a healthy session of sleep can do for your body.

Besides that, you will also be able to read about all the illnesses the lack of sleep can cause. It is perfectly natural to do it so why you should avoid it. One of the things that will be also underlined here is the strong relation between heart diseases and the lack of sleep. Unfortunately, staying awake will not bring joy into your life. Things happen completely different when it comes about this matter.

The Importance of Sleeping

Sleep is essential for your organism well being, just as it was already mentioned in this article introduction. During sleep, your brain reestablishes its activities for the next day. You are recharging your body with the needed energy so you can function properly during the day. It keeps your entire body younger and your mind more focused.

Any human needs to sleep at least 7 hours per day and you should weak up when your body does not need this rest anymore and not for other reasons. If you weak up suddenly, because of a powerful light source or because different noises interfered, then you may not be able go back to sleep as deep and profound as you did before and your body will no longer recover its lost energy.

Your entire organs function with that energy and this is the reason why, the lack of sleep can affect them. This is not something to joke with. We are talking here about vital organs such as lungs, kidneys, liver or heart. The blood flow will also be deranged. The bad news is, that even if people are sometimes aware of the sleep benefits, they still do not sleep as much as they should.

They do not have the necessary time to do it or sometimes they are so overwhelmed of their daily tasks that they cannot find the needed peace of mind to sleep. This is how insomnia starts. If you read a little bit about insomnia and how much damage it can cause, you will completely understand what the lack of sleep can bring into your life.

The depression, the weight gain, the anxiety episodes, the headaches and other things just like these are caused by the lack of sleep and it also can decrease your immunity level. The lack of sleep can kill much faster than the lack of food or liquids. People who do not sleep have the tendency to become psychotic. You can easily suffer of a stroke or a heart failure. Even your sex life can be influenced by this factor. The hormonal disorders may interfere in your life. This is one of the reasons why people who work in shifts, including night shifts, might be better paid. They are much more exposed to all these things than other people are.

The Sleep and Heart Issues

Regarding this specific aspect, there were made various studies on people to compare how their organisms react when they receive the necessary time to rest or when they are deprived of the necessary sleep sessions. The results of these tests were quite disturbing. The conclusion was that the persons, who were deprived of sleep, presented an increased blood pressure, an increased cardiac stress level described through irregular heartbeats and the thyroid hormones were at very increased levels as well. Do you think that all these things brought together can bring something good into your life? They certainly cannot. Even a single night without sleep can disturb our body well being. It will take even longer for your organism to recover those resting hours.


When it comes about sleep you should know a few things. You cannot consider that you have healthy way of sleeping when you are surrounded by noise and light sources. The human body and the brain can get its rest only in certain conditions. You should provide for it a pleasant atmosphere. Sleeping with your TV open or with your PC turned on it is far from being a good option.

The best thing will be to have a system that can decrease the light level gradually. Not everyone can afford such thing, so it will be enough to preserve the room in dark as much as possible. Even if you have an afternoon nap, you can still provide your windows with dark curtains so you will not be disturbed by the sun rays in any way.

Besides the bedroom atmosphere, there are others things you should consider as well. You should make sure that your nutrition would not interfere with your sleep. This means that no heavy meals are allowed. Everyone knows that you should eat the last meal of the day with at least three hours before you go to bed, but also the meal must be light and easy to digest.

The dairy products are more than welcomed. You should avoid any type of brain stimulant such as coffee, chocolate or teas that might contain caffeine such as black or green tea. Also beverages with a great amount of vitamin C can increase your energy instead of preparing you for sleep.

As it was mentioned before, it is very important to allow our body to wake up when it is ready to do it. The specialists in this matter say that the sleep activity has four stages. The first stage of sleep, when you barely closed your eyes is the one when any noise can wake us up. If this happens you may not be able to turn back to sleep. The second phase is when you enjoy a semi profound type of sleep.

If a person is disturbed during this phase will feel a dreadful discomfort and it will be obvious if you study that person’ mood. The third phase is when you are in a profound sleep session and when your entire organs starts to relax and regain their normal functions for such activity. The fourth stage of sleep is when you can be awaken with much difficulty and it is recommended to not even try it. Your body will wake up when it feels that it is necessary.

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