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Things You Should Know About Candida

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Women all over the world experienced certain vaginal disorders in their lives. Everyone knows that our genitals are very sensitive organs that require allot of attention. This is the main reason for which you might be interested in this article. One problem that not only women can experience, but also men, is a certain fungus, namely Candida.

Some people may feel ashamed to talk about it or to admit that they had this problem before or that they still have it. There is no reason to feel ashamed of this. This is the reason why the following rows of this article may seem very interesting for all the readers. First, we will establish what Candida is, what is causing its appearance, the main symptoms, and the best treatment. As you may know, it is easier to prevent than to treat something. This is why you will also find here a few ideas about how you can prevent its appearance.

What is Candida?

First, you should know that Candida is a fungus that lives naturally inside our bodies. It can be found in the vaginal flora, in our mouths or intestinal flora. This is perfectly natural. We have many bacteria in your bodies that are very safe for us and it is natural to have them. We start being disturbed by its presence when the Candida bacteria multiply and start spreading itself on wider areas. The most common area is the vaginal area, but as you may realize if you read the above rows of this article it can develop anywhere it can find a suitable environment to do so.

Some people may wonder why the persons who have this bacteria activated are so ashamed of it. Some people may think considering that Candida mostly makes its appearance in the vaginal areas, that it can be strongly related with sexual activities. You must know how to make the difference between a venereal disease and Candida. This fungus is not a venereal disease and even if it can spread by practicing unprotected sex, we should not confuse these notions. Even a virgin young girl can experience the unpleasant effects of Candida. As it was already mentioned earlier, the vaginal Candida, which seems to be the most frequent type of Candida, it causes infections when it multiplies itself uncontrollably and it spread all over the area.

How Candida Appears

When this can happen? If you experience a vaginal bacterial flora imbalance you may expect Candida to start spreading. Our vaginal bacterial flora is very important for the vaginal immunity. It can help any woman to save herself from infections of all kinds. Many things can cause this imbalance.  The poor nutrition habits, antibiotics ingestion for long periods of time, unsuitable underwear, unsuitable clothes, sexual contact with a person that is already infected, poor hygiene are just some of the reasons you can help this fungus grow uncontrollable.

Other things you may never believed that they can cause this imbalance are stress, hormonal disorders or excessive vaginal care. Hygiene is very important but some gynecologists do not agree with vaginal washes or at least they recommend reducing this habit for once at two weeks the most. All those shampoos and the high water pressure you put inside your vagina practically destroys your natural vaginal flora, which is given by nature to protect that sensitive area.

It was also mentioned the hormonal disorders. If our blood presents a low level of estrogen, it will affect in a negative way the vaginal epithelium, which protects the vaginal area. Normally it should be thick and strong so it can represent a barrier against noxious bacteria and sudden infections.  A low level of estrogens will only make it thinner and will allow Candida fungus to grow and cause unpleasant infections.

The growth of the acidity environment in the vaginal area can lead to the same problem. Beside the factors enumerated above that can cause all these imbalances, you should consider things like hormonal disorders during your menstruation period, menopause or pregnancy, a weak immunity system, caused by any disease such as a common flu or chronic diseases such as diabetes.

Until now, we enumerated only internal factors that can cause this infection to show up. There are also many external factors. You cannot imagine how many. It was already mentioned poor nutrition based on many sweets and very few dairy proteins, antibiotics ingestions or stress. However, there are more external factors, such as introducing unsterilized objects in your vagina, including tampons, excessive sexual activities, borrowed underwear or towels and even how you use your toilet paper can be an issue in this situation. You should know that it is a must to wipe your genitals from front to behind not otherwise.

Candida Symptoms

Now that you know what can cause this infection you might want to know which are the symptoms. How can you recognize it? You should know that, as fast you recognize these symptoms and get a proper treatment recommended by the doctor, as fast you will get over it. Abundant vaginal white leaks with an unpleasant smell, frequent urination joined by stinging feeling ( usually this is an urinary infection symptom), anal and vaginal itches, inflammation of the labia and rashes in that area are the main symptoms women  may present when they have a Candida infection. When it comes about men, they may present increased pruritus, redness and rashes, whitish deposits, whitish secretion and rectal area inflammation.

If you stay too long before getting a proper treatment, the symptoms can change while the infection is spreading. You will notice things like chronic fatigue, bad mood and dizziness, whitish deposits on your tongue, abdominal pains and gases, articulation aches, sinus leakage, weight loss or weight gain without any specific reason, hair loss, the appearance of funguses at fingers and toes. There may be other symptoms as well. As you can notice, an untreated Candida can give symptoms that can easily be ignored or confused with other disorders or illnesses. This is the reason why you should do something as you notice the first signs that something is wrong.

The next question may be how you can treat it. First, you must go to a doctor to be sure that you have Candida and not something else. Only a gynecologist can give a proper treatment that must be followed step by step. Beside the treatment, you must forget about synthetic lingerie, about excessive genital showers and you should avoid sexual intercourse during the treatment.

You will not be the only one to receive treatment. In addition, your partner, in case you have one must follow a proper treatment as well even if the symptoms were not noticeable at him or her. Usually the treatment stands in ovules, pills and antifungal ointments. Candida does not require antibiotics. The treatment should not last more than two weeks but it should not be shorter than that either. Even if the symptoms disappeared after just a few days, the treatment must be kept as the physician recommended so the fungus will stop bothering you anymore.

As a conclusion, once you suffered of such infection you are predisposed to have again much easier than others. This is the reason why you should pay attention to all the things written above so you can prevent this to happen. You should know that Candida fungus likes to live in moist areas and it feeds itself with sugars. During the treatment, you should eliminate sugars from your daily diet and introduce more dairy products.

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