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Thor AntiVirus By Hemidal Security – Features, Prices and More

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It is a smart thing to protect your PC and other devices against cyber threats. In this regard, Thor AntiVirus, as part of Hemidal Security solution is quite good.

In this article, we’ll show you its main features, user reviews, prices, and more.

About Thor AntiVirus

Hemidal Security employs machine learning and real-time cloud-scanning to identify potential threats before they affect you device. This security solution can detect almost all types of malware, ransomware, Trojans, APTs, exploits, as well as viruses.

It even keeps you protected against phishing sites.

Hemidal Security, with its Thor AntiVirus solution, is all about protection. Accordingly, it won’t help you in case your computer has already been infected. Thus, you should only use Hemidal as another protective layer against cyber threats.

This security solution is ideal for businesses, gamers that require a protection solution that doesn’t slow down their computers, or home users who already have a Premium version of an antivirus solution installed on their machines.

Thor AntiVirus comes in several variant designed for everyone’s needs. So, keep on reading because will review all of them below.

Thor Vigilance Home

Thor Vigilance Home is the first variant of Hemidal Security Thor AntiVirus dedicated for home users. It provides users with basic protection solutions, including real-time cloud scanning and heuristic and behavior-based scanning, as well as signature scanning, to identify threats before they affect your machine.

This security solution also sports backdoor security and a sandbox system that isolates threats. Thor Vigilance Home costs $29.98 for one year, for three licenses that you can install on a maximum of three devices.

Thor Foresight Home

This one is only an extra layer of protection that works side-by-side with your default antivirus solution. Using next-generation technology Thor Foresight Home scans your Internet activity to identify and timely block ransomware, malware, and phishing attempts that might threat your privacy.

Besides, with its extra ability to set up apps security options by installing essential updates, Thor Foresight Home is ideal to protect your PC from cyber threats. It costs $34.98 for 1 year, and you can install it on up to three devices.

Thor Premium Home

Thor Premium Home combines the features and technology of both Thor Vigilance Home and Thor Foresight Home, but it also add some novelties of its own.

Accordingly, besides the functions of the two variants presented above, Thor Premium Home brings improved protection against malware and viruses. It costs $39.98 and allows you to install it on three computers.

Thor Free

Thor Free is the most basic version of Thor AntiVirus for home users. It doesn’t have much features, but it notifies you about risky downloads and sites that might install malware or viruses on your PC.

Also, it keeps your software and apps up to date so that no security flaws exist on your devices. It is basic, so we recommend you to opt for another variant; either one between the first three presented above would be much better for your protection.

Thor Enterprise

Thor Enterprise is the business-dedicated version of Thor AntiVirus of Hemidal Security. With this security solution, your business’s Internet traffic would be better monitored and every threat will be stopped before affecting your work network or devices.

With its signature scanning, heuristics analysis, and behavioral analysis, along with its ability to update apps and software to tackle security threats, Thor Enterprise is good option to secure your business systems.

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Thor AntiVirus Security Detection Rates

Unfortunately, there are no independent analysis on the detection rates of Hemidal Security’s Thor AntiVirus. But, according to some users’ opinions, Thor AntiVirus is pretty good in detecting threats before they affects the devices.

Until we have an independent study in this regard, we can only rely on our personal experiences and user reviews on Thor AntiVirus.

Other Essential Information on Thor AntiVirus

Besides features, pricing and everything else, other information on Thor AntiVirus is also important. First, you will get a 30-day money back guarantee with every variant of Thor that you buy.

Nonetheless, the GUI is also an essential detail about such solutions. Thor AntiVirus, in this regard, does a great job, and you don’t have to be tech-savvy to set it up and use it.

On the other hand, Hemidal Security, creators of Thor AntiVirus, has been developing security solutions since 2011. It centers on keeping private date away from leaking and protecting devices against malware, ransomware, and phishing sites.

Thor AntiVirus Pros And Cons


  • Advanced features in detecting cyber threats before infecting devices
  • Low consumer of resources
  • Protect against phishing sites and ransomware attacks


  • Is not a regular antivirus solution since it’s not cleaning your system if has been already infected
  • Some users complained that customer support department is slow in responding to queries


Thor AntiVirus is ideal as an extra protection layer against malware, ransomware, phishing sites, viruses, and other cyber threats and attacks. Accordingly, you can you use it as a protective measure.

It comes in various variant for home users and businesses, as well as in one free version that is only basic and doesn’t come with advanced features.

As for the prices, Thor AntiVirus is neither cheaper nor pricier than other similar security solutions. However, other antivirus solutions at the same price also offer the opportunity to clean your device from viruses and malware.

For this aspect, Thor AntiVirus loses some points.

In conclusion, Thor AntiVirus of Hemidal Security is an accepable choice to protect your devices against security threats and cyber attacks.

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