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Tips For Exercising While Pregnant

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Doing some physical activity during the pregnancy will help you to keep yourself in a good shape, to be prepared for and easy delivery and will also optimize your emotional balance. If you are pregnant, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to stay in bed all day long, unless your having a special condition like toxic pregnancy, or your doctor recommends it. Many women are afraid to make physical effort during pregnancy because it could lead to spontaneous abortion, but there are some exercises and tips for exercising while pregnant that you should follow without any risk.

Walking, swimming, and some other exercises will your body to dealt with the changes that occurs during the pregnancy, will strengthen your muscles, and relieve from various pains that may occur. Although exercising while pregnant is helpful, you should not exaggerate, and your exercising sessions must be mild, not to put yourself or your baby in any danger. Next you’ll find out what benefits does exercising while pregnant brings, what types of exercises you can do while pregnant, and what tips for exercising while pregnant you should follow.

1. The benefits of exercising while pregnant
2. Recommended exercising while pregnant
3. Swimming while pregnant
4. Pilates while pregnant
5. Walking while pregnant
6. Yoga while pregnant
7. Tips for exercising while pregnant

1. The benefits of exercising while pregnant

While pregnant, in order to prepare your body for giving birth, it is necessary to do some special exercises. If you do not have any medical problems with your pregnancy it is the better to start these exercises in the first month of pregnancy. The advantages of exercising while pregnant are many:

  • you can keep your body weight under control, given that there is a risk to gain very much extra weight during pregnancy.
  • through a balanced diet, massage, and physical activity you can keep your skin’s elasticity, and you’ll be safe from cellulite during pregnancy.
  • with the help of simple exercises, which are specific to pregnant women, you’ll learn the ideal breathing technique which will be helpful during labor.
  • you will be in a good shape and you’ll be full of positive energy while pregnant.

Usually, exercises for pregnant women are designed to train certain muscles, which normally are not often put into motion. Therefore, the specialized instructors will teach you how to do relaxation exercises, breathing exercising, and some special exercises that will prepare yourself for delivery.

2. Recommended exercising while pregnant

The recommended exercises while pregnant could be different from one woman to another, depending on the stage of the pregnancy and medical conditions. So, always do your research and carefully choose your exercises. The specialists in the prenatal gymnastics noted three different stages in pregnancy, in order to help pregnant women to easily know when is the right time to change the set of exercises:

  • from conception to the 16th week
  • from the 16th week to the 24th week
  • from the 24th week to the 32nd week

In the first period, the risk of miscarriage is higher, so only on-foot walks and breathing exercises are recommended.
In the other two periods of pregnancy, focus on exercises that work the pelvic muscles and the mobility of the joints, especially the pelvic joints, while continuing with the breathing exercises. Here are some recommended exercises while pregnant:

  • with your legs slightly apart, raise your arms at your shoulders and arch your back.
  • while standing, raise one knee at a time to your chest; do not force yourself.
    execute few lunges on every foot.
  • lie on your back, having a small pillow under your neck so your shoulders will touch the floor, and with your hands and legs
  • slightly apart from your body, slowly breathe in and out.
  • staying on your back, raise up one leg at a time.
  • staying on your back with your knees to your chest, or as close as possible, lower your soles to the ground, slowly.
  • staying on your knees with your palms on the floor keeping your hands as straight as possible, arch your back, and then return to the starting position.
  • while standing, do some short tip-toe walking, while keeping your hands fully stretched over your head.

3. Swimming while pregnant

While pregnant, you can opt for water gymnastics, without any risk. Water helps you move easier than you move on the gym’s mat, and the results will be visible in a much shorter time. Water gymnastics while pregnant will help you lose the tension accumulated in your muscles, but will also confer you with a good mindset. Swimming improves the muscles of both of your hands, and those of your legs improves the blood flow and helps you maintaining a normal weight while pregnant. Moreover, swimming will make you feel lighter.

4. The Pilates exercising while pregnant

Pilates exercises are a type of workouts that have the ability to improve the degree of the flexibility of the body, to increase endurance, to improve the muscular mass, and to increase the freedom of movement. The name Pilates comes from the one who founded this type of exercises in the 1900s, Joseph Pilates. Pilates exercises can be performed at home, or in specialized gyms for pregnant women. These exercises improve body’s stability and balance, and prevent, or even treat the back pain.

5. Walking while pregnant

Taking on-foot walks is an easy, natural way to make some physical activity while pregnant, and to relax. You can also take it to the next level, which is slow jogging. Light running during pregnancy improves your heart rate and keeps your body healthy.

6. Yoga practice while pregnant

Yoga exercises help you maintain your muscles tone. Yoga will also help you to breathe normally and to relax your body and your mind. Yoga practice while pregnant diminishes the stress and hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy. Some Yoga poses for pregnant women are:

The cat pose (Marjaryasana).
This position releases the tension accumulated in the shoulders and back, but can also relieve you from headaches. Stay on your knees, put your elbows on the floor and support your shoulders with your palms. The fingers should be spread apart and your knees should be aligned with your hips. Inhale while arching your back up to the ceiling, and lean your chin as close to your chest as possible. Exhale while raising your head up. Repeat this pose for 10 times.

The triangle pose (Trikonasana).
It is very good for strengthening the back’s muscles and legs muscles. Spread your legs keeping them straight until they are forming a 90 degrees angle. Spread your arms, parallel to the ground, with the palms facing the floor. Next, you’ll have to bend to your left keeping the arms straight, so you’ll have to try to touch the floor with your left arm while your right hand will point to the ceiling. As you bend to your left with your torso, turn your head to the right looking to your right hand’s fingertips.

The Baby’s pose.
It reassembles the baby’s position in the womb. When you feel very stressed, you can relax in this very physically pleasant pose.
Support your body weight on the knees and stick your bottom to the back of your legs (sitting on your heels) and lean your torso down until your chest touches your knees. Let your shoulders down and stretch your hands in front of you as much as your body’s flexibility permits you. Don’t forget to breathe deeply, and relax as much as you need. The Baby’s pose is beneficial for stretching the back and relieving from back pains.

7. Tips for exercising while pregnant.

When you find a set of exercises for pregnant women, on the Internet, or in a specialized course, you should keep in mind that exercising while pregnant doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some of the most important tips for exercising while pregnant:

  • it is important that the exercises should be smooth, without sudden movements that will exert extra pressure on the abdomen, and without jumping.
  • pregnant women should wear comfortable clothing when doing exercises.
  • exercising while pregnant should be comfortable, and in the case of any pain caused by exercising, the exercises should be discontinued.
  • before and after exercising, do some warm-up moves to prevent muscle sprains.
  • the best thing would be to do these exercises under the guidance of a qualified coach in pregnant gymnastics.
  • after a good walk or a few specific exercises is good to drink one glass of fresh juice.
  • consult your gynecologist before exercising while pregnant.

In conclusion, exercising while pregnant helps the heart activity, helps you maintain a healthy weight, and prepares your muscles and also your mind for the intense effort that you will have to make during the labor. Also, try avoiding sports that might put you in danger, such as rollerblading, bike riding, or exercises involving jumps, bumps, or drops. In other words, be active while pregnant, but protect your baby from falls and other shocks. Also applying only the recommended exercises and tips for exercising while pregnant you will be safe from any risk that might occur, such as miscarriage.

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