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Tips for Skype and Video Interviews

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Getting an interview can be difficult these days. Finding a job that could fulfill your wishes is something difficult as well. Some people might say that finding any type of job could be difficult. Considering our economy these days, the last affirmation could be true. You spend all day long sending your CV through email to all the companies that you might consider that suit your needs. You check your email each hour to see if you received and answer.

One day you receive an email that offers you the chance of participating to an interview. The only thing is that it will be on Skype. If you are not familiar with such types of interviews, you might be a bit scared because you do not know how things work on Skype. In the following rows of this article, you will be able to discover a few things that you should do when you prepare yourself for such types of interviews and what you should do during the interview as well so the result could be in your favor.


You need to know that a Skype interview is as serious as any other type of interview. In fact, it could be in your advantage to be seen. An interview held by phone will not give the employer the complete image of your personality and abilities. Besides that how could an employer trust a voice heard over the phone. The body language is very important. If an employer cannot perform an interview face to face, Skype is the best solution.

What you should do and what you must not do

No matter how odd you might find such types of interviews you should not refuse them. You are not the only one who will be seen but also you will see your possible new colleague or new boss. If you are caught in a bad situation when you might not have Skype account just yet, it will take just a few minutes to create one. This means that you will be able to answer that promising email quite fast and offer your username.

You want to show that you are a serious person. When you want to leave a good impression from the beginning, you should use your real name when you create your username. Any nickname will not seem proper in such situations.

The in-person interviews are maybe the most comfortable ones. We are used to these types of interviews. We know how to dress, how to talk and how to make a good appearance at an interview. The same things must be done when you are in front of your web camera so you can sustain a Skype interview. You should not overdo it but you should not look as you just got out from your bathtub.

The place where you take this interview is just as important. If your room is messy, then you should clean it up. The way you keep your things can offer an image about yourself. Even the messiest person, in reality they hate that mess that surrounds them. A person who is offering you the chance of an interview must not see such things. If your only chance for an internet connection is in a public place then you should inform your interviewer of the fact that you are in a public place. The best choice in such situation is to use headsets with a microphone incorporated so you can eliminate the noise during your conversation.

You must remember that your interviewer will see you through your web camera and not through the screen. He is not the one who must impress but you are. This means that you should keep eye contact during the entire conversation.

If something goes wrong with your connection, you must not panic. It will not last too long to troubleshoot while you are still talking so you can reestablish the connection. By remaining calm and by solving such problems during the conversation will only describe you in a good way. Everyone could have such experiences and I am more than sure that even your interlocutor has been in such situation as well.

When you go to an in-person interview, you know that it is important to silence your phone or any other device that might disturb your conversation. This is exactly what you have to do when you are in a Skype interview. Such sounds could be heard and your interviewer might think that you have other businesses more important than your discussion with him.

Besides answering his questions, you must be prepared to ask your own questions as well. You must make sure that your questions are pertinent ones. You must know as well what this job is about not only what the employers wants from you. A good thing to do is to show your gratitude for the time he offered you. Remember to be polite but not humble.


You should not be scared of such interviews. They are just like the others. Things might happen even faster than they usually happen when you go to an in-person interview. Besides that, you will not even have to travel to the interview location. Everything can be done from the comfort of your home. You must remember all the things enumerated above so you will not fail from the start. As long you are sure regarding your abilities of getting that job and you do all the things in the proper manner so the interviewer will understand that, you have all the chances of finally be employed.

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Tips for Skype and Video Interviews
Getting an interview can be difficult these days. Finding a job that could fulfill your wishes is something difficult as well. Some people might say that finding any type of job could be difficult. Considering our economy these days, the last affirmation could be true.
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