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Best Tips for a Stunningly Great Life

Vadim C
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Being happy

Studies have shown that happy people have no expectations and aspirations out of the ordinary. They only want what they can get, while unfortunate people have unrealistic desires and expectations.

They know how to avoid disappointments and enjoy every positive happening in their lives.

Happy people are everywhere around us, and they are delighted even amid the most painful moments of life. This does not mean that these people do not feel the sadness, pain or loneliness, but they do not allow these situations and feelings to control their lives.

How to be happier

  1. Caring for your own health – food to feed does not poison, enough sleep (7-8 hours) and physical activity. Yes, we all know that. Being aware of their usefulness is essential. The lack of time is not an excuse – that’s why the Time Cuts Workshops – to change the perception of what it means to use your time effectively, to eat healthily, to give sleep the necessary weight and exercise. Time is priorities, not minutes.
  2. Connecting with others – many studies argue that a person who does not have a group or even a person to talk to, share experiences is not happy. Moreover, those who study addiction say that the starting point of many habits (including drugs) lies in the lack of genuine connection with other people.
  3. Experience new experiences – (and here I do not refer to extreme experiences like jumping with parachute) but too much more handy activities you have not done so far and enriched and open new horizons, create memories and allow you to discover things you like or not, because that’s also very important to find out. For example, it could be a gourmet experience, volunteering, travel, networking sessions, painting, or whatever seems interesting to you.
  4. Lifelong Learning – Learning (not the one in school) comes from your new experiences, namely from the awareness of the mistakes and useful things you do. The books you read can be a valuable source of learning, as well as the courses you attend (from art, gardening, development, programming, etc.). The attitude of curiosity and openness that you have in the learning process is essential. This attitude facilitates learning and nourishes the craving for new knowledge.
  5. The practice of gratitude – here is a sensitive point because many say, “I have nothing (usually the reference is made with the thought of money), for what I should be grateful for?” Well, we have so many things for which it is good to be grateful: from the fact that we live, that we can think (that we have a conscience), that we have where we live, that we have a close family or friends. Why need to lose something to appreciate what you have? Successful people have spent 1-2 minutes on the day they write or think about why they are grateful.
  6. Abandoning victimization – “Things happen only to me … The others are against me … I’m alone … I’m not lucky … ” and so on are mental beliefs that do not have a confirmation in reality, and sometimes they are excuses to not act. Once you give up being a victim, you take your power back. You become the master of your own life, capable of taking action, enjoying achievements and learning from mistakes.
  7. Have gentleness and understanding of your own person – that is, to love and accept yourself as you are now. If at a rational level many agree with the above statement, when it comes to having a correct attitude towards oneself, most of us are overwhelmed by critics and ruthless with any error we make. Do not understand that self-love means narcissism and involves laziness – on the contrary. If there are issues that you do not like the most important thing is to work actively to polish them rather than take a critical attitude towards you and do nothing but complain of pity.
  8. To give your soul – no, not necessarily money, but rather attention, love, support, friendship, knowledge, or whatever it is easy for you to give to the other is significant. And here are two crucial aspects: when you give, give yourself all the soul without waiting for anything in return – give real, genuine, no thought that the person you are helping is owed to you. It is your choice to do this, and a hidden intention for the indebtedness of the other deletes the quality and beauty of the gesture – basically turns it into favors. I do not know whether it is pointless to say that more and more people confirm that when you start giving without expecting a reward and enjoy what you can do for others, then you are also going to get yourself in your turn support in various situations without even asking for it. The reproaches that I still hear: “Look what I did for him, and not even a” thank you “did not tell me” I’m a clear proof of a little clean intention behind the “helper.” The second aspect is about how much you give someone and the attention of not creating a vicious circle or taking advantage of yourself.
  9. 5 minutes for you – 5 minutes of introspection to think about you, your needs and desires, but mainly what you do to reach them.
  10. Learn to set priorities in general in your life. If you do not know what’s important to you, it’s widespread to accept activities, focus on things that consume time and energy and do not bring you long-term enjoyment. Everyone has a talent. If you have a job that longs for you and cuts you out of your vital energy, maybe you are not the right one. Seek patiently and trust another environment/field that will support you to flourish and offer more than you ever think. If you stay in the same job for a long time crying means you are the only one responsible for your unhappiness and only when you understand this you will start the change.

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Best Tips for a Stunningly Great Life
Studies have shown that happy people have no expectations and aspirations out of the ordinary. They only want what they can get, while unfortunate people have unrealistic desires and expectations.
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