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Safety Tips for Skiing and Snowboarding

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Skiing and snowboarding are very loved sports. Many people practice them as a hobby during the winter.

To practice skiing and snowboarding safely and respectfully with other riders, it is crucial to adopt responsible behavior. Here are the best safety tips for skiing and snowboarding.

Rules for correct skiing and snowboarding

  • Respect others, taking care not to endanger or mistreat them.
  • Controls your speed and behavior based on the glide, frequency, track conditions, and weather conditions.
  • If you’re up on the skiing track, you can choose your trajectory, taking care not to disturb the other downhill skiers.
  • If you overcome someone, make sure you have enough space to make the movement safe.
  • After you start from a track or after a crossroad, be careful of your safety, and of the other riders.
  • If you want to stay on track, position yourself so that you are visible and do not hurt those who descend.
  • In the event of a fall, it quickly releases the track.
  • If you walk on the track, go to the edge and make sure that neither you nor the equipment is an obstacle for the other skiers.
  • Respect the signaling of tracks, bookmarks and all the information communicated by mountain professionals. You are obliged to help a person who is the victim of an accident, at least by alerting the incident, whether you are responsible or not.

Safety equipment

On the runway, it’s essential to wear your helmet to ensure your own safety. This equipment is not mandatory but is recommended because it can save your life if you fall into your head. The helmet is designed to prevent trauma and direct impact with the skull.

To protect your back and joints in the event of a fall, you can also wear body protectors. It is advisable to have a means of communication with you, such as a portable phone, to be able to alert you quickly in the event of an accident in which you are a victim or a witness.

About safety when skiing and snowboarding outside marked tracks

If you practice snowboarding outside the track, you must equip yourself with communication materials, geolocation and specific mountain equipment. Among the essential safety equipment, there is also the transmitter-receiver. It is advisable to take with you a shovel as well.

In case of an accident, use specific equipment to mark the position

First, it is essential to mark the area of an accident when skiing and snowboarding to avoid another collision. On the tracks, the best solution is to report the presence of the injured person by crossing skis crossed in the snow a few meters above that person. Then announce the rescue.

In general, the emergency number is indicated on the track or on the snowboard card. If you do not have the number and you are close to a mechanical climb, ask the professionals to report the accident to you.

During the call, try to be as precise as possible about the status of the victim and his/her position, giving the track name and the number of the nearest bookmark. First aid will be able to intervene in the shortest possible time.

If the victim is in a severe condition, you may need to apply emergency maneuvers. Also, it is good to cover the victim to avoid hypothermia.

Be prepared both physically and mentally

How do you assess your skills as a skier? Invest your time in choosing the ski area. A ski atlas helps you with the selection.

Beginners or those who return to the slopes after a while have to select destinations with mostly blue and red slopes – black runs may be too demanding.

Check your health status – Are you physically fit, trained and rested? Let your destination have a sufficient acclimatization time.

Skiing and snowboarding are sports of strength. Ideally, you have been trained throughout the year or at least have improved your shape in recent weeks with ski gymnastics.

Flexibility, resilience, and coordination are also necessary.


Skiing and snowboarding are also technical sports. Taking skiing and snowboarding lessons is ideally before going on the track. The goal is to get down clean, controlled, and effortless.

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Safety Tips for Skiing and Snowboarding
Skiing and snowboarding are very loved sports. Many people practice them as a hobby during the winter.
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