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The Tommie Copper Case of False Advertising

Diane Luke
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Tommie Copper is a manufacturer of special clothes, known as compression clothing, which are made of copper-infused fabrics and are designed to relieve pains and discomfort. In this regard, Tommie Copper is producing shirts, socks, shorts, underwear, sleeves, and gloves, for men and women, but they are also having a line dedicated to kids. A couple of years ago, the Tommie Copper case of false advertising has been a controversial subject of large debates.

About how Tommie Copper products are supposed to work

On the Tommie Copper’s official site, at products’ descriptions it is stated that the copper-infused clothing, designed with the patented technology called Copper Znergy, is offering a cool experience, anti-odor capabilities, and ensures the maximum mobility.

According to the site, copper-infused clothing have the following benefits:

  • comfort
  • faster recovery
  • pain and discomfort relief
  • anti-odor capabilities
  • cool sensation

Being produced with copper-infused fabrics, Tommie Copper’s clothes are supposed to work as powerful pains and discomfort relievers by the slow absorption of the copper molecules at the skin level when their products are wore.

However, there are absolutely no clinical studies to prove this.

Tommie Copper products’ prices & refunds

Tommie Copper clothes are not at all cheap. Their prices range from $12.50 for a pair of kids’ socks, for example, to $79.50 for a women’s ‘Shoulder Centric Support Shirt’, for example.

Common products, such as top tanks, underwear, shorts, and shirt range from $24.50 to $79.50.

There is also an Outlet section the official Tommie Copper site, on which you may find some products that are on sales, with discounts of more than 50%.

All the Tommie Copper’s products are sold with a 60-day refund possibility, with money back guarantee.

Who/What is Tommie Copper?

Tommie Copper site is owned and operated by Tommie Copper Inc., based out of Kisco, NY, USA, and which seems to be on the market since 2010. The company’s founder, owner, and Chief Executive Officer is Thomas ‘Tommie’ Kallish.

The company is registered with the Better Business Bureau on which it has received an A rate.

The Tommie Copper Case of False Advertising

Back in 2015, Tommie Copper Inc. has been charged by the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumers Protection to pay $1.35 million for false advertising.

Besides, Tommie Copper Inc. and its founder have been required to present competent scientific before making claims about health benefits, pain relief, or disease treatments.

‘It’s tempting to believe that wearing certain clothing will eliminate severe pain, but Tommie Copper didn’t have science to back its claims,’ said Jessica Rich from FTC’s Bureau of Consumers Protection.

The Tommie Copper’s copper-infused clothes have been falsely advertised to relief pain and discomfort on TV, on the Internet (social media and Google Ads), in brochures, and even in magazines.

In one commercial, the image of that years of Tommie Copper clothes, the well-known Montel Williams, was declaring that ‘Tommie Copper truly is pain relief without a pill’.

The FTC’s verdict was crystal clear: Tommie Copper’s claims are false and unsubstantiated.

The Federal Court has imposed a $86.8 million charge against Tommie Copper Inc., charge which was then partially suspended upon the commitment from the company to pay $1.35 million, due to the financial condition of the company. However, if will be found that the company have presented a false financial condition, the initial charge of $86.8 million will come due.

Consumers opinions on Tommie Copper copper-infused clothes

Even though the FTC has charged the company after giving the verdict of false advertising and unsubstantiated claims coming from Tommie Copper’s advertisings, the consumers’ opinions are positive.

Most of the positive feedback is given regarding products such as knees sleeves, gloves, wrists bands, or shirts.

On the other hand, there are some voices that claim, loud and clear, that Tommie Copper’s clothes are worthless, characterizing them as ‘a waste of money’.

What is interesting about these reviews from clients is that there is a huge discrepancy between the ratings. Most of the people who were not happy have offered 1-star ratings, while those who were happy with the products have offered 5-stars ratings.

It is somehow difficult to see 3-stars ratings when it comes to Tommie Copper’s copper-infused clothes. It’s like weather you’re a very upset client, or a very happy one.

Lately, however, Tommie Copper Inc. has never claimed anymore to solve all the pains and aches, limiting the commercials and Internet ads to claiming that Tommie Copper copper-infused clothes are offering support in painful and uncomfortable conditions that may occur at work or during athletic performances.

Therefore, these clothes may be helpful for people with small pains and discomfort, while they may be useless for those who have real articular or muscular problems.

Has Tommie Copper Inc. presented scientific evidence?

No, they haven’t.

But, there are some other scientific evidences regarding compression clothing made of copper-infused fabrics.

One study has been conducted at the University of Michigan and targeted copper-infused compression socks. The results were positive, meaning that copper-infused compression socks were beneficial in increasing performances and fastening the recovery after a marathon.

Second, another study has proven that copper-infused fabrics have anti-microbial properties and are useful in promoting health and well-being because of the release of positive ions.

Another anti-microbial benefit is that copper-infused clothes are capable of eliminating the bacteria on the skin that are producing the odor.

However, there is no scientific evidence that copper-infused clothing is capable to relieve pains and discomfort. At least, no evidence, yet!

The bottom line on the Tommie Copper copper-infused clothes

Even though the Tommie Copper case of false advertising has ended up with fining the company with $1.35 million by the FTC’s Bureau of Consumers Protection upon the verdict of false and unsubstantiated commercial and claims, there are some people who have rated these copper-infused clothes with 5-stars out of 5. However, there are also people who have been unhappy with these products. In conclusion, there is no reason why you shouldn’t give them a try and see if they work for you, too, as they’ve worked flawlessly for others.

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