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Tony Robbins Reviews

Diane Luke
Senior Editor, TipsHire

What distinguishes him from the other motivational authors?

The secret of Tony Robbins' success lies in his ability to shape the strategies of the world's most accomplished people and to communicate them effectively to others.

He is an expert in complex synthesis in strategies and tools that can be used immediately by anyone to improve their quality of life.

In addition to his precious knowledge, Tony Robbins' greatest competitive advantage is his ability to inspire audiences and people around him because of his overwhelming energy and moody enthusiasm.

Tony Robbins is the inventor of the Neuro-Asociative Conditioner (NAC) (which is derived from and is stronger than Neuro-Linguistic Programming – NLP) and of the Continuous Enhancement Continues (CEC).

NAC is explained very well in Tony Robbins's “Discover Force in You” book, while the CEC is more detailed in his ”Unlimited Power” book. CANI Continuous Enhancement Continues) – detailed in “Unlimited Power,” Anthony Robbins.

What will Anthony Robbins' books, audio-books, seminars, and programs teach you?

By going through the motivational material provided by Anthony Robbins in his books, audio-books, programs, and seminars, you will learn how to:

  • quickly enrich yourself
  • master your emotions and use them in your advantage
  • get rid of fears, phobias, and eternal ears
  • get the ideal weight
  • create quality relationships – with yourself and with others
  • become an influential person
  • discover the incredible interior resources you have and how to use them to create an irresistible future
  • permanently eliminate bad habits and how to train forever useful skills
  • achieve all your goals, no matter how great they are

Tony Robbins – Pricing and Refunds Policy

All his products are available online, on his official site, or on other online stores. His books, for example, are also officially sold on Amazon.

Let's see the prices:

  • Products – vary between $20 and $100 for one DVD, and between $200 and $429 for full DVD programs.
  • Events – vary between $995 and $2,595, accordingly to the event's impact, location and number of places.
  • Coaching – no prices appear on official Tony Robbins' site. However, coaching prices depends on your needs.

All his products are having a 30-days money back guarantee, with all the shipping and handling fees covered by Tony Robbins' company (Robbins Research International, Inc.).

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