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Tony Robbins Reviews

Diane Luke
Senior Editor, TipsHire

Tony Robbins – Public Perception

Is obvious that Tony Robbins is very appreciated by most people, but, however, as with anything in this world, not even Tony Robbins can please everyone.

There are some people claiming that Tony Robbins' new materials, from books to seminars, are in fact the same with his old materials, only that they are presented in different manners.

Overall, public perception on Tony Robbins' material is a very positive one.


As other success coaching materials, such as Scott Yancey's, Tony Robbins' ones seem to contain a lot of quotes, success stories, and positive mood enhancers, while lacking of important information and actionable ‘how to' paragraphs.

In conclusion, even though Tony Robbins as a person may be very positive, smart, successful, and nice, his materials, on the other hand, as success coaching documents, may not be suitable for every reader.

This kind of materials are hard to stamp as ‘not working' because each of us is an unique individual, and as a pill is not having the same effect on every one of us, so do the Tony Robbins' material which may offer the right ideas and the bright path in life for some of us, while for the others are only a collection of mambo-jumbo about success and interior power. You'll never know until you try it yourself!

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