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Top 5 Probiotic Supplements in 2017

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Top 5 Probiotic Supplements in 2017

Best Probiotic Supplements

To begin with, taking pills in order to restore your health can be good but also bad habit, psychologically speaking. It is, after all, a double-edged knife. We believe that pills can make us healthy, can make us be the ones we were before the illness struck in our life (which can be such a huge game-changer), but what we never really understood is that we have the power to restore ourselves.

Of course, I should not be totally absurd to believe that cancer could be treated without intense and painful medication and only by practicing yoga, but less powerful and less destructive diseases such as a trifle cold or some easy flu can be treated without medication, which brings us to our essential problem: probiotics.

Moreover, if they are presented under the shape of supplements, then we can guarantee you the fact that they are drawn out of natural remedies, for when we are referring to supplements, we automatically think about natural remedies. In opposition, a pill like Xanax or Valium is meant to calm you down is no longer a natural remedy but rather an inhibitor that contains substances that would interfere with your chemical brain structure, thus modifying it. But we are going too far than I have intended with our discussion.

First off, to understand the role of probiotic supplements, you will have to understand how bacteria (because this is what probiotics are; they are bacteria that should help restore the natural flow of our digestive system) works in our digestive and abdominal system. There are lots of bacteria that flow and inhabit our digestive system and the outside medium/world as well.

You have no idea how many germs are just on the knob of your door or on your hands. It is a strange world that goes around down below on and under our skin: “According to a study done at the University of Colorado and posted on Bacteriality, there are nearly 332,000 genetically distinct bacteria on the human hand. These bacteria belong to 4,742 different species.”

But here we have to make a slight but important difference: there are good bacteria and bad bacteria. Those that are bad could cause us infections, while those that are good will improve our digestive system, making it better and will thus determine us to feel better. These “good bacteria” are often called probiotics.

From here it is also derived the word “antibiotic”, which is meant to treat infections in our body. The thousands living bacteria –the probiotics– that are floating and inhabiting the human digestive system, play a very important part in order for our organism to function properly, so that specialists have begun to refer to the digestive flora as being really a separate organ of our body. The connection between probiotics and our health is not anymore a novelty for gastroenterologists. The “treatment” with probiotics can be useful in many of the diseases of our digestive tracks.

Probiotics are the best remedy for treating digestive issues, because they quickly and easily restore the intestinal flora. Probiotics are in fact living cultures of bacteria that resemble those that live in the colon and which are used as food supplements because of their beneficial effects they have over our body. I can also add here that all vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkins, nuts, peppers) are good for maintaining a good healthy intestinal flora.

So having this information in our mind, we should proceed in naming five important and well-known probiotics that will help us lead a normal life and mend our inner self made of flesh and bone.

Probiotics are a way of life, are a trend that keeps going on and on and it won’t let other trends to surpass it. When you think that no one knows about them, you can mention them in front of your friends and you will be surprised to see that you are not the only one that know of their existence. Your pharmacist is well informed about any kind of probiotic and should provide the requested information at any time of the day, just please remember to ask, that’s all you need to do.

You will find down below a list of 5 probiotic supplements that will help you restore your digestive flora and also restore your normal weight and interfere for the better in the race for maintaining your health balance. First of all five is in my opinion the best, because it balances both the price and the quality.

Perfect Biotics

Perfect Biotics is the number one probiotic remedy (because it is well sold and contains the ideal chemical components) that offers an efficient and natural protection for your body. Perfect Biotics restores the intestinal flora of your body, acting gently and delicately upon it, providing you with the best remedies and natural help. It enhances you with the “good” bacteria that are living in our colon and intestine, thus preventing infections to install; it also contains vitamin K and folic acids, and also contributes to the metabolization of certain substances.

Produced by popular and well-known enterprises, Biotics offers you the total protection your body needs: “Perfect Biotics by Probiotic America is the product marketed by Dr. Cary Nelson, a board-certified family-medicine doctor in Woodland Hills, CA.” In its composition, one could also find the following healthy substances: Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus salivarius, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Bifidobacterium breve, just to name a few of these tongue-twisting chemical components. So, Perfect Biotics represents the total protection for your health, providing you with that necessary good bacteria.

Life Ultimate Renew Flora Extra Critical Care

This is a very powerful probiotic supplement created by Renew Life and it is the best probiotic supplement that exists on the market nowadays. Its high-standard quality could not be necessarily found in its components, but in its unique way of healing.
This kind of probiotic is surely good for your flora and it comes down in 60 Veggie Capsules. So, being under such a convenient form, they can be easily swallowed up with little water.

It will start to kick in approximately 30 min after taking it, which proves its efficiency. It also reduces cramp feelings and swollen feelings and helps with your digestion. And a plus: it helps reduce the feeling of saltiness. Word of advice: you should not refrigerate this product, because it gets subject to high temperatures. Otherwise and from other points of view, it is a product of quality.

Puritan’s Pride Premium Probiotic 10

Through their composition, the two components of this exceptional natural product Puritan’s Pride Premium Probiotic 10 – masticable pills and soft capsules – exert a complementary action, covering a wide pallet of digestive problems that can coexist in your body and thus contribute to the eradication of the unwanted effects of rich and fatty meals. In the case when the pallet of digestive problems is far more complex, patients can choose this simple product with double and significant components for a complex and double effect in order to improve their health.

What is also good for this: eliminates nausea, flatulence, it is good for your pancreas and it just follows some natural principles without causing any adverse or unwanted reactions. Even children under 6 can take it as it also proper for their age and compatible with their digestive flora. It will help you benefit from a correct digestion and also helps patients with hepatobiliary dysfunctions. So this not only a natural medicine but also something to ease your pain in the long run to finding the perfect remedy in life. Do not delay it anymore and go buy it!

NOW Foods Probiotic

This is a probiotic used for intestinal problems and will help you populate your inner flora with good bacteria helping you maintain a normal course of life. This medicine has a double-edged utility, because it can also be used when you have an acute episode of diarrhea and, by taking 2 capsules a day, it will help you prevent any kind of further discomfort. The capsules are soft and easy to swallow so that they can be rapidly digested and absorbed in your blood.

Do not exceed the total amount of capsules you could take per day, because, otherwise, you could be experiencing nausea, abdominal discomfort and mild dizziness. Containing vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12 and K in a synthesized form, stimulating the immune system of your body, and repopulating your inner flora with bacteria, NOW Foods Probiotic will help you recover from abdominal pain and will put you on your feet quickly. Its effect is guaranteed because this is kind of a probiotic that is not aggressive with your organism and will gently stimulate your internal flora. It can also be used complementary with Imodium A-D Multi-Symptom Relief (another pill for stomach problems and produced by significant and renamed French naturalists and doctors) when also facing constipation, diarrhea or severe cramps.

Dr. Mercola Complete Probiotics

This kind of probiotic is used in symptomatic treatments for dyspeptic problems such as: epigastrium flatulence, nausea, general flatulence and constipation. They appear in the shape of hard capsules (but they can be divided into several pieces if you will find them hard to swallow) and they contain mint oil (5 mg), sodium salicylic (90 mg) and laxatives. It can also be used as a substitute of pancreatic salts. You can take 1-3 pills/day, but do not exceed this limit, as you could experience as adverse reactions nausea, sourness or even severe diarrhea. Beware: you should not take it if you are allergic to any of the above mentioned components or are confronting with ulcer problems.

So to recap: we have five powerful remedies for your abdominal problems that will considerably ease your pain and stimulate your appetite for life again; Perfect Biotics, Life Ultimate Renew Flora Extra Critical Care, Puritan’s Pride Premium Probiotic 10, NOW Foods Probiotic and Dr. Mercola Complete Probiotics are the five best natural remedies in 2017 that will help you restore your inner self for the better. These are the best probiotic supplements for men and women alike without question.

And you have not seen anything yet: to prove you the insurmountable importance of probiotics, you should know that the studies made on animals have shown that in the absence of digestive flora, all our body would be torn apart. For instance, at a healthy person, the dialogue between probiotics, the intestine mucosa and the immune system of the intestine, keeps the digestion healthy. Anyhow, this conversation takes different paths, for example, when the number of bacteria changes or those from the colon migrate in the intestine. And this is when probiotics kick in, that is the moment when they help us.

They say no effect emerges without a certain cause. If a part of our body is hurting us, then for sure there must be a remedy out there. There is a proverb that says: “What steel doesn’t cure, fire should cure, what fire doesn’t cure, then death will do.” This kind of reminds us of the fragility of life and of fate’s sarcasm and ignorance towards our pain. Apply this proverb in real life and feel free to understand something out of it.

Get real and understand life. Do not think about the fragility of human beings as something bad or vulnerable, because it is our apparent vulnerability that makes us strong and even stronger in tough or critical moments.

Just live your life without ever thinking much about illnesses. Eventually, we are all going to get sick and die, because such is the course of life. Otherwise, where would be the sense of it at all?

For, as wise men once said, it is our limited time on this Earth that makes us become brave, though, that makes us get out of our comfort zone and do those exceptional things that, under other or different circumstances, we would have never thought about doing or even accomplishing.

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Top 5 Probiotic Supplements in 2017
To begin with, taking pills in order to restore your health can be good but also bad habit, psychologically speaking. It is, after all, a double-edged knife. We believe that pills can make us healthy, can make us be the ones we were before the illness struck in our life (which can be such a huge game-changer), but what we never really understood is that we have the power to restore ourselves.
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