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Top 5 Weight Loss Fruits in 2017

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Top 5 Weight Loss Fruits in 2017

Fruits for weight loss

As sticky as the weight loss subject is, we must admit that we can’t know all the information about it. We check health magazines for tips and tricks, we search the Internet for the best weight loss programs (but we look for the easiest one, that won’t take much of our time and if it is possible, with the ingredients that we love, we basically look for an unicorn), we make a gym membership (that we pay for every month, but only go and spend 1 hour twice each month), we convince our friends to try new sports (and you all go on a tennis field with no experience at all and you end up injuring yourself) and the list could go on and on.

Instead of doing lots of sacrifices in order to lose weight, we advise you to choose the simplest way, eating fruits, but not all kind of fruits, but the right ones. In this articles, we will present you the top 5 fruits that will change your body on the long run and those which will help you enjoy this so called fruit diet. Below, are the best weight loss fruits in 2017.


When you think of strawberries, you think at the most delicious fruit that exists. You think of all the combinations that you can achieve with it, from a strawberry cake, to eating raw strawberries with cream. Every time we see them in a commercial we desire them. Well, at least most of us, because there are some people that are totally disgusted by them, either raw or being a flavor in a candy.

However, if you like them, you should eat them in consideration, like any other fruit. Having fruits in excess can increase your sugar level from our blood and can lead to diabetes. Having them in the right quantity can help your body fill the levels of nutrients and vitamins and because they are quite low in the calories, can help you lose weight at the same time.

However, if you like them, you should eat them in consideration, like any other fruit. Having fruits in excess can increase your sugar level from our blood and can lead to diabetes. Having them in the right quantity can help your body fill the levels of nutrients and vitamins and because they are quite low in the calories, can help you lose weight at the same time.

To know exactly how low calorie they are, then you must know they have around 40 calorie per one cup (that doesn’’t exceed 100g) and they are high in vitamin C (which is known to strengthen the immune system and keep you out of seasonal flues), also a good source of manganese, among other nutrients (in small quantities, but which also matter). They also have a relatively medium quantity of an unsaturated fatty acid in the seeds they contain.

Strawberries are not only full of vitamins and minerals, but they can also purify your blood and maintain a normal arterial pressure. The first things that would strike us visualizing this kind of fruit would be undoubtedly its color. Its red color, which could resemble fire, on the one hand, and passion, on the other hand, suggests, as a whole, life and power. We people use to associate colors with different feelings and even tastes: for example, red means passion and should taste like chocolate or red peppers, blue stands for sadness or infinity, thus suggests something plain in taste, while yellow means life and exuberance and could as well taste sour or spicy.

Different views, different thoughts, different colors. But the main idea is the following: all kinds of fruits are inevitably beneficial for your health and we cannot omit one that would not possibly do you at least some good. But strawberries, being well-known and globally spread, have surely gained our top five healthy fruits we should be constantly consuming. When it comes to strawberries, do not hesitate to indulge you in them plenty for staying healthy!


So, as one can see, this is the fabulous watermelon. We all know its incredible taste, vivid color and effervescence. We are all aware of its power of life and we must appreciate that God gave us such a beautifully round-shaped fruit to have and share with others. And let’s not forget that most fruits tend to have a roundly-shaped form that could be easily compared with our Earth, which is also round, macro cosmically speaking; while at a microcosmic level, the uterus where the baby is formed takes also a round shape.

So perfection exists in nature; round equals natural, good, normal, while edginess or square shapes are bad; nature means perfection and also bears the miracle of life. We are perfection, because it also lies in us; so we are also nature, but under a different and more complex shape. Grapes are rounds, though a little bit elongated at the top, the apple is round, oranges are round, watermelons are round, lemons are round, coconuts are round and so on, so forth. I am sure you could come up with lots of examples from this domain.

The only exception here should be bananas, as they are different from other fruits in shape, but let’s not forget that bananas, when not yet fully matured, initially belong to an almost roundly-shaped formation. So whatever you might think about fruits and generating a strong dislike for them, think twice. Everything that man has ever created was aggressive, was unnatural, usually lacked and still lacks in feelings and sensibility. Weapons mean aggression, power, dominance and their shape is far more meaningful than we can imagine, while their purpose even so; the very room that you are living in is squarely-shaped, your car is square, your desk is like a square and even your laptop is square. Can you see what I am saying? Just give it a thought.

But let’s get back ‘to our own lonely sheep’: watermelons. They are incredibly good if you ever thought about losing some weight. First of all, they help purify your kidneys, stomach and pancreas through their diuretic effect. Secondly, they contain lots of water (almost 90%) and they have dietetic and diuretic properties, which are extremely beneficial for our body.

Watermelons are the path to lose weight really quickly and conveniently and this is not some exaggeration. For instance, during summer, when our body requires more water than usual, watermelons are a good way of hydrating properly and efficiently. And they represent also an excellent source of detoxification, a need that our body must accomplish once at three months at least.

So if you want to lose weight really quickly, the watermelon diet is at your disposal at any time. The large quantity of sugar from these fruits will give you the required energy throughout the day, while the high level of water will purify your body more efficiently than any other ailment.


Now, who has not heard about bananas? We all heard about them from the wonderful and marvelous Walt-Disney movie The Jungle Book, and if you did not, you surely must have noticed them all over in the supermarkets’ shelves. They represent also the favorite snack of the Minions. Speaking between you and me, this is subtle manipulation of the child-brain in order to stimulate appetite for fruits. Quite smart, don’t you think? Apart from the fact that they are very delicious and healthy, they can really help you overcome fat issues. They do not only exert their power over your digestion, but also on your chemical responses in your body and brain.

The most important part about bananas is that they are the most popular fruits on Earth and they contain many important nutrients. Amongst these, we can enlist fiber, several other antioxidants, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, magnesium, copper and several other chemical components. Only 105 calories contains just one banana, water and carbs representing its other components. Also, containing little protein and less fat, they will undoubtedly help you overcome weight issues. Bananas are easily affordable (everything that is natural is easily affordable), and they will help you lose weight as a consequence of their great compositional features. That is why they are the most lovable and friendly fruits on Earth, thus certainly deserving their world-wide fame.


The sourness of grapes and their vivid, light and clear colors have turned them into one of the most royal desserts fit for kings. If you ever contemplated a fresque of royal families or aristocracies, you will undoubtedly see that this was always their favorite dessert that provided delicacy and finesse; not taking into consideration their potential of turning themselves into luxurious wines loved by rich and picky people. So they are the symbol of high elevation, they are as precious as diamonds at a woman’s neck, while apples, oranges, pineapples are much more common and simple, casual, fit for normal people. Grapes represent a great way to lose weight, as they provide us with enough energy and sugar in order to keep us going and wide awake throughout the day. They represent a moderate source of calories, as they supply a diet with 1,200 calories, which is enough to keep you slim and fit. Usually, grapes contain just 62 calories per cup (concord grapes), while European-style table grapes (red and green grapes) have 104 calories per cup.

Grapes contain an important chemical known as resveratrol (it is an antioxidant present in these kinds of fruit) and it has the following purpose: a positive effect on muscle metabolism and also boosting energy in muscle tissues. And also another important fact: this substance, resveratrol, helps insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes. And this influences weight loss, because insulin is taken with controlling your blood sugar levels. So we understand that grapes offer an entire pallet of possibilities and medical recoveries for your body. They also contain vitamin K, which will enable proper function of blood and bone strength. Grapes are great for balancing your health issues and maintaining a normal weight, the most important thing of all, and what we have always been searching for.


And so we have come to the modest, popular, interesting apple. Quick question: who has never experienced the pleasure of eating an apple? The apple is like the core of mankind, if we think first of all about the Primary Sin of Adam and Eve who were tempted into eating the apple from the Tree of Knowledge by the snake. Have you heard the saying: An apple per day keeps the doctor away? This should also be applying to our case. So let’s take it from the beginning: apples are filled with nutrients that help weight loss, combat cancer, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, prevent gallstone formation, strengthen immunity, and reduce the risk of developing cataract.

As a whole, apples will help improve your entire immune system. Having in their composition also vitamin C and fiber, apples are the best methods of building your life stronger. They will enhance you with cardiovascular benefits and will also provide you with enough calories to keep your enzymes (the bacteria that helps digest food) active and healthy. I could get your through all the benefits of apples at a biochemical and neuro-scientifical level, but I would surely start boring you.

I can explain you here all the benefits of apples, but it will not matter unless you realize its own benefit for yourself. Fruits come from nature; trees, lakes, the sky, the birds, the animals, flora and fauna alike belong to nature. We also did once. Fruits are weak glimpses of our past and keep remembering us of who we were once. In fact, what is the difference between chocolate and fruits? Why do we always choose evil over good?

What is the difference between sodas and fruits? Well, let’s see: both of them are incredibly sweet. Both of them make us secret the fluid that triggers the flux of endorphins and boosts on serotonin, an important hormone responsible for our well-being.

Fruits are not our enemies. Sweets and sodas are disguised as being something good and behind their mask there is only evil. Fruits, on the other hand, may not seem fun, but underneath bad, there is good. This is just a logical reverse of things and how the world works under the influence of certain logical laws. So, these are our five miracle fruits that surround our reality: strawberries, watermelons, bananas, grapes and apples. Eat them wisely and remember: fruits are our friends. Say no to chocolate and yes to fruits and implicitly – to a new life!

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Top 5 Weight Loss Fruits in 2017
Instead of doing lots of sacrifices in order to lose weight, we advise you to choose the simplest way, eating fruits, but not all kind of fruits, but the right ones. In this articles, we will present you the top 5 fruits that will change your body on the long run and those which will help you enjoy this so called fruit diet.
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