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Top 10 Online Perfume Stores with Discounts & Best Colognes

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Do you ever find yourself asking why people choose to ‘put on’ perfume? Or why you wanted so much to buy that designer branded fragrance for a special occasion?

Fragrances are produced by artists, designers and many people use them in order to improve their appearance or to let other people know more about who they are.

All about the scent

Fragrances are an elaborate mixture of raw materials extracted from synthetics or organics. The alcohol works like a solvent and has the role of preserving the smell from the perfume oils.

If the oil concentration is higher, the fragrance will become stronger and the strength fixes the durability of the scent once you applied it to your skin.

Scents will react differently to people because of their way of striking the nose once a blending with the natural body scent happens. What it’s very intriguing is the fact that scents are determined by three special elements: the motifs, notes and concentration.

Keep in mind that these things will be your guides because they’ll help you decide which fragrance is the most suitable for you.

Motif is what creates diversity among fragrances and is determined by the base upon which the perfume is created.

Perfume bases

Citrus: from fruits abundant in citric acid, like lemons or oranges, because of their moderate and fresh smelling.

Earth: from cinnamon, vanilla and sandal wood, because they are non-flowering plants or from minerals as well.

Musk: it is created synthetically nowadays, but it still offers a sensual and alluring feeling.

Floral: probably the all-time favorite, being very appreciated among perfumes, mainly because of its feeling of freshness and its pure essence.

Another interesting thing is the way a note could make an impression of the fragrance. Considered to be the lingering air left by the fragrance as it fades from the skin, it is best known as:

  • Top note: the immediate impression a fragrance could give you and it’s believed to be a factor in getting people closer and why not, intimate;
  • Heart note: the core of the perfume representing the essence, as well. Also, it shows the one who smells what the perfume must be about.
  • Base note: the scent that lingers after the top note and the core note evaporates, letting us experience a true message of the fragrance!

The concentration is also an important factor, because it helps us understand how pure a perfume could be, or the quantity of perfume oil added into the fragrance.

As we would find out, the purest of them all is known to be very volatile and can cause serious irritations when applied directly onto any surface of skin.

To prevent this thing to happen, the perfume oils are mixed into ethanol and sometimes with water. On the other hand, perfume extracts are considered to be the most concentrated ever, being sprayed only on the body’s pulse points.

The eau de parfum and the eau de toilette is up next, and the least concentrated of fragrances is the eau de cologne.

Women’s best perfumes

Let’s have a look at what ladies preferred and chose to be the best perfumes of all time:

  1. Glowing and floral, Chanel No.5 Eau de Parfum: of course, we all recognize the classic and timeless perfume with its champagne effervesce signature, and notes like jasmine, rose and vanilla. It’s still revolutionary and it’s considered the best-selling perfume of all time.
  2. Refreshing and delicate, Dior J’Adore Eau de Parfum: With citric notes like orange and neroli as an essential oil, J’Adore will quickly impress you. Then it will grow into a brilliant bouquet of roses and jasmine scent, which will surprise you even more!
  3. Illuminating and citrusy: Remaining under the citrus notes, we meet up next, the extraordinary Tom Ford Neroli Portofino eau de parfum which will bring you with a foot closer to the blooming Amalfi coastline. Lavender, rosemary, amber and a citrus mixture of bergamot and mandarin are perfectly balanced in a small bottle.
  4. Luxurious and charming, Frederic Malle Carnal Flower, Eau de Parfum: enhance your attitude with a combination of tuberose and musk, finely orchestrated in a bottle. Carnal Flower is unapologetically sensual and delicate and it will surely make you fall in love with it.
  5. Hot and wild, Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Parfum: for all the rockers out there, this is what you’re looking for! Mysterious and alluring, Black Opium will dominate you with high notes of coffee and vanilla, giving you also a hot and intense feeling.

Men’s best perfumes

Men have their favorites, too and we’re ready to meet the most significant scents that made a statement for them now and then:

  1. Citrus-heavy, Dior Eau Sauvage: the vintage Dior was released for the first time in 1966 and since then it crushed men’s heart. Bold and sensual, too, the fragrance is for all the gentlemen out there!
  2. Gym-bag favorite, Chanel Allure Homme Sport: this one hits every sport lovers’ fragrance list. Very energetic, but with a warm touch, Chanel succeeded to become once again a star!
  3. Vanilla-heavy, Acqua di Gio Pour Homme: probably one of the most appreciated fragrances from the 90s! Men just love its spicy, yet sensual and persistent notes.
  4. Floral breeze and a heart of lion, Calvin Klein CK One: being so affordable and good looking is hard to miss this one out. A popstar in the 90s, a legend nowadays.
  5. Italian summer’s day all year, Tom Ford Neroli Potofino: the most famous fragrance from the Tom Ford series, still makes quite an impression with its brave notes of masculinity, alluring men to sense something else, each time. Classic forever.

Now we are going to find out some of the best way to shop online for the perfect fragrances with the help of the Internet!

Here are top 10 online fragrances stores:

  1. Sephora: the most popular and beloved website for exclusive brands and products.
  2. Amazon: the biggest marketplace with a huge variety of fragrances;
  3. Fresh Fragrances: a reliable source who is getting you exclusive brands like Dior, Chanel or Jo Malone;
  4. Adore Beauty: an incredibly wide variety of fragrances;
  5. L’Occitane: France’s finest and exclusive products.
  6. StrawberryNET: the one with the biggest discounts and free shipping worldwide;
  7. Priceline: Australia’s best website for fragrances, low prices and a wide variety of fragrances;
  8. Chemist Warehouse: up to 85 % off for many fragrances;
  9. Adore Beauty: free shipping for one of the coolest fragrances out there;
  10. Scentbird: designer fragrances at the best prices!

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Top 10 Online Perfume Stores with Discounts & Best Colognes
Do you ever find yourself asking why people choose to ‘put on’ perfume? Or why you wanted so much to buy that designer branded fragrance for a special occasion?
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