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Touchjet Pond Reviews

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Going in a business trip might be a bit challenging for many of us. When you go on business, you need to carry along with you all the documentation required, your laptop, your phone and no matter what else. This could really be a burden, especially if you forget one of them. How could you replace it? Your business trip might be far away from your home or office. It will be perfect if you could find a single device that is able to replace all the other gadgets.

As you might already know, the technology develops with the speed of light and you have all the chances these days of finding such replacement. In the following rows of this article, I will talk about Touchjet Pond device. What is this more exactly, and how it could be useful for you. You are about to discover if you continue your reading.

What is Touchjet Pond?

This device is a very small-seized one that looks like a small Android computer but in fact, it is a projector. What this small projector is able to do. It is able to make from any flat surface a big touchscreen.

The best quality of this device is that it is quite small. Also the mouse with which it is provided is small as well. This means that you will no longer complain about the lack of space from your luggage when you must travel. Its battery lasts for about two hours, which will allow you to make a presentation without plugging it in a wall socket. You can make a presentation even on a restaurant table or on the hotel room wall.

It functions as any other devices scheduled to work with an Android system. It is very easy to connect it to a WiFi network, and set up all your social accounts and emails. The image offered by this device it could be quite clear but when you want to enlarge the image, you might be losing from this clarity, which might become an inconvenient. You will be able to download your usual apps so you can access them through this device.

You will no longer need your laptop on my opinion unless you need to write something on it. Even if you choose to carry your laptop, things could be even better, because you will be able to connect your projector to your laptop and offer a great presentation for your business partners.

Even when you are alone in your room, you will find this device’ utility. You know how boring it could be to spend your spare time in a hotel room. You could use your HBO or Netflix accounts and project them on your wall. This way you will be able to see all your favorite movies and TV serials and feel like in a cinema hall.  If you are a video games lover imagine how fun it could be to play them without staring at your laptop display or TV screen. You have your entire wall at your disposal.

If you want to make your device even more functional, you could install a wireless keyboard to it. This means that you will no longer need your PC because you will have in in your pocket. The built in speaker might not be of a real help if you want to enjoy a better sound experience. You should not worry about this either because you could always add a Bluetooth speaker and the sound will be enhanced.

TouchJet Pond Cons

One thing that might disturb you is how to place it will project the image on the exact spot that you intend to. It does not have a kickstand. This means that you must seek for other alternatives to bring it at the perfect height. This is a small impediment after all. At least I think so.

Another thing that might make you think twice is its price. It is not a cheap investment. However, does it worth the money? My personal opinion is that it does. According with all the details given above I believe you will find it quite useful especially if your daily activity implies often business trips or any type of trips.

To be more specific to buy this device you might have to take off from your pocket about $ 600. You could also find sites where this device is a bit cheaper. One of these sites is Amazon. You could also find online stores that offer special offers and discounts. The genuine price is the one already mentioned but you could save around $ 200 if you buy it from elsewhere.


This device could save you a lot of time, space and in some situation even money. You will no longer have to worry that you forgot to bring something along with you. You just take this small device along with its accessories and you are ready to go. You will have your PC, tablet and projector in just one case that fits perfectly your pants pocket.

If you need more details to convince yourself you should make a small research on your own. You should read other reviews and also technical details that might interest you regarding this device. You might find similar devices on the market but at least this one was tested so I cannot talk about other similar products. Its price might discourage you but in time, your investment will be covered and you will see that it worth every penny that you had to pay for it.

With all these things being said, I will no longer keep you and it stand only in your power to decide if this is really what you need. Remember that you could find trustworthy websites where this device is cheaper.

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