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Tourmaline Nano Running Water Treasure

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Are you doing everything you can to make sure that your family drinks clean, alkaline water? Perhaps you’ve heard that tourmaline has beneficial properties and can improve the water you drink and you are considering investing in a solution like Tourmaline Nano Running Water Treasure for your home needs.

Indeed, tap water is not really recommended, due to the impurities it collects while running through the old pipes. Bottled water seemed to be the answer until various studies made everyone doubt its quality. Recently, a study indicated that up to 93% of the bottled water contains microplastics.

Under these circumstances, any solution that can help you purify water and make it safe for drinking is worth looking into. The Green World Group claims to have the solution: the Nano Running Water Treasure device based on tourmaline.

We will try to determine whether or not it actually delivers on the manufacturer’s promises in the following lines. Until we get there, let’s find out a little more about the company behind this miraculous product and whether or not they have the necessary expertise to produce such life-changing solutions.

About Green World

The name of the company makes you think of an environment-focused organization. Instead, they focus on health. They are not based in the U.S. as you would expect, but in China, in the city of Tianjin. They do have a branch office registered in Michigan, USA, but little is known about their activity.

The company operates as an MLM network, claiming to have over 40 official representatives and over 2,000 distribution centers in regions all over the world:

  • Eurasia
  • North America
  • Africa
  • Asia

At this point, you are probably thinking of brands like Avon, Amway, Forever Living, or Herbalife, but Green World is nowhere close to them. Instead of detailed and convincing presentations, you’ll find a list of products with a brief and amateurish description: no third-party studies, no explanations regarding the products’ action principle, not even full information regarding ingredients or construction mechanisms.

Even the information about the company seems questionable to say the least:

  • Claims regarding international certifications but no real proofs
  • Founder famous for the results he achieved treating cancer with traditional Chinese medicine, but only on the Green World website

In theory, Green World is a source of health and well being, delivered through affordable, high quality, natural products. In practice, it is up to you what you believe, as you have no real options to verify those claims unless you are willing to spend some money and become a consumer or a representative yourself.

But let’s leave the company aside, give them the benefit of doubt, and blame all the above limitations on the mistakes of the marketing department. We still need to find out whether their product is worth spending money on, so let’s see what it can or should do.

About Nano Running Water Treasure

The Tourmaline Nano Running Water Treasure looks like a small metallic sieve that you place inside the glass or cup of water you wish to purify.

With the help of tourmaline, the device should:

  • Change the characteristics of regular water and increase its pH value
  • Create small molecular clusters in the water

While the part about alkalizing water makes some sense, we have yet to understand how the molecular clusters work.

Overall, those who drink the water improved with the help of Tourmaline Nano should enjoy several important benefits:

  • Improved metabolism
  • Body cleansing from harmful acidic metabolites
  • Better penetration of the cell membranes by the water molecules
  • Faster exchange of extracellular and intracellular water

In theory, these are valuable benefits, and the device should help you cleanse your body and keep it nourished and hydrated. In the long run, it should help you cleanse your blood and keep your liver and kidneys healthy while eliminating free radicals and staying youthful for a longer period.

Tourmaline Nano Running Water Treasure actually targets the most at risk buyer categories:

  • People with unhealthy eating habits (fast food)
  • People who smoke and drink alcohol frequently
  • People with an unsatisfactory health
  • People with high blood pressure
  • People with high blood sugar levels

In practice, claims product claims rarely match reality. We wanted to see if this was the case, so we took a closer look at tourmaline, the source of the above-described benefits. Here is what we discovered.

What Is Tourmaline?

According to the Gemological Institute of America, tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone, notable for the fact that it has the widest color range and can be found in almost any hue, from black to translucent.

Most frequently, a single tourmaline crystal is bi-colored or even multi-colored. Thus, tourmaline is very sought for jewelers because it allows them to create brightly colored pieces for every taste and preference.

However, there is one more definition of tourmaline, conceived by healers and promoters of alternative medicine. According to this alternative definition, tourmaline is a healing stone with electromagnetic properties, able to balance chakras and purify the human body.

These claims have no scientific backup, so their fulfillment will most likely depend on how much you believe. The device could work, and you could experience benefits, but many patients experience improvements in their conditions while receiving placebo drugs.

Tourmaline Safety Concerns

We were wondering whether moving that Tourmaline Nano from one glass or pitcher to another wouldn’t be dangerous. We did not find scientific evidence that tourmaline could be toxic to humans. On the contrary, according to Wikipedia, tourmaline may contain beneficial minerals, such as:

  • Aluminum
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium
  • Lithium
  • Potassium

Tourmaline Nano Pricing and Refund Guarantees

As with all Green World products, the price remains a mystery you can reveal by yourself after getting in touch with a company distributor. They will most likely try to convince you to become a distributor yourself, but that is a risk you have to take, and not the only one.

Although the company tries to convince buyers that their products are risk-free, the refund guarantee they offer suggests otherwise. Allegedly, buyers have 30 days to return the Green World products they do not like.

However, those 30 days start running at acquisition, and shipping may take some time. Also, only unopened, unused products can be returned, so testing the products is not an option. After the 30 days, the local legislation on refunds and product returns steps in. Anyway, you should expect to lose some money no matter how you approach refunds.

The Bottom Line about Tourmaline Nano Running Water Treasure

There is no proof that alternative medicine works. However, determining whether the Nano Running Water Treasure has any effect on the water you drink is not impossible. There are many instant tests that determine the water’s pH level, and those interested can always send water samples to a lab for testing.

We believe that, had the device provided the alleged benefits, the manufacturer would have performed the tests themselves and published the proofs. We also believe the products would have become famous by now.

They haven’t, so something about them is not as thrilling and miraculous as the manufacturer would want us to believe. Of course, this is only our opinion, and we would love to find out that we are wrong, and improving our health is as easy as placing a device in the glass we drink water from.

If you get the chance to test Green World products in general and the Tourmaline Nano Running Water Treasure in particular, don’t hesitate to share your findings and impressions with us and our readers. You can do so by leaving a comment below or by submitting your own review. We can’t wait to receive your feedback!

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Tourmaline Nano Running Water Treasure
Are you doing everything you can to make sure that your family drinks clean, alkaline water? Perhaps you’ve heard that tourmaline has beneficial properties and can improve the water you drink and you are considering investing in a solution like Tourmaline Nano Running Water Treasure for your home needs.
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