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Travel insurance – The lowdown

Diane Luke
Senior Editor, TipsHire

How to choose the right travel insurance?

The first and the main difference between travel insurances are the services included and the insured amount.

Most cheap travel insurance includes fractional services with fixed amounts for various services. For example, they provide a fixed amount for repatriation (for example,  around $7,500), a fixed amount for medical expenses and surgery (for example, $5,000), which most of the time does not cover all the expenses and the tourists have to cover the difference from their own pockets.

My recommendation is to choose an insurance coverage of $50,000 which covers any event occurring during the trip while the insurance company has direct partnerships with sanitary units that accept the option of not paying the medical services on site and then settling the expenses upon returning the traveler to his country of residence.

What to pay attention to when buying travel insurance?

In addition to the services covered, the covered amount and the insurance company, we need to be very careful about our health of before leaving and the plans we have for that travel because insurance does not cover any risk.

There are special situations that are called exclusions and for which no coverage is offered.

The best examples:

  • History of suicidal attempts
  • Injuries suffered as a result of practicing dangerous sports such as climbing or stunt.

For extreme sports, there are special insurances. A discussion with an insurance specialist can clarify many questions about what insurance is suitable for you if you’re an extreme sports practitioner.

After finding out everything you needed to know, then you can buy insurance even online with a few clicks.

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Travel insurance – The lowdown
Have you ever asked yourself what happens if you have a medical emergency during holiday in a foreign country? The experiences of others who have been injured and needed hospitalization in Western Europe tell us that we have to pay tens of thousands of dollars if having such a bad luck to get injured or ill. Not to mention about losing luggage or ID documents because that's happening a lot for people who travel frequently.
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