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Travel insurance – The lowdown

Diane Luke
Senior Editor, TipsHire

Which medical services are covered by travel insurances?

There are several types of insurances and services included depending on the insurance type and the insurances company.

In general, a simple travel insurance includes emergency medical interventions and/or repatriation in the event of unexpected and unforeseen accidents and illnesses, or death.

A complex and implicitly a total insurance covers a variety of other events:

  • Dental emergencies
  • Loss, damage, theft, delay of more than 12 hours of luggage
  • Delay (more than 12 hours) or cancellation of the means of transport
  • Civil liability – payment of expenses as a result of injuries and material damage caused by the insured
  • Loss or replacement of documents (identity cards, bank cards, transport documents, professional documents)
  • Cancellation of the trip as a result of unforeseen events (death, illness, devastation of the dwelling, road accident, pregnancy, etc.)
  • Bankruptcy of the airline – compensation for flight tickets
  • Pregnancy up to 26 weeks – payment for the medical services necessary for investigations if the pregnancy is found between the issuance of the insurance and the departure date
  • Emergency phone calls
  • The visit of a relative in case of hospitalization

The difference between insurance companies

Many travel agencies offer optional travel insurances in their trip packages, as they partner up with insurances companies.

They all follow the profits, therefore they will gladly delude you with cheaper insurances that won’t worth a dime if facing a serious medical emergency when you travel, only to squeeze some extra cash from you.

However, even if you’re not an experienced traveler, do your homework before meeting with a travel agent, and always thoroughly read the contract. Usually, important clauses are written in small fonts just to make it harder for you to pay attention to what is written there.

Even more, travel agencies and even the insurances companies can mislead you into accepting post-paid insurances. This means that in the case of an emergency while traveling, you will have to pay money out of your pocket to cover the medical services that have been done and the insurances company will totally refund your expenses when you’ll return to your country of residence. However, you must keep all the receipts and documents in order to be refunded. Since bureaucracy is involved much in this kind of insurance, you might have to wait long to get your money back.

Last, but not least, the insurance company works on the basis of a contract between them and you.


If you haven’t thoroughly read that contract before signing it, it is possible that you could’ve missed some clauses that might make you vulnerable to the conditions that are not covered by your insurance.

In conclusion, travel insurances are a good thing when traveling frequently only if you know what kind of insurance to ask for. However, travel insurances present some downs, too, such as not covering all the possible emergencies that can occur.

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Travel insurance – The lowdown
Have you ever asked yourself what happens if you have a medical emergency during holiday in a foreign country? The experiences of others who have been injured and needed hospitalization in Western Europe tell us that we have to pay tens of thousands of dollars if having such a bad luck to get injured or ill. Not to mention about losing luggage or ID documents because that's happening a lot for people who travel frequently.
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