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Traveling for the Holidays with Kids? How to Keep Them Safe

Diane Luke
Senior Editor, TipsHire

Traveling for the holidays with your kids is a pleasant and fun activity and it bonds the family connections, but how to keep them safe is an issue of parents responsibilities and for every parent in the world kids safe must come first.

How to keep kids safe during summer days vacation

Summer is full of the sun which brings along so much outdoors fun. But when traveling for summer holidays with kids you have to respect some rules on how to keep them safe.

-Not everything that looks good, is good.
Summer is the best time for the kids to study plants and berries. If you’re passionate about gardening be careful not to grow poisonous plants. It is the best to teach your kids a simple rule they have to obey for the rest of their lives: not to put anything unknown in their mouths.

-Beware of insects.
Do not forget to explain to your kids why they should not try to catch a butterfly if a wasp, or bee is flying nearby. Try to teach them why they shouldn’t use soaps or other cosmetics with intense smells that could attract some insects.

-Sun protection.
It is necessary to familiarize your kids with sunscreen creams and use them as often as possible. We must not forget to take our kids hats and a beach umbrella, and that it is necessary to alternate the time spent in the sun and the one spent in the shade.

-Supervise your kids while they’re swimming, even when going to the pool.
Even though your kids are equipped with armbands, inflatable vests or any drowning protection, do not lose them from your sight.

-Use protective equipment.
Purchasing a bicycle, skateboard or roller blades is a moment of joy in your kids’ lives, but you should be aware of teaching them to wear protective equipment such as helmets.

-Safety comes first.
You should teach your kids that safety comes first. Before placing your kids in swingers, you must ensure that the attachment is safe, and the seat is smooth, without irregularities and prominent details. Amusement parks must be chosen in accordance with your kids’ ages, cautioning your kids to use seat belts and have an appropriate behavior in amusement parks. While jumping on the trampoline, little kids should be supervised by you. Also, teach your kids that the metal structures can heat up in the sun and to make sure is not hot.

-Washing hands before eating.
In order to avoid bacterial infections and other diseases during the summer is necessary to remind your kids about the simplest rules of hygiene: washing hands.

-Clothing appropriate to the season and the situation.
You should choose for your kids’ clothing only made of natural fabrics, large enough to let their skin to breath.

-Safe shelter in case of a storm.
Even though your kids are not afraid of loud noises, and bolts of lightning look enchanting for them, you have to teach them why is dangerous to be an open area while bolts of lightning occur, and why an indoors shelter is safer than remaining outdoors during a storm.

-Adequate hydration.
It is good to always keep a bottle of water in your kids’ bags while going on a trip, or even when going to the park. If your kids are involved in more physical effort demanding games, ask your kids to drink a small amount of water every 15 or 20 minutes. When traveling for holidays with your kids don’t forget at home the kids standard sets for the summer, which must include:

  • water bottles
  • sunscreen creams
  • mini first aid kits
  • hats
  • unalterable snacks

Thus, with all the necessary elements at hand, you and your kids can relax and enjoy the hot summer sun.

How to keep kids safe during winter days vacation

To the delight of children, winter break brings with it the magic of Christmas and New Year. To prevent various accidents in which your kids might get involved, some rules on how to keep them safe must be applied.

-The street is not a playing ground.
Explain to your kids about how to act when they are with their friends on the way to the park, sleighing place, or playground. Teach them to walk only on the sidewalk, or if there are sidewalks, to always walk on the left side of the road (right side in some countries) as close as possible to the road side, so that they can see the cars coming from the front. Also, teach them how to cross the road and be sure they are always crossing on the crosswalk and that they understand the meaning of the street indicators.

Tell them to don’t run on pedestrian crossing, and that they should stop and wait for the cars to stop allowing them to cross.
Where traffic lights are installed, teach your kids to patiently wait for the green light and to only cross on this color. The best idea is to not let your kids alone and to go with them or to supervise them.

-Supervise your children to avoid any risk.
Teach your kids that even some objects that are not usually dangerous may harm them if not properly used. Tree ornaments, decorative candles, toys, or electronic devices they might wrongly use, may impair their health.

-Dangerous areas for playing and strangers.
When traveling for holidays with kids, make sure they are safely playing in hotel’s playground, away from any dangerous playing area. Explain to your kids that they shouldn’t go too far away from you and not to enter into discussions with strangers, and in case they got lost teach them to seek help only from official authorities, such as policemen, or hotel’s personnel if that’s the case.

-Outdoors fun, dangerous equipment, and weather.
Teach your kids to not use plastic bags or other household items as sleighs, as they can get injured. Dress your kids in proper clothes accordingly with the weather forecast and avoid prolonged exposure to low temperatures and don’t let your kids spend too much time in open areas to be blown by the cold winter wind. Teach your kids why isn’t a smart thing to play on water basins, lakes, or rivers, no matter how thick the ice might look like.

Your kids must be taught that when is dark outside or during other low visibility conditions, they have to wear light colored clothing that make them more visible in the headlights of the car.


Keep in mind that the best way to keep your kids safe is to supervise them anytime you’re going out with them, no matter if traveling for holidays with kids, let them play in the front of the house, or only going to the playground in a park next to your house. These being said, hopefully, next time when traveling for holidays with kids, you’ll know how to keep them safe, because your kids are the most important things in your life.

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