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Trivago Reviews

Diane Luke
Senior Editor, TipsHire

Online hotel deals site collecting data from over 200 booking sites.

What is Trivago?

Trivago is a website established in 2005 which claims to offer the best online hotel deals, aggregating all the offers from more than 200 booking sites and hotels. Trivago was the first hotel searching engine in Germany.

First, Trivago was owned by the German multinational group Trivago N.V., but nowadays it is owned by the shares' majority holder, Expedia Inc, an American traveling agency.

Trivago.com grew up year-by-year winning its international notoriety but the year of 2015 marked for Trivago the best year in terms of profits. In 2015, Trivago scored a profit of $500 million.

The biggest step for its development was made in December 2016, when the company was listed on the NASDAQ and became publicly traded, with Expedia Inc. owning 65% of voting rights and 60% of the financial rights.

According to the Trivago.com, by searching and booking your room through the site, you'll be able to save a lot of time and, in addition, you'll also save up to 40% of your money.

Trivago.com claims to offer you the possibility to browse through almost 700,000 hotels offers, from low-budget hostels to luxury resorts, from all over the world, which are carefully chosen by the searching engine of the site according to your preferences.

How Trivago Works?

Trivago is an hotelier deals search engine, so all you have to do in order to find a vacant room is to set up the search by:

  • choosing the city in which you desire to go
  • setting the date when you'd like to check-in and, additionally, your check-out date
  • searching for your room

The search for a room can return a bunch of results which might not be exactly what you wished for, so Trivago is offering you the possibility to shorten the list by letting you set up some additional filters, such as:

  • price range
  • how close to the city's attraction points you want your room to be
  • number of stars
  • the existence of an indoor/outdoor pool
  • the existence of a gym
  • the existence of a recreational facility
  • and even more…

In order to enhance the user's experience and to ease up the process of choosing a good room, Trivago includes, for each hotel in part, real photo sets of the hotels, rooms, and facilities, and real reviews coming from the users who have already been there and wanted to share their opinions with the community.

Once you decide to book a room, Trivago is redirecting you to the booking site on which you can make that actual booking.

Practically, Trivago is exactly what it's saying to be: a site motorized by a search engine that collects all the hotel deals from hundreds of booking sites.

Is Trivago.com free to use for everyone?

Yes, Trivago.com is completely free. You don't even need to sign up in order to use the Trivago's search engine.

The way Trivago makes money is quite simple. Trivago is actually a partner for booking sites which pay a commission to Trivago for any referral. The booking sites, at their turn, make money by receiving a commission from the hotels, for each successful booking in part.

Trivago Users Opinions

The users opinions are a mixture of good opinions (pros) and bad opinions (cons).

The pros:

  • Fast – usually, a search is done in seconds, and the site is not lagging or stops working
  • Easy to use – the user-friendly interface makes Trivago be easy to use by everybody
  • Free of charge – you don't have to pay a cent for any search
  • Ads-free – no annoying ads that pop up to ruin your experience with the site
  • It lets users share opinions – on Trivago, anyone can share opinions on hotels' rooms, and that's a good thing that might help you to choose that room you stopped by, or not
  • Photo sets of the hotels, rooms, and facilities

The cons:

  • Not the same booking dates – a very common complaint. Many users have noticed that after they've been redirected to the booking site, the booking dates were different, and that difference was of weeks or even months.
  • Wrong prices – some customers and even hotel managers have noticed that Trivago is often listing the wrong per-night prices. The difference between the real per-night price and the Trivago's one is not big. In these cases, Trivago is usually showing a price of about $5 to $10 lower than the real one. This could be a trick that Trivago is using in order to make a hotel's offer even better than it is in reality but, however, it is wrong and it is a small trickery for its users.
  • Customer support offers no answers – a very common complaint coming from Trivago's users. It seems that the Trivago's customer support is unresponsive and this could be a problem for many people who need help in a very short time. To be the Devil's advocate, in this case, I'd say that Trivago's support is probably bombed with e-mails from users and since Trivago is only a booking deals search engine, a fast response is somehow useless in order to solve booking-related issues. On the other hand, since they're earning money from their users, customer representatives should be prompt in answering and solving users' issues, even if that could mean talking directly to the booking sites customer supports in their users' names.

Bottom Line

Trivago.com is a well-known site which is accessed by around 50 million users, monthly, from whom are returned 1 million daily searches.

Trivago's issues come from the simple fact that it is only a hotel deals collector, a search engine for booking deals, not being the booking site itself. This big difference between Trivago, the search engine, and the booking sites is reflected in:

  • the difference between the prices shown on Trivago and those shown on the booking sites (usually smaller on Trivago)
  • the unresponsive support team on Trivago which is probably there to solve site-related issues, and not booking-related problems

At the end of this Trivago review, my recommendation to you is to cut the intermediary that Trivago is and to opt for a direct booking site because almost all of them are offering exactly the same searching possibilities and the same hotel deals.

Happy traveling!

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