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The Truth about Pre-Workout Supplements

Diane Luke
Senior Editor, TipsHire

Supplements that are used before training sessions have become extremely popular lately, especially because they are supposed to have the properties to increase strength and endurance, to help burn fats faster and to achieve optimal muscular mass. But is that the truth about pre-workout supplements? That we’ll find out in this article.

When to apply for pre-workout supplements?

Using pre-workout supplements are a great solution if you if:

  • you feel tired during workouts
  • you can not finish your sets and repetitions

A study conducted in 2008 proven that those who consumed pre-workout supplements were able to increase the number of repetitions for the performed exercises, showing increases in anabolic hormones (growing hormones).

Another study, conducted on a group of 12 people, revealed that those who used pre-workout supplements, 20 minutes before training, had greater resistance and shown fatigue later.

Benefits of pre-workout supplements

Pre-workout supplements offer the following benefits:

  • more powerful weight pumping
  • stronger weight lifting
  • boosting energy
  • facilitate production of various hormones and nutrients into the body
  • lowers fat mass
  • increases muscular mass faster
  • improves focus

What do pre-workout supplements usually contain?

Latest formulas are based on the stimulation of the synthesis of the nitric oxide by the nitric acid. It seems that the reasons behind this theory are that the nitric acid stimulates muscles growth by delivering oxygen and nutrients to the muscles during workouts. This is because the nitric acid causes dilation of blood vessels.

Arginine is one of the substances that transforms into nitric acid. Most pre-workout supplements contain besides arginine, other substances to increase energy and the proteins needed to increase strength, power, and efficiency in training.

Other pre-workout supplements contain creatine, caffeine, whey protein, glutamine.

Type of pre-workout supplements

Pre-workout supplements based on caffeine.

Caffeine stimulates the release of norepinephrine, which in turn leads to the oxidation of fats and eliminates the sensation of fatigue. Caffeine is designed to increase alertness and concentration, and energy during workouts sessions.

Pre-workout supplements based on creatine.

Creatine has the capacity to provide a boost of energy in order to sustain an intense effort and is helping to restore muscle and cellular hydration. It can be taken by 30 minutes before workout, or immediately after.

Pre-workout supplements based on whey protein.

These supplements are easier to digest and helps to increase muscular mass and postpones fatigue.

Protein Supplements based on nitric oxide.

They help, as said above, to speed up the circulation of the blood in the veins and to facilitate the performance of the workouts sessions.

Pre-workout supplements based on branched-chain amino acids (BCAA).

These pre-workout supplements remove muscular fatigue and help to increase muscular mass. These supplements can be taken immediately after you woke up, 30 minutes before workouts sessions or immediately after workouts.

Pre-workout supplements based on thermogenic substances.

These help increasing body temperature and accelerating the metabolic rate leading to faster fats burning.

Pre-workout supplements based on glutamine.

Restores the energy into the muscles and so it improves muscular mass.

You can always go for pre-workout supplements that contain more than one substance all even all the substances that are proven to help bodybuilding passionates to enhance energy before workouts sessions, to improve muscular fat and to postpone fatigue.

What you need to remember is that pre-workout supplements do not work the same wonders for everyone.

Some will say that for them have done miracles helping them losing fat or gaining bigger muscular mass, while others will say it had no effect.

The only thing you can do is to give them a chance and try every one of them and see whether or not pre-workout supplements are working for you.


Going to the gym is a good decision, though you might need the help of these pre-workout supplements in order to reach your goal, no matter if you want to lose weight or to grow muscles.

All the substances discussed in this article (arginine, caffeine, creatine, glutamine, whey protein, or thermogenesis substances) has proven to work for many people and could help you, too.

Those supplements improve energy, transform fats in muscles and postpone fatigue and that’s the truth about pre-workout supplements.

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