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The Truth about the Amazing Discoveries in the Bucegi Mountains

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Do you believe in unexplainable mysteries and alien civilizations visiting the earth in ancient times? Then maybe you’ve seen the videos and articles announcing the discovery of undeniable proofs regarding the presence of alien civilizations in the Bucegi Mountains of Romania. Is there any truth in these allegations? Keep reading to find out!

The Setting of the Most Intriguing Mysteries

The Bucegi Mountains spread at the eastern edge of the Southern Carpathians, along the upper course of the Prahova Valley, on a surface of approximately 3230 sq. feet. They resemble a natural citadel overlooking impressive sceneries animated by various resorts from a height of 5,900 – 8,200 feet.

Home to a variety of natural monuments, and a wide range of rare plant and animal species, these Mountains became a protected area and a top tourist destination. They shelter strange rock formations, rivers with unusual water composition, and they are the setting of numerous myths and theories.

Perhaps the most intriguing rock formation in the Bucegi Mountains is the Sphynx. Located on a plateau at 7,270 feet above sea level, it is 26 feet high and 40 feet wide, and resembles a human head with discernible lips, eyes, nose, and even chin, wearing a cap, and gazing at the sky above.

Together with the resemblance with the Egyptian sphinx, this gaze towards the sky seems to have fueled a complex theory that identifies the Bucegi Mountains as the world’s most powerful energy center, the source of a vast network of underground tunnels towards the earth’s core, and a lading and communications base for an alien civilization.

The Mysteries of the Bucegi Sphinx

1. The Energy Pyramid or Triangle

The Bucegi Mountains seem to be the source of unusual energy. Some speak of an energy pyramid, others of an energy triangle. It seems at least one of the energy points in the triangle or pyramid is located somewhere in Bucegi.

One theory speaks of galleries connecting the Omu peak in the Bucegi Mountains with similar peaks in the Retezat and Raraul Mountains. The peaks allegedly host sanctuaries forming the Golden Triangle of Dacia and marking points of impressively great energies.

It is important to note that all sources speak of positive energy emanating from or surrounding the Sphinx. This energy seems to reach its peak on November 28 every year, and thousands of tourists from around the world rush to Romania to experience it.

It seems the Dacians used to use the plateau as a place of prayer and sacrifice. They gathered here to honor and bring offerings to their god, Zamolxis. The legend says even their rules, Decebal, killed his own son here to prove his loyalty to the gods.

2. Tunnels, Caves, and Caverns Connecting and Saving Civilizations

While proofs regarding the unusual and unexplainable energy sources in this area are scarce, another theory has more fervent adepts, including historians and archaeologists. It claims the humanoid monuments around the world have more in common, not just their appearance.

One of the adepts of this theory is Daniel Ruzo, who spent his entire life studying sacred sites around the world, especially monuments and megalithic sculptures like the Bucegi Sphinx. The historian argues that the civilization building these monuments preceded Noah’s flood, and the caves and caverns surrounding them are the reality behind Noah’s arc metaphor, the constructions that helped save humanity.

According to him, five humanities form human life on our planet, a major catastrophe marking the passage from one humanity to the next. Catastrophes happen every 8,608 years and there are 4 sun cycles lasting 2,125 years each. We represent the fifth humanity, and our existence will end sometime between the years 2127 and 2137.

What does the Bucegi Sphinx have to do with this prophecy? It marks the entrance to the caves and caverns that have saved the seeds of previous humanities and could save the seeds of ours. It is now up to our humanity to find the caves and caverns and prepare them to protect our legacy during the upcoming catastrophe.

Other voices claim underground tunnels connect the Sphinx in Romania to the one in Egypt, and the Egyptians used the one in the Bucegi Mountains as an inspiration to build their own. According to this theory, the Egyptians crossed the Carpathians on their way to the territories where they settled.

3. The Sanctuary of an Alien Civilization

As you may already know, many of the ancient sites around the world include drawings of what some perceived as strange creatures from space. Although no drawings of this kind were found in the Bucegi Mountains, throughout the past decade, a theory connects them with an alien civilization.

A series of videos and articles with unverifiable sources claim that, after the Pentagon picked up unusual energies by satellite in the area, a Division of the Romanian Intelligence Service discovered a mountain-carved labyrinth formed of tunnels and rooms proving the presence of an advanced alien civilization in the area.

The rooms allegedly contained tables and chairs able to accommodate creatures much larger than us, and technology we have yet to understand and master. The constructions seem to have been built 50,000 years ago and kept a secret after their discovery at the pressures of the U.S. government, the Pope, and other international organizations.

A Possible Explanation of the Mysteries Surrounding the Bucegi Sphinx

Most of the theories presented above surfaced after the publishing of “Transylvanian Sunrise”, by Radu Cinamar and Peter Moon. The book took the paranormal research community by storm speaking of a discovery bound to change humanity’s perspective on history and ancestors for good.

According to it, around 2002, the Pentagon discovered an “anomaly” under the Bucegi Sphinx using satellite technology. They allied with the Freemasonry and a classified department within the Romanian Intelligence Service to confirm the discovery and keep it a secret.

It seems the satellite the Americans used for military and geodetic surveillance detected an unusual structure inside the Bucegi Mountains, beneath the megalithic monument. The structure did not resemble any ordinary labyrinth or cave and sheltered two powerful energy blocks.

One of them pointed to a wall obstructing access to the tunnel. The other resembles a dome or hemisphere, had a much larger energy field, and seemed to be located in the center of the mountain. The two energy blocks seemed to guard something extremely valuable.

Although the research teams used advanced drilling equipment the U.S. military made available, getting beyond the energy shield and the stone gates protecting the structure was a real challenge. Beyond those barriers, the soldiers and scientists found huge stone tables projecting holographic images, advanced technology capable of analyzing and comparing DNA from different beings, a large projection room showing images of important events in mankind’s history, and a library of information on several intelligent races.

The book series now counts 5 volumes, one more intriguing than the other. What makes it any different from any other sci-fi novel out there, and how come it gave wings to such controversial theories? It builds on historical facts, and it uses a place filled with mysteries and subject to controversies as a setting.

The Truth behind the Legend

Centuries ago, Herodotus was writing about the Dacians, the people who inhabited Romania from 82 B.C. to 106 A.D. According to him, the god they worshipped, Zamolxis, lived in a cave in the Bucegi Mountains. An old Romanian legend speaks of the same god disappearing into a sacred cave to meditate and confer with his seers.

The features of the Sphinx cannot be neglected either. Although geologists assure they could be the result of a long process or erosion, the print of the changing winds and rains in the region, the resemblance with the human head is striking.

Moreover, in Romania, other similar monuments of smaller dimensions can be found in Stanisoara, Toplet, Piatra Arsa, Brotocei, or Solomon’s Stones. Although these monuments cannot match the great Sphinx from Bucegi, they still share the same humanoid features, which is strange, given that the winds and rains in the regions where they are located follow different patterns.

Even the conspiracy theory could have a seed of truth in it, as it wouldn’t be the first time a government keeps something secret for its people. Moreover, in a country struggling with political instability and corruption ever since it escaped communism, leaders are easy to convince and corrupt.

Why haven’t mountaineers found the tunnels yet? There is an explanation for this aspect as well. The Romanian media speaks of a series of earthquakes shattering the region in 1993. There were hundreds of them, all shallow and accompanied by deafening sounds as if something was crushing inside the mountains.

Scientists agree that the frequency of the earthquakes was strange, unusual, but they say it was all seismic movement, nothing more. However, some articles claim the locals experienced insomnia and changes in mood and energy level, and the radio transmissions stopped during the earthquakes.

Even if we deny all of the above theories, many other mysteries and legends surround the picturesque Bucegi Mountains. They may be worth looking at, considering that, usually, all legends have a grain of truth in them.

  • The Izvor Tunnel – It was supposed to link Moroieni and Sinaia, but its construction saw numerous delays and interruptions. In 1985, two teams detonated the entrance. Although the general explanation was that the tunnel was unsafe since only one side was lined with concrete, other voices claim the purpose of the detonation was to prevent Russian access to a revolutionary train engine the Germans had hidden
  • The Mouth of Heaven – Some theories claim that the Omu peak area is a so-called “Earth center, a place that connects heaven and earth. It is considered a “mouth of heaven”, and the legend has it that anyone coming close to it gets rid of fatigue, fills up with positive energy, and finds cure for various diseases.
  • The Living Water – It flows through the 7 springs waterfall in Bucegi, and the legend says it helped fairies and Zamolxis himself to recover their strength after drinking from it. Microbiological tests prove this water’s purity, but scientists claim the water probably flows through a magnetic field or a silver deposit that filters all impurities.

How much truth do you think lies behind these captivating legends and mysteries surrounding the Bucegi Mountains? It may not be enough to change the destiny of humanity, but it could guarantee an unforgettable vacation.

Romania, the country of Vlad Tepes, Nadia Comaneci, and Simona Halep has breathtaking sceneries, warm-hearted people, and a delicious cuisine. The Bucegi Mountains have an incredibly rich flora and fauna and are surrounded by so many myths and legends that one would need a lifetime to discover all.

Will you give it a vacation? Will you quench your thirst for adventure there?  If you do, don’t hesitate to share your experience with you. We’d love to hear your take on the theories presented above and all this small but mysterious country has to offer!

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