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U.K. – Travel conditions after Brexit

Aura S
Senior Editor, TipsHire

Since the first time this news was broadcasted, that U.K intends to leave E.U., there were many concerns among the population from the E.U. states.

Not only the population had these concerns but also the authorities of these countries started asking many questions related to this topic. There are many scenarios created on how this move will affect the population. One of the main concerns was about traveling into this country.

A great part of this country income comes from tourism, which means that not only the population from other countries of E.U. was troubled by this sudden change but also the U.K. population had similar questions and worries.

The latest news says that the Brexit deadline is March 29 this year. The E.U. still negotiates with the UK authorities for a deal which main purpose is to minimize the effects regarding the trips made between The United Kingdom and other European Union countries.

In the following rows of this article I will try to underline a few of these worries and the answers given by both sides’ authorities regarding this aspect.

Traveling to and from U.K.

One of the easiest and most used ways of traveling from the E.U countries to U.K. is by air. Is this going to be as easy as it used to be? It seems that everything depends on the way the Brexit will be done, namely if the U.K. authorities will close a deal with the E.U or not. Lately it seems that the possibility of “no deal” it could become a reality. What this means more exactly?

The tourists, and not only them, might be troubled quite much. They will be able to see the drastic changes from the moment they start planning their trip.

What could change? The authorities assured people from the E.U. countries that for the moment at least visa will not be requested to enter in U.K.. Is this a certitude? For the moment it is. The E.U. passports that most of us have, may no longer be useful, even if no one said anything about it.

What was mentioned, however, is the fact that you might need to pay an $8 fee for the European Travel Information and Authorization Scheme which will be valid for the next three years. People who travel to U.S. for example might be familiarized with this type of fee.

People who travel from the U.K. to the E.U states might also have to assure themselves that their passports have at least 6 months validity left before they even think to travel.

Another concern is related to the medical insurances. As you might already know, until now the European Medical Insurance cards were enough. If U.K. will close a deal with the E.U. this might still be available but if it won’t then these cards will lose their validity.

The tourists will have to make sure that their travel insurances cover their needs in case of any medical emergency. The costs for these medical insurances might increase. The possibility of that to happen is quite big.

For the U.K. citizens another problem might emerge in case they want to travel by car. This refers to the driving license that will no longer be available in the E.U. states. This could be solved if the tourists or travelers will get an International Driving Permit.

If you prefer to travel by air, you will have to bare the confusion and chaos from the airports. Once The United Kingdom will no longer be in the E.U., the border queues will drive you mad especially if the Brexit will be done with no deal.

The most important airline, namely Ryanair intends to get an U.K. certification in order that the flights between the two parties will not be affected.

The air traffic management could become a bit complicated, but for the moment both parties assured the population that the flights will continue no matter what the U.K. authorities decide about the deal.

If there will be any problem with the air traffic boundaries not only the tourism could be affected but also the economy of the country. Everyone is aware of this thing so I believe that they will try to find the best solution.

Another category of business that will be affected by Brexit, especially if it is accomplished with no deal, will be the tour operators business.

Considering the confusion and also the high level of uncertainty caused by this big change, the “weekend breaks” and also the “confirmed booking” requests might decrease considerably. Along with that also the tour operators’ earnings might decrease as well.

A big worry is related to the people’ reaction. We all know that the opinions are shared between pro-Brexit and against it. If the impact will prove to be as great as it seems that it will be some street moves might occur and this will not make the authorities too happy.

A category of people that lives in a big incertitude is the immigrants’ category. They already are facing some changes no matter if they stay in U.K. legally or not.

Obtaining the right to work in this country could become even more difficult for them. In fact one of the main topics when the Brexit issue first came out was the immigration problem.


After all these things being said, you might realize that no one knows exactly what is going to happen. The changes enumerated above are quite obvious that will happen so you should be prepared somehow. The United Kingdom is a very desirable traveling destination no matter if you intend to visit it for tourist purposes or for business purposes.

Even if the changes will affect the population, because people are not so receptive when it comes about changes generally, I do not believe that people will stop traveling to U.K. or that they will stop searching for a job there.

What the U.K. authorities must be aware of, and I am sure that they are, is that not only the E.U. states’ population will be affected but their own population as well.

However, I am also sure that they will do what they consider best for their country and that in time, once people will get used to the changes made, things will calm down.

The only thing we could do is wait and see how the elected people of U.K. will manage the situation.

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