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US kids and high cholesterol

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When it comes to high cholesterol level, you should know that this is no longer an issue just for grownups. These days more and more children have this problem. This is not something that can be unheeded or something that can be easily defeated. Temptation is everywhere. Our lives lived in a hurry brought this problem to all societies all over the world. It seems that the US population is the most affected. In the following rows of this article, you will be able to read about what high cholesterol could cause to children, how they can suffer from this problem, how can you discover it and how it can be treated. If you are interested in this specific topic, all you have to do is read the whole content and maybe some of your questions will be answered.

Why the cholesterol level increases?

There are various reasons why our children may have increased cholesterol values. First, you should know that the cholesterol is divided in two sides, the good cholesterol, also known as HDL, and the bad cholesterol, also known as LDL. To return to the main question, you may want to know which the reasons our children have high LDL values are. As you can imagine this is the type of cholesterol that raises our interest.

The main reason why this happens, and the one that most people blame everything on, is our kids nutrition’ habits. They eat fast food every day, they drink sodas filled with chemicals everyday and they do not get enough sleep. Some parents encourage that because this is exactly what they do as well.

The street food is the most inexpensive type of food. It is also very accessible. Those sodas are delicious and cheap. After long days spent at school, our kids spend even more hours on their gadgets instead of doing something else. They sleep at very late hours. They are not encouraged to play outdoors anymore. Because of that, they also suffer of lack of imagination but this is not caused by the cholesterol level. Because of this bad nutrition habits they become obese and their metabolism is not functioning properly.

The lack of physical exercise is another thing that can cause high level of LDL in our kids’ blood. As it was already mentioned they are not encouraged to practice physical activities. Because of this lack of activity, their metabolism engine becomes as lazy as they are.

Another thing that can cause that is the genetic factor. Yes, you can be born with it. If in your family history, you have relatives that lived normal lives with not excesses, regarding their nutrition, and they also had this high cholesterol problem, you can inherit it from them.

What an increased LDL can cause?

At these early ages it can damage your health quite much and for long periods of time. A high level of cholesterol can lead to very serious diseases such as heart illnesses, blood circulation deficiency, diabetes and high blood pressure.

If you wonder when it starts to become a threat for the body, the answer is that when it reaches such high level that prevents blood circulation through your organism, this is exactly the moment when it becomes a threat. The LDL will deposit itself on the kid veins ‘ walls and it will make them thicker. This is the reason why, his blood will not be able to circulate properly.

Can it cause death?  After all the things enumerated above it can cause premature death. It can cause a stroke or a heart attack just as easy. You may not even know when it is going to happen. Can you figure it out when something is wrong? If you do not go to regular checkups at your doctor and if you don’t request blood tests, you may not even know what hit you.

What can we do to keep our children healthy?

No matter if they never had this problem, or if they already have it, things can be controlled. Starting with the situation when your child already has cholesterol issues, you can get him back on track if you just change his nutrition and habits. With children, it may be the most difficult thing to do, especially if they are quite young. It is very hard to convince them to stop eating so much sugar and hamburgers. It is difficult for a parent as well to see his child crying and asking for the things he likes the most.

He may begin a rebellion and he will stop eating anything. It is very important to explain your child with allot of calm which the consequences of this unhealthy life style may be. Also, you should start with small steps. You must also allow him to eat the things that he likes, in a different way. Start cooking them in your own home. Like that, you will know exactly what you put in them. It is a very easy way to introduce more veggies in his alimentation. Prepare tasty ice-creams in your own home, made from real yogurt and real fruits and instead of sugar you can use honey.

The best way to convince your kid to eat differently is to change your nutrition habits as well. If he will see that you doing it, he will accept the change much easier. If he will not have access to different kinds of temptations, he will forget about them. Try to introduce nuts and fish in his daily diet. Instead of frying the meat and the vegetables, you should start using your oven more often.

If your kid does not have this problem then it will be great to prevent it, by helping him to choose the best nutrition and to spend more time outdoors. Share this time with him. It will only do you good to play again. Any sport activity will only make both of you feel happier and be healthier than before.

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US kids and high cholesterol
When it comes to high cholesterol level, you should know that this is no longer an issue just for grownups. These days more and more children have this problem. This is not something that can be unheeded or something that can be easily defeated. Temptation is everywhere.
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