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Why Use an Anti Aging Cream

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Getting old is the worst nightmare for a woman

Of course that we want to live and be young forever and we wish that time flows a little bit slower over us and our body, but unfortunately, we don’t get to have a say in all of these, because this is how the world works. Yet, there are a few scenarios that might cause us severe headaches when we think about getting old. For example, there is nothing more terrible than a close friend or a stranger making some rude or cruel remarks about the wrinkles on your face or some unpleasant jokes about you turning to 30 or older. Or the thought that your husband might start to feel attracted to you as you get old and instead, he will be drawn to younger and prettier woman.

These thoughts are all normal, though unproductive. But there is one thing and all women all over the globe want: every woman’s most acute desire is to feel and look always young and beautiful, even if she’s 20s, 30s, 40s or beyond. And her biggest struggle when regarding this desire is to fight against getting old. Fighting against time is a lost fight, now and forever, and the fact that we know this makes it even cruel. No matter what we do, we can’t stop time from flowing and neither from showing its signs on our skins and bodies. As we grow old, the body changes, grows up and matures, and then is starting to lose the fine and nice aspect as it had in his 20-30ish years.

We know that this time will come for all of us in the end, and almost each and every one of us will feel jealous over a younger and a better good looking woman. Because that’s how women are made – to feel lower than another woman that they think it outclass them, especially in good looks, body and physical aspect. Of course that when we are young and around our 20s, we don’t worry too much about getting old or the process of aging. It is all too easy for us to look pretty and have beautiful skin for granted. The idea of frown lines or wrinkles is not something that crosses our minds on a regular basis, in fact, they even seem absurd at this age.

Plus, we use a lot of beauty products to make sure our good looks only improves over time and they won’t go anywhere right now. But as the time passes down, we start to think more about the way we look and feel inside. And we start thinking about ways to improve our looks and to remain forever young. Unfortunately, aging is a process that we can’t stop, but we can rather prevent it, because luckily, there are anti aging beauty products out there, and of course, the most useful one is the anti aging cream.

What is anti-aging cream?

Well, it is mostly a moisturizer-based cosmeceutical skin care product that tells you and makes you think it can prevent you from getting old and make you look younger instead of your growing age, by reducing, masking or preventing any signs of skin aging. Over the time, our skin, as well as our bodies and ages, start to show signs of aging, which is a normal process, even though it is not one that appeals to us. And this is exactly what this anti aging cream counts on – your desire to prevent your body, skin and physical aspect from looking old, in your eyes and the in eyes of everyone else you love, know or might meet at some point in your life.

So what are these signs of skin getting old?

Well, these are: laxity or sagging, rhytids or wrinkles, photoaging, the last one including erythema or redness of the skin, dyspigmentation or the brown discolorations of your skin, solar elastosis which means yellowing skin, keratoses that refers to abnormal growths and a poor texture of the skin.

If any of these signs start to kick in, sooner or later, you might want to take into consideration using anti aging cream. Though there are some words out there that the effects of the anti aging products haven’t been fully demonstrated, it is said and believed that anti aging cream can reduce the wrinkles of the skin by 10% over the course of 12 weeks of usage, although this percent isn’t quite noticeable to the human eye. When it comes to their beauty and good looking, people from all over the world are willing to invest big amounts of money into anti aging products that can help them keep their skin always fresh and free of imperfection.

Anti aging cream for example, makes some of the most alluring promises ever, suggesting that it can be the perfect weapon to fight against the skin aging that leaves marks on our bodies. This is why women especially are so keen into using them and spending a fortune on such anti aging products.

If you want to find out more about the power of an anti aging cream or the reasons why you should use one, you have to start from the beginning. Document on what are the ingredients of a good anti aging cream, what are the benefits but also the risks that one of these products might give you and most importantly, find evidence if these products really, really work. And after making up your mind around these ideas, start to look for some of the most important brands out there.

How to chose an anti-aging cream?

Keep in mind that before buying a certain anti aging cream, you should go to check it with the doctor, because he or she is the only authority that knows what kind of skin you have and what precisely does good for it.

So let’s start with the first item on our list, which is what are the good ingredients that anti aging cream should contain. Often, anti aging cream may include some of the conventional moisturizers on the market, but a good anti aging cream uses specific anti aging ingredients that are already proven to have a positive effect in decreasing the signs of aging on our skins, such are the following:

Retinol, which has proven to have a positive effect on the reducing the fine lines and the pores from our skin. It can come in the form of retynil palmitate. In fact, retinol is a natural form of the Vitamin A, that works by reducing the appearance of the wrinkles and helps boost the elasticity and thickness of the skin. However, there are some side effects that you have to pay attention when using retinol, such as: burning, stinging, warmth and tingling. Also, pregnant women or the ones that plan to get pregnant in the near future should not use any form of Vitamin A due to child birth defects.

Epidermal growth factor, which is good for the stimulation of the cell renewal and the collagen production in our skin. This ingredient also strengthens the structure and the elasticity of the skin. The investigations and researches made around this ingredient showed that it can reduce the fine lines, the wrinkles and the sagging. It is believed that the epidermal growth factor can also heal the wounds and burns of the skin and has anti inflammatory properties when it is applied on the skin.

Alpha hydroxyl acids, also known as AHAs, and beta hidroxy acids or some other chemical peels. These ingredients have a say in dissolving the intracellular “glue” that is responsible for holding the dead cells together on our skin. It is said that the use of these ingredients on a daily basis help us gradually enhance the exfoliation of the epidermis. This process means that the newer skin cells will be exposed and this helps us improving our appearance. On the other hand, you need to be careful when using the AHAs, because it may irritate some portions of your skin by causing redness and flaking.

Also, you need to know that Alpha hydroxyl acids such as glycolic, lactic and citric acids come from fruits and milk sugars and they are natural ingredients. They allow deep layer of your skin to come to surface faster, but keep in mind that each acid has a different effect on the skin. For example, the lactic acid that comes from the milk is helpful into removing dead skin cells, which makes your skin look brighter. Glycolic acid comes from sugar cane and reduces the fine lines and wrinkles, which makes the skin tighter and smoother. Their side effects are stinging and sun sensitivity, but you can reduce is by using a sunscreen every day.

Peptides, for example Matryxil or copper peptides. The passing of time causes your skin to become thinner and to lose fat, which can also lead to sag and the development of the fine lines. What really happens is that the body starts to produce less elastin and collagen, which are substances responsible with the smoothness, plum and the youthful appearance of your skin.

These peptides are in fact small proteins that helps the new cells to grow and that repairs the old ones. They can stimulate the producing of collagen and elastin or any other components that are affected during aging. Dermatologists also consider that peptides are good in moisturizers after hydrating your skin, which can make the fine lines less noticeable, though it is doubtful that they can have a role in reducing the wrinkles.

  • Resveratrol, which is a plant compound that can also be found in the red wine or available as a supplement.
  • Coenzyme Q10, which has proved to be very used because of its positive results on the skin.
  • Argireline, which is an ingredient also known as acetyl hexapeptide-3, that helps relaxing the facial muscles in order to prevent the wrinkles and the forming of the fine lines.
  • Anti-oxindants, which are substances that may protect the cells from the damage that can be caused by the unstable molecules which are known as free radicals.

Factors that harm the skin

Free radicals are in fact some molecules that can injure cells, increase inflammation and also the risk of cancer. The National Institute of Health says that the substances that contains antioxidants should include beta-carotene, lycopene, selenium and vitamins E, C and A, and they can be found in many foods, such as meats, nuts, fruits and vegetables. Sunscreens, that can provide a higher level of UVA, which is the ultraviolet light from the sun that is way too powerful and can penetrate into the deep layers of the skin, causing wrinkles.

Vitamin C, which is supposedly one of the ingredients most used and efficient that is included in the wrinkle creams. This ingredient is believed to also have a contribution to the healing process of the skin. Also, it is proven that vitamin C is a strong and powerful ingredient used in plenty of products that are responsible for our overall health and well being.

Other than the passing of time, there are several other factors that have a say in the process of skin aging. Some of the most important factors are the smoking and the fact that you’re not using a sunscreen faithfully. Doctors and dermatologist approved that the best way to prevent the skin aging and taking care of your hefty body is to quit smoking as fast as you can and also use sunscreen to protect your skin from the UVA and UVB rays that have a SFP 30 or higher each and every single day.

Regarding the smoking part, the studies have showed that smoking hampers our bodies’ ability to produce collagen and also that it leads to premature wrinkling. It is believed that if you combine a strong cigarette habit – even addiction – with a lot of exposure to the sun, you are more than 10 times likely to develop the unwanted wrinkles than the majority of people who don’t smoke and maintain themselves out of the sun.

Before we get to the good part of using anti aging cream, we must first take a look at the downside of it, because this will be more helpful into not creating some false expectations. As we know, high expectations cause the most aching disappointments and people experience feelings like that a lot when it comes to something they really want – maintaining beauty and young – that doesn’t happen like they imagine – they don’t see any visible results.

So, let’s see what is the downside of the so advertised anti-aging products, especially for anti-aging cream!

First of all, there’s the lack of evidence that anti aging cream can actually work. And why is that? Because anti aging cream is mainly a beauty product and not a drug that you take in order to heal some affection of your body. And especially because it isn’t a drug, it doesn’t have to go through some rigorous clinical studies and tests such as drugs. To put it in a few words, you mainly have to take their advertising word for it, and we know that commercials always look at the bright side of a product and tends to exaggerate their results.

Second, there are people that use anti aging cream inappropriately or too soon, as instance, in their 20s. Some women tend to start using anti aging cream when they’re in their 20s because the commercials say that it can repair the collagen breakdown and helps to increase the cell turnover. But the fact is, being in our 20s means already that we have a good turnover cell and that our skin is able to heal and repair itself as it is, according to dermatologists. The negative effect if you’re using anti aging cream at your 20s is the possibility to irritate your skin or make it even more sensitive to the sun exposure.

When do you need to start using anti-aging cream?

The answer to this question is followed by a long list of aging signs that anti aging cream promises to fight against. Let’s take a look at the most important signs:

  • Loss of skin firmness. Nothing bothers a woman more than knowing her skin is losing power and strength over the passing of the time.
  • Increased skin dryness. Nothing is more disturbing for women than knowing they have an unsightly skin. It is an unbearable sight and a terrible and uncomfortable thought that makes a good part of them feel insecure about their looks or even inferior to other women.
  • Reduced skin elasticity.
  • Loss of radiance.Like every and any other woman on this plant, we all want beautiful, bright and radiant skin, but the aging is a process that can shatter our dreams of better skin aspect and youthful look.
  • Increase in dullness.
  • Pigmentation disorders – age spots or uneven pigmentation that are highly unsightly and sometimes annoying.
  • The formation of the wrinkles. Bad, bad, wrinkles that give us the creeps just by thinking of them.
  • The formation of the fine lines. Again, another frequent problem for women to have to deal with.
  • Increased fragility and sensibility to skin trauma. This is a even more sad scenario, because it means that we have to be very careful with what we touch, use or lay hands on, for fear it might cause us some unwanted traumas of the skin.
  • The appearance of bruises and rashes. Unsightly all over again.
  • A greater translucency, which means that the veins are more pronounced. Did I mention the word unsightly so far?
  • The increasing of redness, which is due to the dilatation of the blood vessels.

They may seem complicated at a first look, but you have to know that most of them are caused by the breakdown of the cellular and extracellular components. Some of these factors may even contribute to the feeling of insecurity and demeanor of social confidence in women. We all know that we’re in public or we are attending some important social events, we want to feel and actually be the most attractive woman in the entire room, so we put our best effort into creating an irreproachable image of ourselves. But with some of the aging skin’s signs such as rashes, bruises, wrinkles or fine lines, our perfect look can become even more difficult to obtain.

Sometimes even makeup products can’t cover all the aging signs. This is one more extra reason into start using anti aging cream when we face one or several signs of aging. Also, dermatologists agreed that the most premature aging signs in a woman is either her genetics, whom she can’t actually fight against, and also the cumulative sun damage. For the women that subjected their skin to a lot of sun damage, especially in the first two decades, they should all start using anti aging cream as soon as possible. Also, other things that could make a difference into the preventing the skin aging will be the daily sun protection and serums or the lotions and anti aging cream with antioxidants.

An ardent question when it comes to anti aging products and anti aging cream is “Do they really, but really work?”. We already know that the majority of these products promise to reduce the wrinkles and the to protect us from the damaged skin caused from too much sunrise exposure, but how many of them actually can keep their word and actually do as advertised and as they promise? Most dermatologists think that anti aging cream results depend on the specific ingredients it contains and also for how long you have been using them.

The only tests these anti aging products undergo are the tests of safety and not effectiveness, so we never actually know if their results are real or not. So, we could say that the usage of anti aging cream has usually a modest effect at its best. What is important to note is the fact that there are, however, some naturally-occurring products and extracts that can actually help in increasing the production of collagen and elastin, which both helps in reducing the wrinkles.

So, basically, what anti aging cream actually doing is to hydrate your skin and plump up the surface in order to make the skin look radiant, have a soft tone and texture. When your skin is dry or dehydrated, it looks darker and there are fine lines that appear due to this dryness. So, if you moisturize it well, your skin will instantly start glowing. Some argue that most of the time, all you need to do is apply a moisturizer and a sunscreen, which makes us draw the conclusion that anti aging cream can easily be replaced with just a sunscreen or a moisturizer. But for the ones that need extra boosters because of their profession or lifestyle, which includes lots of sun exposure, smoking and stress, anti aging cream is a better and a safer option.

Most of the time, what women really want or need is anti aging cream or anti wrinkles cream. If you-re one of them, you might consider these ingredients when choosing a really good anti wrinkles cream: retinol, vitamin C, coenzyme q10, tea extracts – such as green tea, black tea and oolong tea, because they contain some compounds with antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties; it is said that the green tea extracts are the most frequently used in anti wrinkles creams – grape seed extract, because the antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties also promotes the wound healing, niancinamide, a very powerful antioxidant which is related with Vitamin B-3 and which helps reduce the water loss in the skin and also may improve the skin’s elasticity, epidermal growth factor, which stimulates the cell renewal and the collagen production in your skin, hydroxyl acids, argireline.

If you want to judge the true merits of anti-aging cream, you should also consider some of these factors:

The cost of the cream. Because sometimes, the price has nothing to do with the effectiveness of a product, and we know it so well. So, basically, a more costly anti aging cream may not have the same efficiency and the same positive results than a less costly anti aging cream. Of course that there are still a bunch of people that judge a product’s efficiency according to the price tag, but you should keep in mind that this is not always a rule to guide your decisions after.

The lower doses. The anti aging creams that have no prescription contain a lower concentration of active ingredients than a cream with prescription, so if you’re looking for any results, you should keep in mind that they are usually short-lived.

The multiplicity of ingredients. We have no studies, research or any available data that confirms the rule that if you add one or more ingredients to anti aging cream, it will be more effective than a cream that has only one major ingredient. So multiple isn’t always the good answer.

The daily use. In order to see any results of anti aging cream, you’ll have to use it two or three times a day and for many weeks in a row. And there is also the possibility that if you stop using the cream, your skin will return to its original look.

The side effects. Careful with the products that can cause rashes, burning, skin irritation or redness. Before you start using a anti aging cream, always read the product’s instruction and the possible side-effects.

The individual differences. Just because your best friend started using anti aging cream that seems to work wonderfully on her skin, it doesn’t mean that the same anti aging cream will have the same positive results on your own skin. You and your best friend have different types of skin, and this is a rule you should always base your choice on. Because one and the same product doesn’t work the same for everyone else out there.

Now that you have a clearer image about anti aging cream, what it contains and what it can do for you and your skin, you know what to follow if you decide to purchase one. But first of all, after you think you’re fully informed on this subject, go and see your dermatologist, because only he or she can help you to create your own personalized skincare plan considering what’s the type of your skin, what sensibilities you have, how affected it is, clearly evaluates your skin condition and recommends you the best products to use and which are likely to have positive effects and results.

Bottom line

Anti aging cream is surely helpful, but instead of rushing and buy one, try to decide if you really need it, because there could be some side effects that you most certainly don’t wish. Also, try to take good care of your skin in your youth, if you want to still look gorgeous in your 30s and more. Limit the sun exposure and quit harmful habits such as smoking. I know that being young means you don’t have to worry about getting old yet and you can basically do anything you please and like, but remember that in the end, any actions have always consequences and your skin shouldn’t be the one to suffer them on the long run.

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