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Useful ways of building muscle

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Having a body that you’re proud of is a goal that we secretly aspire at. Whether we’re trying to lose fat fast or to increase the muscle, it’s important to do it in a healthy way, without too many complications and definitely not relying on some awesome pills and drugs that promise to do the impossible for us.

So it’s better to look for natural ways in which we can lose weight fast or if we’re considering building muscle. Meanwhile losing weight it’s a very discussed topic, because everyone is interested in keeping a fit, healthy body structure, there are also people that are more interesting in ways of building muscle fast, at any costs. Whether boy or girl, man or woman, both sexes may develop an interest in building muscle, for too many reasons to count: whether they’re too skinny as a body type, they lost too much weight lately or just want to have a nice looking body, they’re all trying to find the proper way to build muscle.

Building muscle is a tough job, but not impossible. Every great thing requires strength and a power of will that is capable of moving mountains. In this case, that is capable of building muscle. There are only two major things to consider when it comes to building muscle: what you eat and what kind of physical activity you do.

Or you must do, because both things are mandatory for a person that really wants to put some muscle weight on them. You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym in order to achieve the wanted results, you can do it all by yourself, at home, especially if you are really determined to succeed. If not, then it’s probably best to go to a gym or hire a personal trainer that mugs you over and over with your exercising routine. But for those who don’t have to the time to hit the gym whenever they have the chance, home is a fine and cozy place to start working on your building muscle activity.

As I’ve said, not everyone has the time to go to a gym or maybe they’re too lazy for this kind of program, and to regularly increase the muscle mass, your efforts from the weekend won’t be enough. The good news is that you don’t really need to lift up weights at gym in order to get these amazing results, because your own body weight is enough in this regard. Learn how to make muscle without going to the gym and without resorting to weights that instantly discourages you when you look at them!

Before you start doing the basic exercises I’m going to show you below, it’s important to establish some basic rules for when you want to do muscle at home. So, start by making a program that helps you alternate the muscle group you’ll be working on day by day and choose a proper diet that helps you keep your body in shape. About all that, we’re going to discuss really soon. That being said, there are the physical exercises that you can do at your own place, in order to building muscle:

Pushups for enviable pectoral muscles

If you want to have a more defined and firmer breast or chest, one of the most effective ways is to do pushups because they work your pecs and triceps. One aspect that you need to keep in mind is the distance between the floating arms when you’re doing the move. This will determine which muscles are worked upon. So, the nearest you hold the hands, the more requested will be the muscles from your chest. Removing hands from a distance greater than that one between the shoulders will lead to tone muscles in the outward position.

If you’re weak and you feel that the effort is not too high, you can do push-ups to be more heavy lifting legs on a stool or coffee table. To increase muscle mass, it is important to make an effort until you think that you can no longer resist, which means to overcome your limits and always do your training more difficult than it already is. Hint for the pushups: start with hands in line with your shoulders and perform pushups until you feel you can’t go on like this. Wait for 2 or 3 minutes, then move to pushups with your hands closer. After that, take a break again and position the hands off each other. This routine should be repeated for at least 3 times, with several small breaks between the sets.

Tractions for a stronger back

There is no better exercise for biceps and back than traction. If performed regularly, they will help increase your body’s considerable strength. To do pull-ups and make muscles without going to the gym, you have to buy a special bar in stores. A basic traction is made by keeping hands away from your shoulders and palms facing outwards. You have to get up slowly until the face reaches the right drawbar exhaling air in the chest while doing this move. Wait a second lifted high like that, then let yourself down until your palms stretched again. Take a break for a few seconds, then repeat the movement until your muscles hurts.

It is very important not to let down sharply, but to control every move. As you become stronger, you can vary your movements and keep your hands closer or more distant, and palms facing towards you. For a tractions routine, perform the movement until you reach your resistance limit, then take a break and repeat the set 3 times.

Squats for well defined legs

Squats, as trivial as they may seem to be, are effective in terms of toning leg muscles and buttocks. In addition, they are working including on your lower back muscles, which are often neglected in training. If you do squats, it is important not to do too much at once. Discover the number of exercises you’re feeling comfortable with and increase their number by 5 with each session. For a squat routine, there is no fixed number of exercises. First, do 10, then take a 2-3 minutes break. The try 15 squats and see how you feel. Do this until your muscles are hot and warm, and you’ll definitely feel the results.

Crunches, for a more toned stomach muscles

Everybody tried to do crunches at least once in life, but the problem is that few people execute them correctly. The basic rule is to not lift the back basis from the floor and to use solely the abdomen’s muscles in order to do the exercises right. Only then you will get rid of the belly fat. The abdomen is divided into three areas: upper, middle and lower.

For the top, lie down on your back with legs bent and arms at your sides. Slowly raise your head and shoulders off the floor, then you get to the point where you feel completely tighten abdominal muscles, stay in this position and shrink them hard when you count to three. For the middle and lower sections, sit in the same position as the one mentioned above, but this time place the hands on your hips. As you get up, stretch your arms until they reach the right ankle. As before, contract the muscles and stay in this position and count to 3. The more you perform the moves, more slowly and with more control, the more you get better results.

The 4 types of exercises work your key muscle groups and should be done regularly for the effects to be visible. Start by making them 3 times a week, then after you become more resilient, increase the number and frequency sets. Finally, you get to do exercises six times a week, especially if you want to get well defined muscle. Because building muscle is important to you, you know you can’t do this kind of activity without having a well structured plan for it. So here are some tips and tricks that might serve you right! Pick a plan and stick to it. One of the biggest mistakes you can possibly do is to start a program and if you don’t see any results quick, you quit. Keep in mind that the noticeable results can be seen after 4 to 6 weeks of hard training.

Looking to add more calories every day to earn extra kilos?

Add oat to your protein shake. The easiest modality is to add a quarter cup of oat to your protein shake. Oats can change its consistency, but if you grind it, it will pass almost unnoticed. Preferably use this combination compared to fruit shakes because carbohydrates in oats perform better at restoring muscle glycogen which is the main focus in building muscle mass. Although fruits are rich in nutrients, containing 50 % fructose does not help to increase glycogen levels.

Don’t forget to get some rest. Although it is believed that the fastest way to building muscle is to spend your time, or at least as much from it, in the gym, it is better leave your body to rest as well. Why? Because of intense exercises, many people face tearing muscle tissue. If you do not allow your body to recover, the muscles will become increasingly weaker. It would be good to do a program three days a week that works on your all body or work four days divided into upper and lower part of the body or pushed and pulled.

Be careful with the levels of your stress. Because the focus is always on what you do at the gym and what you eat, your stress levels are increasing greatly and unfortunately, it works against you. When the body is under high levels of stress to download a higher level of hormones that will weaken the tissues rather than strengthen them.

Exercises that help you gain muscle mass: make squats holding a barbell on your back, at your shoulder level. To have a correct position, imagine you sit on a chair. It is good to do weightlifting when you work on your back. To properly execute this type of exercise, sit in sumo position, with feet and hands between your knees. Lifting dumbbells sitting on the bench are quite difficult and it is good to start to use lighter weights. Sitting on the seat, bench, and lifting weights. It is ideal to do that when you work the shoulders, for a more wide and dens shoulders. You can also do dumbbell lifting with your legs straight.

Because a proper diet is important too, make sure to include in your nutrition the following aliments: eggs, because they’re rich in proteins and folic acid, vitamins B6, B12, D and E, iron, phosphorous and zinc; almonds, because they contain vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals and helps muscles to recover and begin to develop after your efforts; salmon, which is rich in omega 3 and protein and helps you rebuild muscle tissue; yogurt, because it is the ideal combination of protein and carbs; beef, because besides protein, contains iron and zinc, two essential nutrients for muscles growth; olive oil, because it contains monounsaturated fats and prevents muscle tissue ruptures; water, because muscles are 80% water, so it is very important do hydrate yourself; coffee, because a new study has shown that a man who consumed two and half cups of coffee a few hours before he started to exercise was able to run more with two percents than the ones who didn’t drink coffee at all.

Of course that physical exercise isn’t the only important part when it comes to building muscle, especially if you’re a guy. Diet, as we’re sure you know it, is important, and calories play an important role in here as well. So here are some great pieces of advice for your diet to take into consideration:

Increase the calorie consumption. It doesn’t matter that you used to consume 2,000 calories per day, now it’s time to move on to 2,500 let’s say. Make sure that you eat clean, you don’t eat too much and you eat right.

Get enough protein that helps you support your muscle growth. Building muscle requires both calories and proteins altogether and the right consumption of these. It might be useful to know that is good to aim for 1 or 1.8 grams of protein / body weight kilos.

Drink the exact amount of water that you need. This is a useful formula that you could count on: your body weight in lbs x 0,6 equals the water intake in ounces.

Eat on a regular schedule. Rather than eating 2 or 3 big meals per day, which is something we’re so familiar with, try to change your eating habits in order to get more close to building muscle. Transform your 2-3 meals per day in 5-6 smaller meals. Here are some tips to count on: in order to maintain your high protein intake, split one or two of your meals into a protein shake. This is a good example of a protein shake you can take: 8oz skimmed milk, 2 scoops of protein powder, 1 banana, 1 tbsp of peanut butter.

Healthy fats are in program as well. It might come as a surprise for you, but fats are actually good for your building muscle process, as long as you eat the right kind of fats and the right amount of good fats. Saturated fats can be found in a stick of butter, bacon or a bag of chips and must be limited to a 20 g or even less, because they are bad news. The actual good news is that unsaturated fats are what you have to be looking for when building muscle. The fat is necessary for a right distribution of the vitamins K, D, A and E, which are good for a healthy skin and better eyesight.

You’ll only need 50 to 70g of monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fat, which are beneficial for your overall general health and the training of building muscle. Where can you find monounsaturated fats? Well, in canola, sesame oil, olive, nuts, cashews, peanuts, almonds, pistachios. Where can you find polyunsaturated fats? Well, in corn, cottonseed, sunflower seeds and oil, safflower oils, soybeans, soybeans oil, flaxseed, flaxseed oil. A winner award fat you should intake is the omega 3 fat, because it is benefic for the hearing, eyesight, heart and blood health, and in kids, it is good for the development of the brain. Omega 3 fats can be found in enriched foods or fatty cold water fish, like salmon, trout, tuna and sardines.

Take the proper vitamins. A well balanced diet needs the support of food supplements or vitamins, a multivitamin supplement preferably. The vitamins will make sure that your body is provided with the enough amounts of minerals and vitamins it needs in order to stay healthy. There are plenty of multivitamin supplements you can choose from, based on your age, sex, particular health and diet needs, but once you find the right vitamin supplement, make sure to take it on a daily routine.

Of course any great exercise plan needs some rules for a better discipline and thus we also make sure that we’re doing the right thing constantly. So here are four rules for you to guide into your building muscle program, rules that are perfect for an exercise plan that can help your muscles get more developed, more flexible and more powerful.

1. Lift weights quickly
As soon as you start to lift weights, the satisfying the results will be tracked in all three respects: muscles will grow bigger, they will be more flexible and more powerful. This is because fast-activates stimulates more tissues that have growth potential and also stimulates the heart and metabolism. During the lower weight, things will get a little longer than the ones in with the fast lift. A higher weight faster high uses more muscle fibers than lighter weight slowly raised.

2. Cancel when tired. And get some rest.
When fatigue starts to hit, your body will get your attention by slowing the speed at which you can repeat the exercises and the movements that you make will not be so correct and you will start to cheat. At this stage it is better to end it than to continue training with a lower yield.

3. Keep in mind the total number of reps
Usually, to see results you need a fixed number of repetitions and sets of each exercise you chose to do it. But if you follow rule number two, namely to stop when you feel like you do not work correctly, you might you cannot meet the required number. But there is a solution, namely: account for the total number of repetitions. Specifically, if you impose such five sets of five reps, which means 25 reps, but you want to do everything perfect, you can do six sets instead of five to reach that number by 25.

4. Work only large muscle groups
Finally, to have muscles more developed and stronger in a short time it is important that you focus on exercises that work the large muscle groups and eliminate almost entirely on those who work in small groups or isolated.

The intelligent exercise plan you can strictly follow sounds a little bit like this:

Monday: weightlifting chest thrust back stand, traction bar Redressing with weightlifting. Each working 25 reps of each exercise and use a weight that you can lift 4-6 times to properly (without speed to slow or change movements). Rest about 60 seconds between the sets.

Tuesday: this is your day to rest and do nothing at all. Your body needs rest too. In time, it will get used to the effort and you will work more in a automatic way, because your body will feel when it’s time to take action and start building muscle, and when it’s time for it to rest.

Wednesday: thrust the dumbbell overhead, dumbbell rowing, lunges with dumbbell. Repeat each exercise 40 times with each arm and each leg, and uses a weight that you can lift 10-12 times correctly. Rest 45 seconds between the sets.

Thursday: it’s time for your body to fully rest again.

Friday: Row with dumbbell, pushups in parallel squats. Repeat each exercise 15 times each and use a weight that you can lift 2-3 times correctly. Rest 90 seconds between the sets.

Here are some other helpful rules for you to increase muscle mass?

Rule 1: Consume more calories! Those who consume more foods have an advantage over those who have a decreased appetite. It means larger amounts of protein and carbohydrates. Eat enough carbohydrates rich in starch (white rice, pasta, potatoes, grains)! This is one of the best strategies for increasing muscle mass and weight. Carbohydrates help to pump water and nutrients into muscle cells influencing muscle growth. Fat intake is also important for sustaining and testosterone production, skin quality and functioning of the body. You might like to eat healthy fats that contain omega-3: walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, olive oil, olives, nuts etc.

Rule 2: Train right! Perform basic exercises with bar and dumbbells! Avoid isolation exercises and cardio limited to a maximum of 2 times per week for 15-20 minutes! Free basic exercises such as lying with the bar pushed in, straightening, squats will help! Heavy-lift – the key is to push your muscles continuously and progressively. Try to increase the weight from one workout to another or to raise the intensity of training by techniques such as forced reps. Run a moderate number of repetitions (6-10). Series 5 or fewer reps tend to build more strength than mass. Putting series of 10 reps will not reach muscle exhaustion.

Rule 3: Rest! Muscles grow when you do not train! Take a break of at least four days between workouts for the same muscle group (excluding the abdomen and legs). Sleep at least 8 hours every night! Limit aerobic effort!

Rule 4: Emphasize the intensity! Do the sets until you feel you can’t go on any more. (to the point where you cannot perform another repetition full). Push several sets beyond the muscle exhaustion techniques such as forced reps, partial or descending sets. Alternate exercises, the order number of sets and repetitions or to keep your muscles confused. This leads to increase in muscle mass.

Rule 5: Pay attention to weaknesses! To maintain or achieve a balanced and harmoniously developed physique, focus on weaknesses. It is best to work them at the beginning of training when you have more energy and strength. In extreme cases you might need to increase the amount of training a weaker group and perhaps to shrink it to another group. For example, if the lower chest outshines on the top, work more on the bench than on the horizontal or inclined declined.

Rule 6: Add supplements to your diet! Managing a gainer and a concentrated Whey protein is a safe and effective way to make sure you get enough protein every day. Creatine, glutamine, and a complex of vitamins and minerals are also recommended. You can manage and nitric oxide, ZMA, fish oil, flaxseed oil and so on.

That being said, building muscle should be more easier when you are properly informed and you know exactly what you have to do, what you have to eat and what you should avoid. Also, once you start your exercise routine and eating the right diet, the key to your success is to stick to your plan and make sure to get the results you want. Best of luck!

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Useful ways of building muscle
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Useful ways of building muscle
Having a body that you’re proud of is a goal that we secretly aspire at. Whether we’re trying to lose fat fast or to increase the muscle, it’s important to do it in a healthy way, without too many complications and definitely not relying on some awesome pills and drugs that promise to do the impossible for us.
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