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Vacation Sooner Reviews

Diane Luke
Senior Editor, TipsHire

Vacation Sooner – A business and travel agency. Offers you luxury vacations at discount prices, and also the possibility of a passive income.

What is Vacation Sooner?

The site is created and owned by World Ventures, a business created in the year of 200, having as its main specialization the luxury trips.

The unique thing about World Ventures is that it works as a luxury travel agency and a multi-level marketing system, at the same time, all the offers found on its internet site are only for those referrals who actually signed up as paying members. In other words, Vacation Sooner is a membership club offering luxury trips.

Vacation Sooner website assures to provide you access to 5 star trips offered at low prices, and at the very same time the chance to begin your very own money-making system as an agent of the business. However, unlike other online travel sites, you'll need to pay since you signed up for it. This is expected to be really helpful for your future journeys, in term of money savings, so, next we'll learn together exactly what this unique traveling agency can really provide its for clients.

How Vacation Sooner Works?

It's stated that World Ventures provides only 5-stars trips at costs that are typically asked for normal travel plans by other agencies, and that the company is able to do so by purchasing wholesale travel packeges at discount rates.

On the other hand, these luxurious trips are made possible with the money of the members, who must sign up for an activation fee and a monthly fee, payed in order to become and remain members of the club, fees which as we'll see next, are substantial.

It looks like World Ventures is basically like a MLM (multi-level marketing) system which assures its members that the invested money will return to them as points that can be converted into cash or luxury trips. Each point is equal to $1.

Exactly what World Ventures declares on Vacancy Sooner site to make the trips special is exactly the possibility to personalize them and convert them into the trips of your dreams. However, few information is provided about how precisely this is done, due to the fact that as far as we know Vacation Sooner is working such as any other booking site works.

OK, it looks like any of these trips would be a fantastic option for anybody but it looks like scam, somehow.

The idea is that the luxury trips and the making money online possibility is pointed out as an once in someone's life opportunity, on many occasions during their really favorable video commercials, or presentations if you want, that are uploaded on their site, making the expectations to go sky-high for anyone who wishes to sign up.

What are the costs for a Vacation Sooner membership?

After you have actually been referred by a friend, a webmaster, or by a Vacation Sooner representative, you'll have the ability to register.

An agent of the company should not be hard to be discovered in the online environment, and even face to face, as they're usually extremely dedicated to the business and will most likely promote the company on every occasion.

Obviously, they're extremely active on social networks, on which they are very simple to get recognized because of their profile images containing the ‘You should be here' indication.

All the members of Vacation Sooner get those images, under the motivation to upload these pics with that specific indication while they're on the trips acquired through the Vacation Sooner site, due to the fact that as we'll see later on, not just the agents can score profit by promoting the business.

The most budget-friendly subscription is the Standard one, which needs the member to pay an activation charge of $100 and a month-to-month fee of $25.

Those $100 are instantaneously converted into 100 points, which could be right away used on several journeys offers. Yet, the month-to-month fee can be redeemed as usable points only after one year after joining. Accordingly, after 12 months of membership, you'll be able to redeem 300 points.

Is pretty much like an economy account you've opened in a financial institution, however with no interest. Additionally, the points that are acquired in this manner will only be offered for one year.

The following sort of subscription is the Gold one, which is offered upon paying a $200 activation charge, as well as for a month-to-month fee of $50.

It looks like this subscription includes several benefits, consisting of additional attributes added to the trips, such as discounts at restaurants, free participating to sportive events, as well as various other kinds of amusement.

This form of membership also offers the access to the online stores that are owned by World Ventures.

Buying from the Vacation Sooner online store will certainly aid the members gain more and more points, which eventually work as deductions when buying trips at.

The very best subscription seems to be the Platinum, which integrates the attributes of the first 2 alternatives, permitting access to special journeys. The  Platinum membership is offered upon paying of an activation charge of $300 and a month-to-month fee of $100.

This sums up to $1,500 a year and in this regard we would certainly have anticipated for even more information to be offered regarding the features of the Platinum subscription but nothing.

How can you make money?

There's something that all these subscription choices share, and that is the fact that they permit to those who register to obtain points only by referring other people.

Each reference needs to be worth of 50 points but it makes us ask if this referrals paying plan applies regardless of the number of the people you refer.

You'd get $5,000 only by convincing 100 of your Facebook friends, for example, to sign up with Vacation Sooner. But, would that be permitted by the site's owners?

We have no clue on that due to the fact that very few information is given in this direction.

Additionally, absolutely nothing is pointed out regarding the termination of the membership or regarding any reimbursement plans, although some clients have mentioned that any member can terminate its account, free of charge.

The activation charge is more than likely non-refundable but sadly, we can't say without a doubt that this is possible due to the fact that almost no details are offered in that regard to the non-members visitors.

The pros.

Vacation Sooner has lots of favorable reviews from its agents who state that they also have the quality of members and that the company fulfills their expectations and even exceeds them.

Obviously, we can't take this for as an absolute truth considering that putting the business in a favorable light is a part of their job. However, it looks like the club is growing really quick and the business is growing, now being active in 25.

Also, World Ventures and lots of its club members are involved in humanitarian causes.

The cons.

Besides the agents' reviews, very few good things are stated about Vacation Sooner. In reality}, the large majority of the independent reviews are unfavorable and lots of people consider this opportunity as scam, a fraud.

The video presentation found on Vacation Sooner site makes it looks like all the points are won when in fact the members only put their trips cash in a place where they can just utilize them for a minimal variety of deals.

Likewise, there are limitations on the number of points that can be used for various journeys, which implies that you will still need to spend some money for your trips no matter how many points you have actually collected.

Undoubtedly, recruiting new members is very challenging, so those who opt to be representatives have a lot of work ahead of them and only for a little compensation to expect.


While Vacation Sooner definitely isn't a scam, there's no genuine reason to recommend it. Given the details available at this time, the luxury vacations offered by Vacation Sooner might not even be discounted, and even if they are, numerous other travel booking sites can provide you with luxury experiences at lower prices.

Vacation Sooner would be acceptable if it would really bring you unlimited money as an affiliate, however it does nothing of the sort and there actually is no point in it. And, having that in mind, I wouldn't recommend Vacation Sooner.

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