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Veggetti Reviews

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VeggettiWhat You Need To Know

Description: Veggetti is a handheld device that helps you cut vegetables into thin and long strips that look like spaghetti.

It’s true what they say that we are what we eat. If you’ve embarked upon a healthy lifestyle that includes a diverse and balanced diet, you’re most probably looking for the best ways to enjoy healthier food and get it ready without too much ado. The market is now full of devices designed to make our cooking or kitchen time easier and add to its fun. Veggetti is such a product.

The company behind this device claims that you can use their product to cut your favorite vegetables into long, thin strips that look like pasta but that are packed with more nutrients and fewer calories. Is this device one to go for in order to enjoy more of your healthy snacks? Let’s find out more about it.

Veggetti – Specs

Veggetti is advertised as being a healthier alternative to carb-rich pasta. Sold by Ontel Products, Inc., based in Fairfield, NJ, the handheld device will help you replace your carb-heavy spaghetti with healthier foods that look like pasta. It will thus help you cut vegetables such as carrots and zucchini in thin strips easily and rapidly. The company that sells the device is not BBB Accredited, though, and comes with a C rating since many people filed complaints within the last 3 years. Moreover, the website is powered by Liquid Focus which, like the company itself, is not BBB Accredited and comes even with a lower rating (F).

Vegetti can help you cut your vegetables into strips that resemble pasta thanks to it hourglass-shape and the 12 stainless-steel blades it features on both ends. You just need to stick in your vegetables and twist so you can get the strips. One of the device’s ends will get you thinner strips while the other will get you thicker ones. After you’re done cutting the vegetables, you can boil the strips just like you boil pasta and enjoy them with your favorite sauce. You can also use the resulted strips for garnishes or salads.

Vegetti Price and Refund Policy

The Vegetti package includes the Veggetti Slicer, a Gourmet Recipe Guide, a super Slicer (+ S & H), and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If your habits and lifestyle could use such a device in order to respect your wish to eat healthily and you decide to buy Veggetti, you can get it for $14.99, $6.99 S & H and $1 “Web Service Fee” which is a total of $22.98. Now, you can also get the free Super Slicer, just that you will have to pay extra $6.99 S & H, which totals to $29.97 and means you won’t get it really for free.

In case the product is not what you want and you decide to return, take care of that within 30 days in order to enjoy the refund. You will have to pay for shipping, though, and you won’t get back the money you paid for the original S & H and for the Web Service Fee.

The company may use information about you and share it with other companies for marketing purposes. If you don’t want your information to be shared, you can cancel this option by sending them an email.

Veggetti – What Do Customers Say?

You can’t know how a product works until you use it yourself. Yet, you can get an idea of what a device is about by reading customer reviews. It’s true that people perceive things and experiences differently but if most reviews are positive or negative, you can get a faithful enough image about the performance of a product.

Just like with many other products, Veggetti has received both positive and negative reviews. 72% of those who tried it would recommend it to a friend and that should be a plus.

The negative reviewers say the device is awkward to use and the design of the product makes it difficult to slice the third part of the vegetable. Customers who tried it say a lot of your vegetable is wasted because of this drawback. The pusher or the gripper won’t help you hold the vegetable and, very important, the metal clip holding the blade is not protected in any way. That means you can easily cut yourself. The sharp blades make it difficult to clean the device. Thus, you should pay utmost attention when using it. Some reviewers even say the product does not do what it promises to and is a complete waste of money. The booklet and the instructions are not well written, either.

And then there are the positive reviews. Many customers are satisfied with the results they got. One thing to keep in mind is that this device is but a product that helps you cut your vegetable into thin strips. It won’t help you make pasta as many people misunderstand.

Final thoughts on Veggetti

Keep in mind that Veggetti is not a spaghetti maker. You can use it to cut your vegetable and have healthier snacks that look like pasta. If you’ve embraced a vegan lifestyle or you’re simply into eating as healthily as possible, you might want to try the device. Still, you can enjoy the benefits of vegetables cut in different ways while using other gadgets you already have in your kitchen. One downside when it comes to Veggetti is its price. It is high enough for a simple slicer. Plus, you don’t get to receive all the money you originally spent on the product.

If you’re still not convinced and you’d like to try the product yourself, you should remember that you can get your money back if you want to return it, minus original S &H and the Web Service Fee. Do let us know about your experience with Veggetti in the comment section below.

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