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The Venereal Diseases Silence

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The venereal diseases silence
The venereal diseases silence

How we think about diseases?

When it comes to this specific topic, most people are ashamed even to talk about that. There are families that because of this feeling of shame they do not even speak with their children so they can stay away from these diseases. Even so, you will be surprised to see how many people suffer from such diseases and they are among us everyday but we do not even know. Is this a thing to be ashamed of? Is it moral to hide such thing of everyone? These are just two questions most people have in their minds and for good reasons.

Of course, most of us will say that it is not moral and sometimes it can be considered illegal to hide such health problems, from the people you get in contact with. Yes, it is very true but how will you look at such a person? He or she will not be seen as an easy person? They will not be judge at all by the society? Everyone believes that if they live a moral life, if they are faithful to their partners and other things like that, it will never happen. This is perfectly wrong. All people in this world are exposed to such situation without their will. Do you think that a sick person wants to be sick?

I will tell you a story about a beautiful young girl, who had just two relationships in her life. The last one lasted for 6 years. She was in college and she had all the future in front of her. One day she got sick. She had the flu but after a month, she didn’t felt better, even if she took the tratment as the doctor recommended. Instead of feeling better, she got worse and worse. When she finally arrived at the emergency room and after the doctors eliminated all the diagnostics possible, one of them decided to make an HIV test.

After that test was done, other analyses were made and the final diagnostic was very drastic. She already had AIDS. Her partner was tested as well and he was ok. The doctors considered that he was quite lucky to not be infected after all these years of relationship. The conclusion was that she got infected long before she knew him, which means more than 6 years and she had just one relationship before him. The virus is silent. No symptoms and no clues that she could have such thing, never crossed in their minds.

A girl who just started her life now she was prepared to end it because the illness was quite aggressive now. I give you this example so all of you can understand that this can happen to all of us, no matter how we run our lives and that you don’t have to be a prostitute to have AIDS or any other venereal disease. Like that maybe people will understand that nobody must judge anybody, but everybody can help.

AIDS illness or HIV virus are not the only venereal diseases you can get without even know it. There are other illnesses that can destroy your body without giving you the smallest hint they are there. Another disease, that if untreated can also lead to a painful death, is Syphilis. You may say that Syphilis has symptoms. In some situations yes it does, but not in all. I have a story about that too but I will not bore you, dear reader, with that.

When it comes about this disease, the obvious symptoms such as external syphilitic chancre can be observed for a few days or maybe less. Besides that, it is not painful in any way. In very many situations, the syphilitic chancre is not external so it cannot be seen. All the other symptoms can be confused with other affections. If you have a steady lifestyle, you will never think that you have something like that.

People who have hectic sexual lives are much more aware that from to time, quite often actually, blood analysis are more than useful for them. But what about the other people? You can discover such illness by mistake, which is a good thing because you might discover it before they cause too much damage, or when it is too late and the symptoms are obvious but there is not too much left to do. Anyway, Syphilis is treatable at almost any stage of the disease.

What you should know about diseases?

If the virus affected various organs they cannot be repaired. The only thing it can be done is to stop the virus to spread more than it already did. In the tertiary stage of this illness the neurological system and your heart can be seriously affected. A patient with this disease untreated till this stage can become blind or he/she can even die. In the latent stage of syphilis the patient has no symptoms at all. Complete silence. People can live even 25, 30 years or even more without even knowing they have this disease. The nickname of this illness is ”The Great Imitator” because all the symptoms you may have during time, can be confused with anything but syphilis.

These are two of the most dangerous and silent venereal diseases ever known. Beside these, you can discover others such as Chlamydia. Untreated Chlamydia can lead to sterility. It may not have external symptoms but most women experience pains during sexual intercourse, urinary stings and vaginal leakages. In most situations, men don’t have any type of symptoms but in rare cases they may also experience odd leakages as well. The good thing is that it can be treated in two weeks and if it is discovered in time, which usually happens, it will not leave any unpleasant traces.

Another silent venereal disease is Gonorrhea. Just like Chlamydia it may not have obvious symptoms that can make you think about a venereal disease. The symptoms can make you think about Candida or other affection that has the same manifestation. This disease necessitates an antibiotics treatment, and in few weeks, you can be as good as new.

A very difficult disease and very silent with no obvious symptoms as well is hepatitis B. If you don’t have the habit of going to a doctor for regular checkups you have all the chances to find out a little bit too late that you have a deadly illness. The symptoms, such as fever, weaknesses, jaundice, abdominal pains, liver inflammation that may lead to bleedings will make their appearance in the last stage of the disease.

As syphilis and AIDS, it can be transmitted to the fetus in case the patient is pregnant. A patient may have an inactive virus that will not harm the person at all, but still if the patient is pregnant, the newborn must be provided with immediate treatment after birth. When a person has just the inactive virus, he or she does not require any type of treatment but regular checkups each year must be done.

If the virus activates itself, the patient must receive treatment immediately to stop the illness evolution. A person who follows the right treatment can live a long life and he can carry this disease inside of him with no problems. The main advice in this situation is to adopt a safe sexual activity and to adopt a healthy nutrition.


With all these things being said, what you must remember is to go to your doctor regularly and request more than just the usual analyzes no matter how steady and normal your life might be. AIDS, Syphilis and Hepatitis B can be contacted in beauty salons, in dental offices, when you donate blood, or when you necessitate a blood transfusion. This means that no place is safe enough.

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