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Video Streaming Services Guide – The Best Platform In 2019

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Nowadays, the entertainment moved mostly from traditional platforms to online ones. Video streaming services became very popular, and they are many in number.

Accordingly, is challenging to choose the best one for your needs in 2019. That’s why this video streaming services guide is here to help you.

A few years ago, moving from your regular cable subscription to online streaming platforms was crazy. Now, there are so many streaming platforms so that you can choose one or more to satisfy your daily entertainment needs.

With so many options, including Netflix, YouTube TV, HBO Now, Hulu, and others, is quite hard to choose the best one. But we can help you by showing you the ups and downs of some of the most popular video streaming services in 2019.

By comparing their functions, prices, and more, you will be able to choose the right one for you.


Netflix is by far the most popular streaming platform out there. With tons of videos, including everything from TV series to movies and documentaries, Netflix attracted lots of costumers.

Netflix comes in three subscription plans:

  • Basic – $7.99 per month (one device – SD)
  • Standard – $10.99 per month (max. 2 devices – HD)
  • Premium – $13.99 per month (max. 4 devices – Ultra-HD)

Regardless on the platform you use to access Netflix, be it PC, smart TV, or mobile devices, Netflix sports a user-friendly interface. More Netflix reviews in our other article.

It’s quite straightforward to use and watch your favorite movies and TV series on this streaming video service.

As a downside, despite having a lot of content, you can watch all those movies and TV shows in only a few months. Netflix is updating its content often, but sometimes you could wait several weeks or even months for new TV show episodes to roll out.


Hulu is most popular across the United States. It includes sports Live TV, which makes it somehow more interesting than Netflix for some users, and lots of videos and TV shows from major US networks and studios.

Hulu is available in a multitude of subscription plans, but the basic ones are as follows:

  • Limited Commercials – $7.99 per month
  • No Commercials – $11.99 per month
  • Live TV only – $39.99
  • Live TV & No Commercials – $43.99

Besides, you can opt for some extras, including HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and some others.

The most significant feature that Hulu sports over Netflix is the Live TV option. That’s ideal for those who prefer watching live TV even on the go or for those who want to ditch their cable subscription.

As a downside, Hulu cannot compete with Netflix as regarding the volume of the content. Besides, Hulu’s interface might not as friendly as the one of Netflix, for some users.

Amazon Prime Instant Video

Also on of the best streaming video services on the Internet, Amazon Prime Instant Video made a name of itself. As Netflix has its Netflix Originals productions, so does Amazon Prime. Besides, Amazon Prime also boasts hundreds of TV series and movies.

Besides, you will have photo storage, access to books library, and music streaming, as well. Amazon Prime subscription costs as follows, and it includes access to Amazon Prime Instant Video:

  • $12.99 per month
  • $119 per year

Also, Amazon Prime has a deal with Viacom, so Amazon Prime Instant Video is the best streaming video service for kids. As a downside, however, users complain that Amazon Prime Instant Video is not frequently adding new content and that its GUI is not very user-friendly.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV comes at $40 per month, but you’ll also get a free subscription to YouTube Red. Also, since Google supports it (the YouTube TV service belongs to YouTube, of course) the interface of the platform is user-friendly and the quality of content is high.

Besides the monthly $40 plan, you can pay for additional content from Showtime, CuriosityStream, STARZ, AMC Premiere, Sundance Now, and others. YouTube TV gives users access to more than 73 networks and TV channels, along with unlimited cloud DVR storage so that you can record lot of content that you can share later on.

The only two downsides YouTube TV comes with are its high price and the fact that is not available in all areas.


The difference between HBO Now and HBO Go could be confusing. HBO Go, for its part, is only available to cable subscribers with HBO, while HBO Now is available for everybody.

HBO Now costs $14.99 per month and gives access to a lot of content, including HBO Original productions. Besides, HBO Now is available on smart TV, web, app for both Android and iOS, and so on.

The downside of HBO Now is that it is limited to only one network, so the price for a monthly subscription is not quite justified. Also, you can’t watch content offline, and this one might be an issue for some users.

On the other hand, the quality of content and the availability of the movies in various resolutions are the primary advantages of HBO Now.


At first glance, the most affordable video streaming services are Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and HBO Now. However, in case the amount of the content is what you look for, Netflix and Hulu are the perfect choices for you.

Between the two, Netflix is winning by far, and that because it is available around the world and sports hundred of TV series and movies that are top-rated and very popular.

Nonetheless, YouTube TV is the closest to what a cable subscription offers. With YouTube TV, also, you can be sure of the high quality of the streaming and the stability of the platform.

In conclusion, there many streaming video services, and we hope that this article was helpful for you to choose the one that satisfy your needs, as well as your budget.

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Video Streaming Services Guide – The Best Platform In 2019
Nowadays, the entertainment moved mostly from traditional platforms to online ones. Video streaming services became very popular, and they are many in number.
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