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Why Should You Visit Romania More than Once?

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Romania, despite all the things that you might hear against it, is the most beautiful country I have ever seen. Many locals believe about their country that it is a protected part of the world by the divinity. I have the tendency to believe them.

In the following rows of this article, I will discuss about the beautiful places that anyone could visit in this part of the world. You will be able to discover at least 10 reasons to choose it as your next holiday destination and you will want to repeat the experience because a single vacation won’t be enough.

I know that this country is not always presented in the best words due to many reasons, mostly political reasons. Some people might consider it a poor country. Even the people who were born there consider it this way.

This article is not only for the foreigners who plan to visit it but also for Romanians who might have forgotten what they have. This country is far from being a poor one. Its richness could not be compared with anything. What you can see here you will never find anywhere else.

Other people might consider traveling to Romania implies a wide number of risks because its habitants are presented in many parts of this world as thieves. It is far from being like that. If you really discover this country’ habitants you will fall in love with them in an instant. You will have to consider the same safety measures you usually consider no matter where you might travel.

The magic of Romania

In the last years, many powerful names started to promote this country. Why do you think this happened? Out of compassion? The answer is simple. All of these personalities visited Romania and they were amazed of what they have discovered.

Yes, the economy is at a very low level, the infrastructure needs to be improved and its own habitants are not able to promote it properly because many of them have no idea about the treasures they have.

However, after seeing how many big personalities worldwide started to talk about the beauty of this country, this country population and especially the young people were stimulated to draw the world attention towards them.

This country has everything a person could want. You will be able to enjoy mountains, hills, plains, forests, the seaside, the unique Danube Delta along with many stories and mysteries that hover over this country.

The hospitality of the habitants is not just a story. The way they communicate and the way they like to show everything they have and share all they have with tourists is amazing. The culture, the religious shelters and the historical buildings and monuments preserved in time will offer to all the tourists a wide variety of options no matter how they want to spend their vacation.

They might not have luxurious resorts as other countries but if you do not dream just about clubs you will certainly find a place where you can refill your batteries for the entire year. Besides that, it will raise your curiosity to find out more and this is the main reason why after one visit you will want to come back repeatedly.

They also have luxurious resorts, mostly on seaside and they also have clubs and high technology. You should never forget that they have some of the most popular musical festivals in the world such as “Untold”.

The organization of these festivals is impeccable and they offer high quality accommodation options suitable for any budget. Due to these festivals and not only because of them, Romania became each year a desired holiday destination for many people worldwide.

Places to visit

Let’s start with “the Bears cave”. The stories say that not even the locals knew about this cave existence until 1975. This is the year when it was discovered by accident by a local miner. Thanks to him now you can admire one of the most amazing caves possible. You will be able to do this if you visit the mountains of Bihor. Beside the cave, also the local areas are breathtaking.

The peaceful village of Chiscau can offer to its visitors beside the amazing views, also the opportunity of learning more about the local traditions and crafts. You might wonder why is this cave so amazing. It is hosting a wide number of stalagmites. The geologists claim that is the widest number of stalagmites that they ever seen in a cave.

It also has four main galleries. While the first gallery is available for tourists, the second one is preserved only for scientific researches. You might also wonder why the locals chose this name? The number of bear bones found in this cave proves that it was some kind of shelter for them. The geologists say that these bear breeds vanished 15000 years ago.

All the bones are exposed as they were found in the Bones’ gallery. The Emil Racovita gallery is the biggest one and also available for tourists. This is where your imagination might run wild when you will see the picture the stalagmites and stalactites are able to create.

It is amazingly beautiful and scary in the same time. It is absolutely ravishing. The third gallery is the Candles Gallery. This one was artificial created and leads to the cave’ exit. It was created so nothing from what the nature have built will be affected. The Bears’ Cave belongs to the Apuseni Natural Park.

The Merry Cemetery is another thing for which Romania is quite famous. It is a regular cemetery somehow. This means that people are buried there but it is not as regular as you might imagine. It is a real spectacle.

The bright colors of the crosses and the words written on them describe happy and funny events of the departed person. Also they describe details about his/her personality and habits. The most visual color used is the Sapanta blue. The locals say that this is a special shade of blue that could not be found anywhere in this world.

The person who came with this idea was a local poet, sculptor and painter. The stories say that when he participated to a funeral he noticed the locals had the habit to not cry near the dead person’ coffin but they remembered all the good things about him, the funny stuff that he did and all night long, before and after the burial, they laughed and told jokes. This inspired him to create this cemetery that is today known worldwide.

A mysterious place is Sarmizegetusa, along with the entire area where this historical monument is placed. This is one of the most attractive touristic places that both Romanians and foreign people are willing and curious to visit. In the same area, you could also visit the Prislop Monastery where many peregrines come to find solutions to their problems. The locals say that this is a place filled with divinity.

Sarmizegetusa is the ancient Dacian capital. The Dacians are the Romanians’ ancestors. You could only see a few remaining of this fortress and some people claim that it is a gate to another world. Whoever reaches this place say that they felt the energy of the area. They suddenly felt no worries, no tiredness and no pains. They felt that air was different and their minds were filled only with positive thoughts.

The only thing that they felt was an enormous peace. This is one of the reasons why people believe that in this spot paranormal phenomena happen. The Retezat Mountains are filled with similar stories. Beside the landscapes, that will simply take your breath away, the strange stories told by the locals will raise your interest quite much.

If you are nuts for great landscapes you should not miss to see the Transfagarasan road. It is the road that unites Muntenia and Transilvania. I cannot describe this place with words. You must see it and travel on it. This is a road that traverses the highest mountains from this country, namely the Fagaras Mountains it was built in during 1970 – 1974 by the army troops.

Not only the army was involved but also other public institutions. The main purpose besides creating a road that could unite two important regions of Romania was to not harm what nature gave to this part of the world.

While you are traveling on it, you will feel the energy of the mountains, the fresh air, you can admire the wild landscapes and you could stop and visit other magical places such as Balea Lake, Vidraru Lake and other places just as beautiful as those. You might already know that this road was highly praised by the BBC Top Gear TV show hosts, who completely felt in love with it.

What should you know about Voronet? If you have not heard about it, you will hear now. The Voronet blue is as known as the one from Sapanta. In fact, this is even more famous because this shade is considered unique in the world. The Voronet Monastery is registered in the UNESCO patrimony.

Some people call it the Sistine Chapel of the East. The Voronet village is part of Bucovina where locals preserve their traditions as no other people do. This is a place where their traditional outfits are not only worn on national celebrations or on Sundays when they go to church. They wear these traditional clothes every day.

Beside that, they still preserve their ancient crafts. Even if you might thing that you turned back in time when you visit this place you will be amazed to see how free and happy these people can be, even if they are not touched by the new technology and the modern lifestyles we are so used to live. They are much happier than we are.

What I definitely love to see again and again and I never have enough is Peles Castle. I do not believe someone could found a better place to build this palace. Sinaia, is maybe one of the most expensive mountain resorts from Romania, but even so it is wonderful. It is not a big resort but the beauty of the houses and the historical buildings that you could visit make it more than beautiful.

The Peles Castle is one of the most representative monuments for this nation history. It does not allow people to forget about their roots. The project belonged to the king Carol. He was bewitched by the beauty of the area just as you will be once you will arrive there. The artistic patrimony is priceless.

Inside the castle are preserved the genuine furniture, carpets, paintings and decorations as they were when the Romanian royalties lived in it. If you did not know, Romania was a kingdom once and its rulers were respected and loved by the people of this country and by the other European countries.

The king Michael the First was born here and spent part of his childhood here. This is also the place from which he was sent to exile. The entire castle is filled with history. Even if you do not go inside of it, the gardens offer images that you will not be able to forget and that will make you want to see it again.

You might have heard about Bran Castle, Dracula and other things, but do you know its real history? This is another Castle with an amazing location. It was built 600 years ago and it still rises on top of a rock as a knights’ fortress surrounded by deep forests. The genuine access to it was difficult to reach, but for touristic purposes, it was created a less difficult access path.

Even if many people identify this castle with the feared Romanian ruler Vlad Tepes, he never lived in this castle. It is a Transylvanian symbol that after it became Romanian state property it was abandoned and devastated.

However, after a while, it was restored and people were allowed to visit it. What you should know is that now the castle was given to its rightful owners, namely the Habsburg family, but the items found inside the castle remained state property so they were removed from it. Inside, the visitors can see the personal items of the Habsburg family and nothing else.

The Danube Delta is an unique place indeed. The Danube Delta is unique in Europe and worldwide. Due to the environment many species of fish, animals and birds can live here in peace and harmony. Some of these species if not all of them cannot be found elsewhere. You can also admire wild forests such as Letea forest which is known for the wild horses that still lives in it.

It also has its own creepy stories that will rise your interest for sure. It is considered like a biodiversity museum because of all the creatures that lives here and because all the aquatic and terrestrial vegetation. Because human intervention from the past affected the natural balance of the area, the Danube Delta was proclaimed biosphere reservation so no human could interfere and destroy the natural balance and beauty anymore.

The tourism however was allowed as long the charm and the purpose of this place will not be spoiled. You can be sure that a holiday spent here will blow your mind so you should put it on your destination list.


After all the things I have said above , I hope that I do not have to say more to convince you that this small part of the world can offer you something that you are not able to find anywhere else.

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Why Should You Visit Romania More than Once?
Romania, despite all the things that you might hear against it, is the most beautiful country I have ever seen. Many locals believe about their country that it is a protected part of the world by the divinity. I have the tendency to believe them.
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