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Venice’s Less-Known Sights that You Must Visit

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What to visit in Venice?

Planning your new adventure overseas might take some of your time. When you are talking about your vacation plans, things could become a little complicated.

You want to see and explore things and sights that not everyone knows about. You want something unique to recharge your batteries.

Have you tried Italy? Even if you did or not there still might be some places where you did not went.

In the following rows I will talk about some less visited Venice’ sights. This is a place where hundreds of stories were written.

No matter if you talk about romance or mystery, this is the place where you can find them both and not only that. This place could be called a legend because it is.

The amazing spots of Venice were highlighted in so many works of art no matter if you are talking about paintings, films, theater’ operas or just televised documentaries.

Most people worldwide dreams to visit these magic lands and discover each corner filled with history. Therefore, let’s start our small journey in Venice.

San Zaccaria

The complete name of this sight is “The flooded Crypt of San Zaccaria”. As most sights of Venice, this beautiful church was built on a canal.

The Gothic style of this church and how well was everything preserved, even if is dated since the 15th century, continue to amaze it visitors. However, the main attraction and wonder is the flooded Crypt.

This amazing grave impresses by its entire architecture and statues. Not only had this surprised me.

Considering the age of this wonderful church and the long period of time since the crypt is flooded, the water did not destroy it. Instead it adds a plus of beauty and peace to the entire place.

Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo

If you ever want to translate the name of this Palace the only right translation is “The spiral palace”. The name was given by the architect Giovanni Candi who was the one who built the uncommon stair filled with many arches.

Some people might say that the entire charm of the Palace stands in this elegant stair that completes the entire architectural landscape of the island where this Palace can be found.

The palace was built in the 14th century and later the stair was built as well. By later I mean almost another century.

The best place from where you can admire the sights of San Marco’ district is the tower of the Palace.

Most people are drawn here to see this special staircase that it cannot be seen from the exterior of the palace. You must have access to the interior garden of the palace in order to admire its beauty and its contribution to the entire image of the place.

San Michelle Island

If you enjoy the Venice’ history, then you should not miss this place. This is considered by the locals a scared island.

It is filled with chapels and tombs. From the beginnings in this place it was built a monastery but later Napoleon established that the island will become a cemetery.

He took this decision for sanitary reasons, considering the way the dead people were buried. To be more specific they were usually buried under the churches. The basements of the churches were usually flooded in time and so the tombs were altered.

There are also scary legends with this place. According with the locals, at the beginning of November, the dead wake up and they walk through Venice’ streets, in order to find their homes and their dear ones.

The ones who strongly believe these stories do not even look on their windows during this period.

The Island has an Orthodox cemetery and a Catholic one as well. It is not a deserted island at all. There are many people who come to tend their dear ones’ graves.

An odd particularity about this place is that most tombs are occupied temporarily. After 10 years or so, they bodies must be moved elsewhere.

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Venice’s Less-Known Sights that You Must Visit
In the following rows I will talk about some less visited Venice’ sights. This is a place where hundreds of stories were written.
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