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Vitamin C and its influence on your immunity!

Adina B
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Vitamin C and its influence on your immunity!

How does Vitamin C influence the immune system

Each person on this planet has his or her self-defense immune system. This self-defense immune system is your best weapon against diseases and disorders. And even if you were born with a strong immunity you must invest in it daily! This investment has its foundation in a healthy lifestyle! And a healthy lifestyle would be to eat healthy, to drink healthy, to have at least 8 hours per night, to rest well, to relax a little bit, to practice daily trainings, to add to your diet nutritive supplements, to be clean and most of all to meditate and to think positive! In a few words, this is what a healthy lifestyle is! Each step towards a better life is important, not to mention the importance of each step towards a better health’s condition! Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and oligo-elements are more than important and the only way to have it is based on a healthy diet and also based on nutritive supplements which bring a huge plus to your immunity. These nutrients which feed our body are also engaged in supporting your immunity.

Your body encounters ups and downs; it can have periods of immune falling and when such thing happens your body consumes faster and more of its resources; you can bring your immunity in a balance with nutritive supplements which can be taken everyday after meals. The vitamin C is on top of the efficiency when it comes to support your immunity. Actually, the vitamin C has a strong reputation in regards the actions that it has in supporting your immunity! One of the most important actions that it has is that the vitamin C kills viruses, germs and bad bacteria. In fact, your immune system gets unbalanced due to the viruses that it can contact, because when you got a virus or an infection the bad bacteria found inside your body is multiplied and like this unbalances take place. That is why having your body in a balance is important and this thing can happen only by killing the viruses and the bad bacteria.

What is Vitamin C good for?

The vitamin C is well known for such action and it can even kill cancer types. Studies have shown that the anticors found inside your organism work more efficient if you have in your body enough amount of vitamin C. Furthermore, the vitamin C can even influence other substances which fight bacteria if in your body there is enough quantity of vitamin C. Not to mention that the vitamin C is a huge antioxidant and it protects your body against the actions of the free radicals. And this aspect can be seen at our skin’s level which is the first line of protection against toxins found in the ambient. Along with the collages, the vitamin C takes care of your skin perfectly and they fight for its health. You will get to look better, your skin will get to look younger and it will shine of health! Speaking of getting younger, the vitamin C is the perfect thing which can easily assure your immunity the ‘’youth’’ that it needs. Along with the vitamin E, they stimulate the production of cells which fight germs and diseases and which destroy cancer’s cells. They also stimulate the production of immunity cells B which generate the anticorps that your body so much it needs in order to be protected. Not to mention that the risk of having heart attacks has decreased with even 50 percent.

This is the main action of the nutritive supplements: to protect you against diseases and to stimulate the production of cells which protect your body against unbalances. It is extremely important to have supplements which can help your immunity, most of all if among their action there is the cancer cells killing functionality. Immunity support and against cancer protection are two functionalities which the vitamin C can easily assure your body. Since it is known as one of the strongest antioxidants, the vitamin C or the ascorbic acid (as it is called in medical terms) can help you in preventing and treating lots of unbalances immunity diseases due to the power that it has in eliminating the free radicals, due to the power of destruction of free radicals and due to the power that it has in anticorps formation! The vitamin C discovery has appeared due to the desire of treating the scurvy, which is the vitamin C insufficiency disease. This vitamin C insufficiency disease is manifested by the presence of anemia, of gum diseases which cause the loss of teeth, joint and muscles pain and the formation of certain spots on your skin. But the real identification of the vitamin C happened in 1930 when 2 Hungarian researchers and one American researcher have managed to isolate for the very first time the vitamin C.

Ever since it was first isolated, it was used to treat all kind of immunity unbalances, skin affections, kidney affections and it can prevent even cancer types. Having daily vitamin C is one of the best tips you can get in order to have a balanced immunity. This vitamin is so used to all kind of stuff that you will be amazed how many things it can treat. In regards skin’s health, the vitamin C is an important component of collagen and elastin found inside your body. Both of these things are proteins of the epidermis that your skin has and of the muscles and connective tissue. The collagen is known as the foundation of your skin which with each year that passes by it gets degraded and it leaves a place for wrinkles. The collagen and elastin is also responsible for the elasticity and smooth of your skin and by having daily vitamin C you can easily assure such important things to your skin. In regards your immunity the vitamin C has a hard word to say because it stimulates the production of leukocytes, which have a huge functionality in defending your body of viruses and of germs by developing a strong immunity system. In this way you will be protected against allergies, against asthma, your plagues will recover faster and also your tissues will regenerate easily. Not to mention that the level of cholesterol is adjusted, so you are more that protected against heart attacks or any blood diseases caused by a high cholesterol.

In regards cancer types, studies have shown that an increased amount of vitamin C is associated with a decreased rate of cancer types formation. The vitamin C inhibits the grow of malign cells found in lung cancer, in gastric cancer, in oropharyngeal and breast cancer. And this theory confirms the fact that a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle are more than essential to be healthy; most of all, this fact confirms the theory that fresh vegetables and fresh fruits are a must in order to have a consistent amount of vitamin C inside your body. Most people associate vitamin C with treating a flu and they also think that the easiest way of having vitamin C is by consuming oranges or orange juice. The think is that the largest amount of vitamin C is found inside broccolis. Peppers, strawberries and melon also have a large amount of vitamin C; not to mention that the lemons and limes are also a great source of vitamin C. The idea is that you must feed your body with fresh fruits and fresh vegetables in order to get all the vitamin C you can for your body in a natural way! Such habit is extremely important for your body and most of all for your immunity!

In regards flu, it is true that the vitamin C is an amazing help, but nothing compares to what it can do in regards your immunity! The vitamin C is known as the strongest antioxidant and an amazing source of protection against stress and oxidative stress. Heart’s diseases and disorders will be prevented due to a proper consumption of vitamin C. It is more than known what kind of effects stress can have on your body. No matter stress’s type it can easily provoke disorders at your immunity’s level and then all over your body. First of all effects made by stress immuneor depression attack your immunity system and when your self-defense system is in danger you are in danger. You are in danger of contacting all kind of diseases and when your immunity system is weak you are even more exposed to all kind of disorders! What you need to do is to have it all in a great balance and only with a healthy lifestyle you will be able to achieve that. Each advice received in regards your well-being has a sense.

What to eat to boost the immune system?

From the very beginning, from the youngest age,  you are told what is right or wrong, how to act or to react and today when you have so many options you can choose your own way. Your own way of well-being! Cereals, fresh vegetables and fresh fruits, dairy, fibers, white meat, fish, olive oil, dark chocolate, probiotics, they all fight for your immunity’s empowerment. You need a strong immunity in order to be protected and when you will understand that only with a proper diet, with daily trainings, relaxation and a good sleep you can have it, then half of the way towards a great lifestyle will be done! The other half of the road will be made by the lifestyle you have chosen to embrace! People must understand that what it is seen on the outside is nothing else than effects of the things that happen inside! So, you need a proper diet in order to feed your body with aliments which can enforce your immunity. It was said and it will be said over and over again that your immunity is the thing which will protect you against disorders and diseases. But even if you were born with a strong self-defense system you must invest daily in your immunity!

The vitamin C is the first way to have it all in a balance. He best ally your immunity can have is based on everyday vitamin C consumption: no matter if you extract it from fresh vegetables and fresh fruits or you are having nutritive supplements based on vitamin C, the idea is that you must consume it daily in order to enforce your body! And what is even better is the fact that you can combine the vitamin C with other vitamins or minerals, such as Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Zinc, the vitamin B complex etc. No matter what you choose to give your body, you can mix it with vitamin C and then simply enjoy their greate effects. And co-related with daily trainings and a proper diet you will feel amazing! You will have an improved mood and you will fight stress easier. Not to mention that you will be full of energy and full of great mood and you will enjoy every moment of your life. Depression will be treated and kept away, mood swings will no longer be an issue, colds, disorders at your body’s level either and you will be more than able to rest and to think positive. An 8 hours per night sleep is more than recommended.

After an exhausting day you need the right thing to do to recharge your batteries. A relaxing shower, clean clothes, a great meal and resting is what you need to go forward with your dailies. So, do not consider your daily activities as a routine! Consider that you have a great agenda everyday and that you can even improve it! The perfect match would be a diet based on healthy foods plus vitamin C taken after each meal. Like this you will support your immunity and disorders and diseases are kept away from you on the long term! Long lasting protection is what you need and only by being protected on the long term you will be able to face challenges that your health’s condition must face!

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Vitamin C and its influence on your immunity!
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Vitamin C and its influence on your immunity!
Each person on this planet has his or her self-defense immune system. This self-defense immune system is your best weapon against diseases and disorders. And even if you were born with a strong immunity you must invest in it daily!
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